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InstaAero APK
App Name InstaAero
PublisherBozkurt Hazarr
Size40 MB
Latest Version16.0.2
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Compatible With4.3 and Above
UpdateDecember 3, 2021 (1 year ago)

InstaAero APK is an extended sought-after modded version of the official Instagram app with additional features not seen in the original. Though many people are unfamiliar with what InstaAero can do, it has become increasingly popular among those who have found themselves frustrated and bored by their previous experience using the traditional Instagram app.

What Is InstaAero APK?

InstaAero APK

InstaAero APK is a modded app of Instagram that has been highly modified to provide additional features and functionality not found in the original Instagram. InstaAero APK is typically used to solve people who are unhappy with their experience using the standard Instagram app. In addition, it comes with added flexibility, like uploading photos at higher resolutions or more than one photo per post.

Features Of Insta Aero APK

Insta Aero APK comes with several new and improved features that make it more versatile.

View And Download Profile Picture

You can download anyone’s profile picture from Insta Aero, which is a great way to find new profile pictures for your account.

Supports Multiple Languages

This app supports multiple languages, such as Spanish and English (alongside the standard German), meaning that you’ll have no problem finding people of similar language levels outside of Germany if you need them. You can also change the default language of Insta Aero without having to uninstall it first!

You can set InstaAero so that every time you take a photo with this camera, then InstaAero will be launched too, perfect for anyone who wants their whole feed on one website rather than splitting between two apps.

Supports Multiple Languages

Forward Or Rewind Videos

You can also use InstaAero to forward or rewind videos, which is excellent for those who want a better look at something they didn’t see the first time. This is the best feature, especially for any long videos, as InstaAero can keep the video playing while you rewind or forward.

Insta Aero also has a great new feature that helps users find and follow other people’s Insta Aero accounts so that they can see what others are finding interesting in their area of expertise without having to look at every single post on each account individually.

Forward Or Rewind Videos

Download Reels, IGTV, Story Videos With Single Click

Insta Aero is a great new app that lets you download Insta TV and IGTV videos with one click. But, of course, you can also do the same for your story posts, so InstaAero has taken a lot of the time out of finding all those links to your favorite Insta Stories or Instax Videos.

Another benefit to Instazero is that it gives users high-quality video captures while still maintaining a straightforward interface. The best part about this? It’s free!

You can read other’s DM hiddenly. So Insta Aero is not only an Insta Story and Insta Videos Downloader; it also provides you “Hide Read DM” function.

InstaAero APK

Translate Comments To Use Them

You can translate comments to use them. Insta Aero makes it easy to communicate with your overseas friends by letting you translate their words and responses in real-time.

See Other’s Activities Hiddenly

Insta Aero can also help you to see other’s activities hiddenly. For example, this allows you to find out the engaging Insta Stories of your friends.

Fully Customizable

The app is fully customizable to suit your Insta-style and Insta needs. With a variety of features, you can make Insta Aero do precisely what you want it to.

Safe Enough

InstaAero is safe enough for downloading Insta stories and Insta Videos without any worry about being tracked. No one will know that you have downloaded the story or photos from their account unless they share it with other people!

Add More Features To The App

You can add more feature(s) if needed because this app has no limitation in using API functions outside the system. If there’s anything that might help increase user experience as an additional module or plugin, then go ahead and create it!

Hide Typing Symbol While Chatting

You can hide the typing symbol from the chat window InstaAero for a smoother chatting experience.

InstaAero is an ad-free app, so you are not bothered by any ads while working on Insta or watching Insta videos.

Instalicious Interface Design

The design of Instalicious will be the same as that in Instagram, which makes it easier to understand and feel more comfortable using this app. The only difference is its darker UI theme, but we hope you enjoy what Instalicious has to offer with its familiar interface and new features.

Developers Option

InstaAero lets you choose a developer option so that Instalicious can be customized to your liking.

You will have the ability to adjust text size on the settings page and is also compatible with Text Injection, which means you can increase it if you want larger text.

Now it has an easy-to-use search function for hashtags that make searching more effective than ever! You’ll never get lost again looking up specific tags on Instagram because our developers created Smart Hashtag Search functionality purposely for Instagram users like yourself who want fast access.

Upload Photos And Multiple Pictures

InstaAero supports uploading photos at higher resolutions than the standard Instagram app, which is great for professional photographers who want high-quality images for their feed. Insta Aero allows you to upload multiple pictures in one post, whereas there are restrictions on how many photos can be uploaded at once on the official app. This means that if you have an event happening such as a party or wedding where you took loads of great shots, then all your followers will be able to see them without having to scroll through endless posts (though bear in mind that this does mean significantly longer load times)

How To Download InstaAero APK?

Now it’s time to Download InstaAero APK for your android mobile to make your insta experience better. First, you need to follow the below steps to download the InstaAero APK file.

  • First, download the latest version of InstaAero APK from our given link.
  • Open the download folder using the file manager and click on the downloaded file.
  • Your phone may ask to enable installing applications from Unknown Sources. To do that, go to settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources.
  • Enable installing from Unknown Sources
  • Now click on the Install button to install InstaAeroon on your android mobile.
  • Wait for some time while the Clash Royale is installed on your phone.
  • After successfully done, you can start using inst aero.

Final Thought

If you search for the modded Instagram app, Insta Aero APK is one of the best Android applications that you need to use on your mobile phone. Insta Aero will provide you with excellent service and experience at a cost-effective product.

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