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First, let us understand what is Instagram MOD, Actually, it is the modified version of Instagram and more than 10 million people are using and loving this app in worldwide. In this, you get more privacy and security with many features which is not available on official Instagram. So, if anyone is not satisfied with the official Instagram then that person can use this version and there is an official Instagram mod apk that is Instander and this is developed by the dise. There are InstaPro, InstaPro Mini, Instander AeroInsta, InstaUltra & Many More but mainly people are searching by the name of Instagram MOD APK so, the Instander is the Best Ever with privacy and many features.

What is Instagram MOD APK ?

Instagram APK is a Modified app of official Instagram. Insta is specially made for those users who aren’t satisfied with the limited features of the official Instagram app and if you are one of those unsatisfied users, then this MOD is specifically designed for you. There are lots of features in the instander. Please Feel Free to read All the Features which is provided below with an explanation.

Instagram MOD APK

Main Features of Instagram MOD APK

  • Privacy & Security:-There are lots of features in privacy and security it is 100% secure, and there is an Applock present inside the apk so no need for an extra app lock in your device.
  • Download Photos:-Download Any Photos in Max Quality. You can see the download button below every post or photo.
  • Themes & Colors:-Themes are available in colour variants, You can see many colours like Neon, Pink, Gold, Black and Many More.
  • Media in MAX Quality:-All the Photos and Videos are shown in High or Max Quality. This is one of the great features besides all its features.
  • Download IGTV Videos:-Download IGTV Videos in Just One Tap in High Quality. all you have to do is just tap on three dots and you will see the download option, tap and save. Also, You can download Reels Videos.
  • Fully Anti-Ban:-Instander/InstaPro Are Completly safe! No Need to worry About Ban. There are a lot of users in world Wide.
Instagram MOD APK

Advanced Features of Instagram MOD APK

  • Do not mark messages as read in direct.
  • Disable Autoplay.
  • Download Status.
  • AD free.
  • Download expiring media.
  • Hide view on stories.
  • Hide typing status in DM.
  • Translate comments and posts.
  • In-app browser.
  • Shopping items in search.
  • Unfollowing tracker.

Some Mini Features of Instagram MOD APK

  • Enable or disable double tap to like.
  • Zoom picture on long tap.
  • Tripple tap to download media such as photos and videos.
  • You can disable swipe to open camera and DM.Can copy comments or bios.
  • Can inspect that the user is following you or not through entering their profile.

Difference Between Instagram & Instagram MOD APK?

MAX Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Download Option✔️
See DP✔️
Overall Features⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Popular Wise⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Instagram has a limited number of facilities available whereas Instagram MOD APK provides way more facilities including with the official facilities with more privacy. Instagram has a fixed picture quality whereas Instagram MOD APK has different options for a better field of vision according to your perspective. Instagram MOD APK saves your time as Instagram shows ads. You can even download your favourite celebrity’s picture, reels on your favourite song, cute videos for your loved ones, etc. without even letting them know and Instagram don’t allow you to do so.

Best Alternatives of Instagram MOD APK

There are many Alternatives of Insta MOD in Markets like Instander, Instaup, InstaPro Mini, GBInsta, Aero Insta, InstaUltra and many more but we give you the best-featured insta MOD.

Which is the best Instagram MOD APK

InstaPro is the best-featured insta MOD in the market and there are many users in the worldwide using it. So You can use instander and InstaPro.

Instagram MOD APK

How to Use Its Main Features?

There are many features which provide the above Mini to Advanced features. now here is the question that how can you use the main features, which are very helpful to you, so right below are all its main features with screenshots and point-to-point explanations.

  • Our first Main feature is how can you download media or photos in Max Quality. This is very easy, As you can see in the screenshot there is a Download button You have to just click there and it will be saved into your gallery in just One Tap with high-quality photos. and this same works for IGTV Videos.
  • Our Second Main Feature is how can you download Reels Videos or IGTV Videos, This is also very easy as you can see in the given screenshot below, towards the red arrow there are three dots just tap there then you can see the many options.
  • As you can see from the screenshot below, there are popups Download Button, Press there then in just same one tap you save your video in High Quality and Reels are also popular in now times, so lot of you will want to download your fav videos.
  • And Now the third main feature is to see anybody’s dp on Instagram on the large side in just one long press, so all you have to do is only choose any profile after that you just long press on the round icon of the profile pic as you can see in the screenshot. Long Tap the profile picture, after this you see the BOOM ! a large size image.
  • As i already told you how can you see the profile DP in a large image scale? Like This which is above chosen before.
  • Without Bio, our profile is not complete. So there is also a feature to copy the bio of any profile in just a long press you see a popup just tap on a copy without wasting any time. I think this feature will be added to our official Instagram app in the Future Update. But, Now You can do the same.
  • There are many features in the instanter setting as you can see in the screenshot given below. Privacy Quality improvement, Shortcut gestures and many more too.
  • Here in the Privacy option, you can disable Ads from the app, Analytics. If You want ads You can customize them from here in just on or off toggle.
  • Ghost mode means more privacy like Disable typing status, and Hide View live stream which means if you see any person live then that person can not see your name in live stream, there are many features in ghost mode which you can on or off by toggle.
  • There are lots of features in this but above I told you the main features. You can read all features only scroll up or beginning of the post you can see many features of instander.

Some FAQs

I’m Not Able to install Instagram MOD APK.

If You see the app can not be installed which means you have to Uninstall the official version of Instagram and then install it again. or if you don’t want to uninstall the official Instagram app then you can install it separately which means you have to download clone version from the download page which installs a separate official Instagram.

Is Instagram MOD APK (Instander) Safe ?

About this Question then, my answer in clear words is Yes, It is Safe to use on your Android devices. because there are many different types of Insta MOD and are used worldwide by over 10 Million with many different types of mods like instal pro, and Instander as I mentioned before. So, it is safe to use.

How to Install Instagram MOD APK

You can Install like the same process which you same do in all apps, no problem if you are a new one then you can read and see screenshots which will make the better installation without any problem.

  • First of all download, After the download If You see the Unknown source error you have to just press “Setting” and on it from settings. after this, you have to just tap on Install Button.
  • After pressing on install Button You see it’s installing as you can see in the below media you have to wait for some seconds to complete the installation which depends on your mobile device. if your mobile has a higher chipset which means it can install in a couple of seconds.
  • After completing the installation, you are Done and open the application.
  • After the opening of the application, you can easily log in If You have already an account or create an account.

Conclusion / Final Words

Instagram MOD APK is 100% safe and secure to use on your android device as it is just the modded version of official Instagram with additional features. There are so many users who have been using this app for many years and haven’t faced any type of insecurities. Some user reviews are written down below so that you can have a look.

If You Have Any Suggestions Please Feel Free to contact me via the contact form or comment below.

Disclaimer:- We have provided Information about Mods. We do not support, or are affiliated in any way with these app developers and have shared these articles for education purpose only.

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