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yowhatsapp apk
App NameYo Whatsapp APK
PublisherYo Whatsapp
Size35.36 MB
Latest Version9.21
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateApril 1, 2023 (1 year ago)

Many users may find that it is difficult to manage all the WhatsApp chats separately when there are more than one hundred chats at the same time. YoWhatsApp allows you to easily organize all your WhatsApp chats into a single window so that you can easily check messages and reply to them. It is more comfortable, fast, and convenient for users to chat. Also, it can save lots of space on their mobile phones since it does not need any other additional space to install and run. Furthermore, YoWhatsapp Apk will provide users with the best experience of the messaging platform, making it a lot easier to manage and share WhatsApp messages, photos, and videos with other users.

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Features of YoWhatsApp APK

Send Larger Files

YoWhatsapp allows you to share large files such as videos, audio, images, documents, and many more. You can send videos of more than 700 MB, which is definitely a very useful feature. If you are one – who needs to share your ideas or any file with friends or colleagues, YoWhatsApp is definitely a must-have app.

Supports 100+ Languages

You can easily choose the language you want to use in the application, and it supports more than 100 different languages. The application is so easy to use that users don’t need to install any third-party tools to modify the text in the app. It is really an amazing application.

Inbuilt Locker

The idea is to protect your privacy by locking the chats you have with a specific number. Or, it can be used to protect your phone from unauthorized access and to keep your chats secure. It can also be used to send messages or calls to a single number or group of numbers without worrying about being disconnected.

Inbuilt Locker

Customizable Interface

The interface of YoWhatsApp is customizable, which allows users to change the background of the App to make it more beautiful. It has a custom layout and can be switched to the dark theme anytime. It comes with a variety of stickers and themes, making the App suitable for all different occasions. You can freely adjust the size of the fonts and the colors used, and make the entire interface as they want. It is worth mentioning that this App is available live in our website.

Customizable Interface

Call Blocker

There are many times when you don’t want to talk to anyone but you want to block the number from your contacts. If you have ever thought of calling your friends or family and you know that you will definitely end up wasting time, then you should download YoWhatsApp. The Call blocker feature in YoWhatsapp can block calls from any number when it is in silent mode. You can even set a time limit for this feature. It makes your phone less susceptible to unwanted calls. This feature is very helpful for those who receive too many calls or who are easily disturbed by unwanted calls.

Anti Delete Messages

YoWhatsapp has an anti-delete feature that prevents users from deleting messages on WhatsApp, preventing them from doing so. If a user deletes a message in the usual WhatsApp app, the message gets deleted instantly but through YoWhatsapp You can read deleted messages too. isn’t it amazing!

Anti Delete Messages

Mass Broadcasting Enabled

You can broadcast live to others, while at the same time, you can forward it to your contacts The broadcast function can also be used to share other WhatsApp-compatible videos with people at the same time. At the same time, users can select a specific group, and their contents can be sent to all members of the group. When sending a message, users can select one of the most popular emoticons or text effects, such as smiley faces, heart symbols, and smileys. It’s easy to broadcast a message to 600 members at once with YoWhatsapp, while in Whatsapp you can not send more than 256 members at a time. With YoWhatsapp you can easily mass Broadcast & forward.

More Stickers And Emojis

YoWhatsapp is an amazing App which allows you to send more stickers and emojis. This means that you can use more stickers to make your messages more appealing. You can also use emojis to create funny images, as they are very popular on social media.

Splash Screen

You can customize your YoWhatsapp’s splash screen by choosing the color, images, texts, and more. Users can add a message and a picture, or create a new one with some texts and images. You can set as your personality and likings.

Reduced Network Use

As the name implies, YoWhatsapp saves data on your device when you are online. It is an excellent way to save mobile data, and you can use the app while not connected to the Internet. Plus YoWhatsapp no longer needs to be updated and is always at its best. It also means that users can enjoy more free time on WhatsApp without worrying about their data.

YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official)

Offers more control and privacy

Once you have connected to the world on your device with Yowhatsapp, things will get more comfortable for you. It may have the same options and probably more than the handy mobile. It is facilitating you with a plethora of space available to you on the pc.

Let us see how it supports you tremendously. It allows the users to hide their online status blue ticks and second ticks.

Now, you have full authority to stay tuned to the connection all day long. It stays connected till you log it out by yourself. It will not be affected by powering off your device. It will be there for you just on a single click of the finger. It is such a wow world for you!

Comes with inbuilt app lock

To protect your WhatsApp data, you do not need to install another app because of its inbuilt powerful app lock. It works magically as you feel like things are under your control. You are not supposed to recurrently pick your handy device on and off for seeing the WhatsApp updates.

It will follow you as per your desires. It is an ideal app. So, keep on adding to your vigilant and promptness by following the Yowhatsapp power in your mobile device.

Offers more fun and display setting options

By using YoWhatsApp APK background, you will enjoy a wonderful wallpaper. In this way, all your contacts will become more rewarding. Get more themes because its thematic library is full of new designs and themes.

Users have the option to select their favourite one from thousands of colours and formats. It is good to auto-save them.zip file and themes that enable you to move themes easily to the other device.

Change the colour name of the member of your group that is one of the cool features. Enjoy more aesthetic levels in the Yowhatsapp.

We have developed this Yowhatsapp MOD by keeping in mind all the requirements that are not there in the original WhatsApp app.

Customize as you desire

The biggest attraction of Yowhatsapp is that it comes with special customization options. You will be able to change the green theme of WhatsApp as you desire. Special Blue UI is available that can make chatting more fun and unique.

Get an Emoji pack

Yowhatsapp comes with a special emoji pack. You can get emoji changing variants if you like to use many emoticons while chatting.

Send 100 images

It may sound surprising but with Yowhatsapp you can easily send 100 images at once. It means no need to waste time to send the picture in small batches of 30 images.

It is bug-free and it will not hang:

Yowhatsapp works better than the original WhatsApp app. It doesn’t show distortion and failure, and you may have the right potency to transfer the files plus data. You have access to all kinds of ideas available there. It is handy and straightforward as it is accessible quickly.

Multiple- language support

The original WhatsApp does not offer you the option of choosing your language as a default language. It offers multilingual support so that the language you need is available here.

Transferring data:

You are going to enjoy a big world for the transfer and share of data. Even you can save essential files in your device; besides, you may send huge files of about 700 MB to other connections.

This communiqué does amazing things for the users. You should not be surprised to transfer data from your device to your other’s mobile without the aid of any hardware as you may send a text to self too.

Another excellent support is that you may send messages as you were sending before. In this way, you may transfer the data available on your mobile and vice versa. This is a good idea, indeed! You are going to have the support that is not asking for hardware consultancies indeed.

Is Yowhatsapp safe and on which devices you can use it?

Yes, it is safe to use as well as it is better than the official WhatsApp. It is stable by itself. We have developed it in a way that you use it without any security issues.

Most of the MOD apps have security flaws but this app will have the best security provided to you. Enjoy this amazing app with its great features without any security fears.


YoWhatsapp is a popular messaging app for text, voice, and video. It has more than 15 million downloads and the application is compatible on both iPhones and Android phones. If you want to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world, YoWhatsapp is a great place to start! Down it today Now!

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