GBWhatsApp APK Download v20 – Official Latest (Anti-Ban)

GB WhatsApp APK
App NameGBWhatsApp
Size 44.3 MB
Latest Version V.7.20
Category Communication
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateApril 7, 2023 (1 year ago)

Are you looking to enhance the features of your old WhatsApp?

We bring you the GBWhatsapp Latest version to customize your social life along with the fantastic tricks. No doubt, many people get bored with their old WhatsApp. But the GBWhatsapp is a whole new world, and it will let you optimize your chatting and theme looks according to your desires.

Besides, this App has all the demanding features and everything for free. In fact, many people are already enjoying the new tricks and impressing the world with hidden mysteries. There are over 6+ Million downloads with positive ratings for this App.

GBWhatsApp APK

Moreover, the GBWhatsapp Apk is a personalized platform in a more private way to set the rules according to you. Along with this, you’ll have full command of the privacy of your chatroom and contacts.  While you can hide your status, improve the themes, enjoy the typing style, and much more just at your fingertips.

GBWhatsApp APK

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WhatsApp is a worldwide messaging platform to keep people stay connected. While you can text the messages and call your friends on your contact list anytime you want. Besides, GBWhatsapp has come with all the unlocked features and new tricks to customizes your chatting. You can also share your pictures and videos under the secure line of source with just a click. Plus, in this MOD advanced version, you can send high storage media as a new feature compared with the old Whatsapp. Along with that, this App provides a better calling experience with the fast streaming feature to improve the voice quality.

Furthermore, the user will enjoy the additional security features to enhance privacy and personal satisfaction. So don’t wait anymore and try this latest version of Whatsapp. Thus, make an impressive impact to become exceptional among the common people.

Download GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsapp comes with all the improved and unlocked tricks featuring additional facilities that will make you love this WhatsApp. Let us guide you through the proper and easy steps to download this MOD version of Whatsapp along with the complete installation process for this MOD.

Downloading Steps

  1. First of all, you have to enable the unknown source downloading option in the settings of your mobile
  2. Then you have to click on the given download button for the GBWhatsapp download
  3. After that, you should accept the options on your mobile for proceeding with the downloading as a secure source
  4. In a short time, the app file will be downloaded on your mobile.

How to install GBWhatsapp

Installation Steps

  1. Subsequently, find the downloaded file in your mobile storage and launch the file for the installation
  2. Then you’ll see the launched GBWhatsapp file and with the high-graphics UI
  3. After that, click on the agree with option and put your mobile number for the account verification

Enjoy your social life!

Features for GBWhatsapp

This latest version of Whatsapp comprises various impressive features and hacking tricks. Thus, you can enjoy the latest hidden features and make a remarkable impact on your friendslist. Here are all the given segments in this GBWhatsapp, along with their brief descriptions.

  •  Hide Double Ticks:

In this GB Whatsapp, you can set the double ticks on the send message of yours as hidden. This means your contacts will not be able to see any blue ticks on their messages. Therefore, nobody can know if you have seen the sent message of your friend.

  •  Hide Blue Ticks:

Additionally, you can also set the tick option as a single tick for your contacts, even if you are online. Thus, that will make you hide from the number of connections you don’t want to share your availability.

  •  Pictures:

This GB Whatsapp plus version will let you send 90+ pictures at a time. When you compare this feature with the older version of  Whatsapp, where you can only send 30 pictures at a single time. But this WhatsApp messaging app has a better quality message service to send high-resolution pictures to your family and friends in the contacts list.

  •  Status of Friends:

With this MOD, you can now download pictures and download Videos that are appearing on their statuses. In this Gb Whatsapp 10.25 Download version, you can also download the status pictures and videos.

As compared with the old WhatsApp, you were unable to download any sort of multimedia. Well, there will be an option for you to download any picture and video from your friend’s status.

  •  Videos:

In this latest MOD version of Whatsapp, you can send high storage videos of around 50 MBs at once. Besides all other features, that’s a plus feature comparatively with the old WhatsApp.

  •  Online Status:

Well, you will have full control over your online status in this GBWhatsapp app. Thus, you can hide your online status even if you are using the App. That will provide you with a privacy mode and will let you keep hidden from your contacts.

Sometimes a person is talking with a specific friend and doesn’t want to get disturbed by anybody else. Hence, this feature will be beneficial in this case.

  •  Anti-Ban:

This version of Whatsapp has an anti-ban feature. This feature enables you and your WhatsApp number that can’t be banned by a third party. Besides, it’s a fantastic security feature for the users as an upgrade.

  •  Last Seen Status:

This upgraded App will let you hide your last seen status to your contacts. This feature makes you hide from anybody. And along with that, nobody will be able to know when was the last time you were online.

  •  Automatic Replying:

Here comes another realistic feature that will make you fall for this Moded version of Whatsapp. You can set a scheduled timing for sending messages to your friend as an auto-reply without opening the chat.

This feature will help you send auto messages even if you are not using the App or busy with something far more important.

  •  All Select:

Here on this WhatsApp version, you can select all the chats in your chat-list at once. Thus, you can clear your messages or edit your message with just one click.

  •  Hide Typing Status:

You can set your “Typing now” status hidden in this latest version of Whatsapp to your contacts. Therefore, nobody can see if you’re typing a message or not. You will be hidden from everybody.

  •  Anti-Revoke:

This MOD version of Whatsapp will provide anti-revoke messages in your App. Besides, it also provides multiple anti-revoke messages as well.

  •  Unread:

You can set the message reading option to “Unread message status” as this is the most recent trick for the users. Therefore, even after seeing the message from your contacts, you can keep the message status unread to your friends. Cool, isn’t it?

You can remain hidden from any of the senders of the mysterious messages according to your plans.

  •  Do Not Disturb:

This “Do no Disturb” feature of WhatsApp provides a temporary off-notification mode for WhatsApp. While if you are using any other app or playing any game. And doesn’t want to get disturbed by any message. So you can use this “DND” feature that will make your life easy and comfortable to have time for you.

  •  Fonts:

With New Font styles and sizes comes this recently upgraded version of WhatsApp. This latest version of WhatsApp provides a whole new collection of Font styles and sizes for the users.

While you can select unique new font styles from the options and also make them bold as well, besides, you can also change the font sizes according to your desires.

  •  Language:

The GBWhatsap provides an additional feature for selecting your language. There are more language options when compared to the original WhatsApp or the latest Mod version of WhatsApp. Besides, you can select any language according to your desire at any time.

  •  Empty Text:

Now you can send blank or empty text messages from this perfect version of WhatsApp to any of your friends. This is an entirely new feature in this MOD version of Whatsapp.

Previously, when it comes to the older or basic WhatsApp application, you don’t have the privilege to send a blank message.

  •  Documents:

The number of documents you can share with any contact at a single time is 100. This is a fantastic feature when you compare it with the standard version of Whatsapp, where only 30 documents per user were allowed.

With this remarkable feature now, you can have peace of mind for sending almost all of your essential documents to anyone without being sent them over and over again.

  •  Emojis:

With new emojis and New GIFs comes this latest version of Whatsapp. A new collection of emojis and GIFs are available for users. Thus you can also create new emojis up to your desires. In comparison, you can impress your friends with these additional and new emojis stickers.

  •  Deleted Messages:

You can see the removed sent messages of your friends in the chatroom. Even if your friends have deleted the message, you can still see the messages and impress your friends.

  •  Audio File:

In this GBWhatsapp, you can send up to 100 MBs of audio files to any of your contact lists simultaneously. This fantastic feature makes you share a large number of .mp3, .avi extension files with your friends and family.

Now you can share a large number of audio notes without because there are some restrictions. Thus you can send multiple songs and high storage audio files with just a click and become popular among your friends.

  •  Microphone:

This perfect WhatsApp version allows you to hide the message that appears on the other side or your recipient that you are recording the voice note. This feature hides your recording microphone status. With this feature now, nobody can see if you are recording a voice note to send, even though you are not on his or her contact list.

  •  Themes:

With New themes collection and, further, Creating a theme option, this MOD version of Whatsapp comes with an additional feature. Your new WhatsApp allows you the first-hand privilege to access unlimited and unconditional access to the collection of new themes.

In this latest version of Whatsapp, you can choose and create new high graphic themes that are going to appear on your WhatsApp status and in your chat room appearance.

Thus, that will make you exceptional from the usual WhatsApp users, as you’ll have your customizable platform.

  •  Chat Media:

The chat media of this ultimate WhatsApp brings you the Download pics & videos feature along with Download Audio files. You can now download pictures and videos in the chatroom from your friends.

Additionally, you can also save the sent audio clips from your friends in the messages. Comparatively, these options are not available in the old WhatsApp version.

  •  Multiple Accounts:

The most exciting feature of this GBwhatapp MOD APK version is that you and unconditional and unlimited access to 02 WhatsApps accounts simultaneously. There is no need to delete or eliminate that account from your smartphone to access this second WhatsApp account. Using this MOD,  you don’t have to delete the previous version of your WhatsApp.

This feature automatically saves your previous accounts, and in there, your chats, data, audio, video file, and documents remains intact. Furthermore, the second account will be termed as the new WhatsApp account you have recently made on your other smartphone.

  •  Your Whatsapp Status:

Do you know that with this MOD, you can Upload a 7-minute long video in your WhatsApp account status? Furthermore, you can create a long written status as well. The number of characters that you can add to your written status is 255 characters. This is an additional feature that comes with this latest MOD version of your Whatsapp app. Comparatively, in the old WhatsApp, you can only write 139 characters in the status.

  •  Contact’s Dp:

You can save the display pictures of your friends in your contact list. Making it the same picture on your smartphone as it appears on the WhatsApp connection.

  •  Broadcast Messaging:

Now you have unlimited access to broadcast the same message to a large number of people with this Whatsapp. Now the number of people you can broadcast to is 600. Furthermore, now you can send messages in groups with this latest version of WhatsApp. All this can be done with a single click and nothing other.

  •  Texting History:

This MOD Whatsapp allows you to have a look at the previous chats. There is no need to create a backup or delete previous messages from this MOD. Now you can access your chats and check the messages of any chat from your contact list.

  •  Hey Mod:

The GB Whatsapp Hey Mods provide an enhancing exposure of UI in this latest version of WhatsApp. Besides, this an upgraded version of the MOD App for the users to enjoy additional features.

  •  Notifications:

You can mark the message status as read from the notification bar in this latest WhatsApp version. In the previous versions, you have to open the message to go to the notification. Now everything has changed. This App will notify you when your contact list changes its pictures and status.

  •  Media Effects:

Now you can add media effects with this ultimate Whatsapp application. While sending the pictures and videos, this MOD Whatsapp will allow you to add the latest effects to the graphics.

  •  Groups:

Now you can send private replies, Participants in a group call, and Create 35 character group names with this MOD version. This upgraded version allows you to send separate and private messages to any person in the group. Besides, you can also have participant call mode in the group will the friends as well.

  •  Password:

in this GB Whatsapp pro version, you can create an app password for your WhatsApp for security purposes. While this is an additional feature for the users comparatively with the old WhatsApp.

  •  Filter Messages:

You can clear the chat & messages with this ultimate filter messages feature. Now you can filter all or some of the selected messages as a security feature.

  •  Location:

In this GB Whatsapp, you can share your live location with your friends anytime you want. Besides, this App has access to the mobile’s GPS for location sharing.

  •  Backup:

This MOD version of WhatsApp will have a secure backup of your chats and media in WhatsApp contacts. Besides, you can set the backup schedule according to the options by daily or weekly options.

  •  Scan Bar:

You can scan bar codes from your mobile in this latest WhatsApp version to add the contacts professionally, while this is a quicker way to add the friend as a contact in your list.

Download Older Versions

As you have the older version of Whatsapp on your cellphone. At the same time, you don’t have to delete it for this MOD version. Hence, you can download this latest version of GB Whatsapp to get all the new features and amazing hacks. It’s 100% free to download and install. Besides, it will also save your previous date as well.

All Previous Versions:

VersionFile SizeRelease Date
2.18.20334.7 MBDecember 13, 2018
2.18.32726.8 MBApril 20, 2019
2.19.24452.4 MBNovember 16, 2019
2.19.25852.4 MBDecember 23, 2019
2.19.30851.9 MBMarch 20, 2020
2.20.2751.9 MBApril 12, 2020
2.20.12337.7 MBMay 16, 2020
2.20.4751.9 MBJune 5, 2020
2.20.15731.3 MBNovember 21, 2020 MBFebruary 16, 2021

Comparison of Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp

Well, comparatively the Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp have probably the same interface and functionality. Besides, Whatsapp is widely used for making regular calls and messages without any additional features. While the GBWhatsapp is an upgraded and MOD version along with numerous additional features and amazing tricks.Along with that, the MOD version of WhatsApp provides a private platform and unlocked hacking tricks to impress your friends. Furthermore, you can enjoy status hiding, unread messages, high storage media sending, and auto-replying features in the latest WhatsApp version.You can also stay hidden from your contacts and enhance your personality by making unforgettable impressions from the normal WhatsApp users. Moreover, the upgraded version of WhatsApp also provides proper chat backup to restore chats and media files.

Detail of the App

The GBWhatsapp is the MOD version of the normal using WhatsApp along with additional features and tricks. This version of WhatsApp has the same interface as compared with the old WhatsApp. Besides, many amazing unlock hacking tricks such as hidden online status, hidden read message status, and automatic replying messages.

While using this App, you can enjoy other mysterious features like create themes according to your designing and use the new collection of emojis. Along with that, this version of GBWhatsapp is anti-ban for the user to satisfy their data.

Furthermore, this latest version of WhatsApp has a unique collection of font styles along with sizes. In contrast, you can choose different font styles for typing the messages and make your text exceptional in front of others. Plus, you can also download the pictures and videos in your friends’ status with just a single click. And you can also send large-sized videos and excessive numbers of pictures to your friends with a single click.

Additionally, it’s a free version of WhatsApp to download on your mobile and easy to install. Therefore, install this GBWhatsapp and customize your social messaging in an advanced way.

Graphical User Interface

The GB Whatsapp provides a smooth and high-resolution platform. Besides, the User Interface of this MOD version of the original Whatsapp version is the same comparatively. Well, there are some additional features included in this GB Version of WhatsApp for the users.

The lags and bugs are now fixed when it comes to this latest version of WhatsApp as compared to the previous versions and original version of the WhatsApp mobile application.

Therefore. You can enjoy the high-quality pictures and videos while sending. Even the sending service also maintains the resolution and picture quality when you send it to any person in your contact.


The GB Whatsapp has undoubtedly better and improved security and privacy settings for the users. In comparison, this App possesses many hidden features to make you feel exceptional from the usual WhatsApp users. As you can set your online status on a hidden option, thus nobody can see you online.

In addition, you can also hide the blue tick and double tick of the sent message, so nobody can know if you have seen the message. Plus, you can block the calling option for any specific person you don’t want to get calls from. Along with that, you can send private messages to a person in a group chat to make you hidden from everybody.

Moreover, you can hide your contacts, hide your status, and hide your chats to personalize your social App. The data saved in your GB Whatsapp is also safe and secure to use without any leakage. You can set the backup option of the GB Whatsapp according to your need to restore data.

Supported Platforms

The GBWhatsapp is currently available for 02 platforms with all the supported options. The platforms are:

  • Android/APK
  • IOS


The GB Whatsapp is an upgraded and MOD version of the standard Whatsapp along with additional features. Besides, this MOD version has unlocked hacking tricks only available in this file. This GBWhatsapp supports all 4.0+ android versions. The User Interface of this MOD version of WhatsApp is the same as the old WhatsApp.


The GB version of WhatsApp is also available in the IOS format for the iPhone user. This file’s IOS format also possesses the same additional features as we have mentioned in the android section. Thus, you can easily download the IOS GB Whatsapp and install it without any issues.


  1. Do I have to delete the old WhatsApp for downloading GBWhatsapp?

No, you don’t have to delete the previous WhatsApp. This GB Whatsapp provides a double account facility for the users. Thus, you can use both apps on your mobile.

  1. What is the version of this App?

This MOD WhatsApp has a V10.25 version, which is upgraded from the GB Whatsapp 10.25 download. Therefore, this upgraded version has fixed bugs and additional features as well.

  1. Is it safe to use this GBWhatsapp?

Of course, it’s a safe WhatsApp download file to use on your mobile. However, this version of the App is not developed by the original developers of Whatsapp. But many people are using this App without any issues. Even I’m using this App without any hurdles.

  1. What are the features for group chats in GBWhatsapp?

This MOD version of WhatsApp will allow you to message a specific person in the group privately. Thus, nobody can see the chat, and you can also add participant call mode in the group. Besides, you can send broadcast messages in the group without any issues.

  1. Does this GBWhatsapp have a backup system?

Yes, this upgraded version of WhatsApp has a backup system for your chats and media on the mobile. Therefore, you can schedule the backup of your chats as daily or weekly according to your desire. Besides, the data will be safe and can be quickly restored.

  1. Is it free to download and use the GBWhatsapp?

You can download the latest version of GB Whatsapp at the given link, which is 100% free. Plus, this version includes many additional features, and it’s free for the users to enjoy.

  1. Can I download this WhatsApp GB mode on my iPhone?

Yes, the Gb Whatsapp also supports the IOS platform as well. So you can easily download the IOS format version of this latest WhatsApp on your iPhones.

  1. How many characters can I write in the status using this WhatsApp?

In this upgraded version of WhatsApp, you can write 255 characters in your status, which is quite cool. Besides, there was a 139 characters limit in the status using the old WhatsApp.

  1. Is there any possibility of banning my GB Whatsapp?

No, this version of WhatsApp has a fantastic anti-ban feature for the users. Thus, you can use this WhatsApp with satisfaction and trust.

  1. How many pictures and videos can I send at a time?

In this GB Whatsapp latest version, you can send up to 90 pictures at a time with just a single click. The resolution and quality will be high according to the original pixels of the pictures. Moreover, you can send 50 MBs of videos at once, which is also an additional feature in this App.

  1. What is YO WhatsApp, and which version has more features?

Well, YO WhatsApp 10.20 download is also a MOD version of the original WhatsApp with additional features. Comparatively, the GBWhatsapp has more additional features and unlocked hacking tricks. Besides, the GBWhatsapp is also safe to use than the other versions of WhatsApp.


In the end, we can hopefully conclude that you have got enough information on the topic which you were searching for. Further, the GBWhatsapp is the best MOD version, along with some of the unique features. At the same time, this upgraded version includes numerous features and unlocked tricks for the users. Besides, it’s the best recommendation for those looking to upgrade and customize their social lives.

As compared with the old WhatsApp, this latest version of WhatsApp has unlocked various tricks such as active hiding status, typing, and double ticks. Thus, you can easily maintain your status to hide from specific people by selecting those contacts in your list.

Additionally, this MOD version has a secure service line for messaging and call options for security purposes. Plus, you can also make an app lock on the GB Whatsapp to personalize your chats. At the same time, you’ll have the same UI experience in this version as the original WhatsApp. The user can also download the media files in the chatroom and send large-sized media files to the contact list.

Moreover, this GB Whatsapp has a new collection of emojis and GIFs to create the designs according to your desires and needs. Simultaneously, the user can also design WhatsApp’s themes to change the appearance and customize your messenger room according to your liking and wants.

Furthermore, this latest version of WhatsApp is free to download and install on your smartphone. Even the bugs and lags are fixed in this upgraded version to provide a smooth performance. This MOD version of GBWhatsapp brings in the perfect combination for both Andriod and iOS operating devices simultaneously.In the end, I would like to confidently say that you can impress your friends with these amazing tricks and traits of the new features. that come with this ultimate WhatsApp.  So don’t wait anymore and hit the download button to enhance the social experience in your way.

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