InstaAero APK Download v17.0.1

App NameInstaAero
PublisherHazar BOZKURT
Latest Versionv17.0.1
Compatible With5.0
UpdateApril 13, 2022 (6 months ago)

Aero Insta is an Instagram app that can make your life easier. Instead of scrolling through the regular feed, you get a virtual magazine straight to your phone with all posts from popular users and channels in one place. With hundreds of thousands of active monthly users browsing images every day it’s no wonder this app has become so successful there are tons of opportunities for interaction here whether it’s leaving comments or just uploading pictures as friends share theirs too.

InstaAero APK

What are some great features of Aeroinsta

Hide liked photos

Any posts you have liked can be hidden from your profile. Why would you want to see it again when there are so many other great things happening in this world? Hiding old likes will allow more space for new ones, making sure that nothing gets lost among all of them.

Customized interface

The whole AeroInsta app has been nicely customized, with a total of 9 colors added to the interface. The different shades are dark/light gold; red extra deep edition for that bloodshot look in your eyes after too many cocktails at happy hour. blue coral pink when you need an uplifting pick me up before bedtime – which will happen much more often now thanks to this beautiful design change.

No Ads

When you browse the newsfeed from Aeroinsta, there are many ads and they can be very long. So in order to avoid getting bored of scrolling through pages upon pages of advertisements or having your phone battery die before lunchtime because it’s too low on power due to all these distracting adverts popping up constantly Aeroinsta have implemented an Ad Blocker system into our application.

Save your personal data

Instagram is not just a part of Facebook, they are also owned by it. As such this means that Instagram can store your data and sell it later if needed for profit or marketing purposes without warning you first! However with our modified version there will be no need for these unwanted incidents because we have taken care in creating an app which has all user rights limited only to what’s allowed under law so nothing goes beyond its boundaries.

Safe and secure

The latest AeroInsta app has been designed to be safe for users. This is because it does not contain any malicious code, which could harm their device or personal information. The new version of the popular air congestion map on Android will allow travelers more options when searching and tracking flights in real time. The update includes improved functionality with weather forecasts so you can get an accurate reading before your trip begins.

Download IGTV videos

We know that downloading content can be difficult. However, it is possible for you to download all the videos and stories on Instagram with just one tap of your finger! You’ll find everything from IGTV reels through Stories in Aeroinsta so there will never again need to worry about missed moments or important memories being lost because they were uploaded after-the fact – now they’re saved right here waiting patiently for anyone who wants them at their fingertips.

Disable auto skip stories

Stories are the best when they go together. Stories that skip, though? Not so much. This is where you can turn off Auto-Skip in Full Volume mode to make sure your favourite stories don’t get lost among all those other boring ones on Facebook or Instagram.

In app browser

You can now set your links on Instagram to open in any browser installed on the device, not within a specific app. A lot of people have been asking us for this feature and it’s finally here! With our latest update you’ll be able to use “Open In” from anywhere just tap an image or video when viewing it then select which browser should automatically load.

Anti-ban feature

It has an anti-ban feature that will protect you from preventing the ban. It also works in stealth mode and bypasses all kinds of firewalls to access your computer remotely without being detected.

Check who is spying you

What kind of friends are you following? How long will it take for them to unfollow if they aren’t interested in your updates anymore? With Aeroinsta, all their activity is right there on the screen! No more scrolling through endless numbers or wasting time guessing who might be checking out what’s up with whom; now every single one has an easy way to let us know when things change so that we can keep track even better than before.

Disable analytics

Instagram is a social media platform that lets you share photos and videos. To keep your account private, you can turn off the ability for Instagram to collect information about how many times people open individual posts or profile pages in their app on iOS devices but not Android phones. The privacy setting allows users complete control over who sees all of their personal content without any tracking whatsoever.

Full screen views

You can enjoy your favorite pictures in the best possible way with Aeroinsta. Now you don’t have to worry about scrolling through endless feeds. Full screen posts are perfect for catching up on what’s happening around us all while having an amazing time zooming-in and out at will, or taking it one step further by pinch Zoom gesture so that even difficult images become clearer than ever before giving life back into stories told solely through visuals.


Instagram is a great way to share pictures with your friends but it’s not always easy if you don’t know all of the tricks. If you’re tired of scrolling through hundreds and hundreds every day, AeroInsta may be just what we need. The Aeroinsta makes many features on Instagram much easier for us users by tweaking old flaws or fixing broken ones entirely so there are no more pesky bugs getting in our way from seeing anything interesting and finally peace out instagram style without having to reopen another account.

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