YouTube Vanced APK Download for your Android

YouTube Vanced APK
App NameYouTube Vanced
PublisherTeam Vanced
Latest Version 17.03.38
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateMarch 31, 2022 (2 years ago)

There are many apps which become compulsory in our device applications. This purpose is due to the extra importance given by the users. The users use these apps regularly for their communication or entertainment objectives.

But now, the monetization of these official websites increases the exhausted feelings of the users. Now for each official website, the Modded Version is introduced as like for WhatsApp is YoWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and many other new versions.

However, the same advancement has occurred in YouTube too. Because the various ads while watching any video give very odd sound. And the video quality and saving the tape, but watch when you are online anywhere.

To keep all the deficits in mind, the developer introduced the modded and advanced version of YouTube, known as YouTube Vanced Apk. This new version of YouTube is recognized as one of the first and most modern editions of YouTube.

Which has all those qualities that lack the official website. For example, the ad-free, the users can play the video in the background, themes, screen resolution, control brightness and volume by touching your device’s screen, and other advanced features that you will love it. And you will enjoy this modded version very much.

YouTube Vanced APK
YouTube Vanced


The advanced feature that YouTube Vanced Apk is considered favorable among millions of users is ad-blocking. As most of the users are fed up with extra ads on YouTube, this is due to the monetization of YouTube’s official site. Many business owners promote their products through YouTube site.

This advertisement helps companies and opens in the mid of videos which can disturb the inside of a video. This advanced feature is added in this modded version of YouTube to remove these ads.

YouTube Dislike Integration

The feature of YouTube dislikes integration was absent on the official YouTube site, while the developer of YouTube Vanced Apk added this upgraded feature in the new modded version. This option will help the users to choose their favourite videos or can dislike the integration of YouTube.

Thematic Icons

The progression aspect is only available on iPhone. Still, now the option of the thematic icon is added to YouTube Vanced Apk, which is considered a fantastic character that is readily available on all Android phones. These thematic icons help the users to select their precious preferences.

To Reduce Battery Strain

The best feature to reduce the battery strain, which is missing in the original website of YouTube, is now added in the modded version of YouTube named YouTube Vanced Apk. The optional AMOLED is the black theme to reduce the light sharpness and reduce battery strain.

Background Video Play

Playing the video or music in the background is an advanced feature only available in other music players. This characteristic is regarded as one of the most beautiful included in the recent version of YouTube.

YouTube Vanced Apk has this modern feature of playing background music or video. This will love by the users due to this feature and will help them to play their favourite video in the background.

To Control Brightness

This is another excellent character present only in specific music players’ apps. Typically, while watching any video on the original YouTube site, the users control their brightness by clicking the bar of illumination on the setting area of the phone.

But after the introduction of the latest version of YouTube Vanced Apk eased this action by providing the unique aspect of controlling the video’s brightness by touching the screen. This unique feature is absent in the original YouTube site while added in the recent modded version.

To Control Volume

Likewise, to control the screen’s brightness by touching the phone screen, the same feature of controlling the volume or sound of the video is added in the YouTube Vanced Apk, the latest version of the original YouTube.

Now you do not need to click the button on the phone or go somewhere else. But the users can quickly increase or decrease the sound of the video by touching the screen as usually the users used to do in Max player, etc.

Auto-Repeat Option

This is regarded as one of the most popular features of the new version of YouTube Vanced Apk, which is lacking on the official site of YouTube. This automatically repeats playing video or in a loop only available in music players or on the original site of Android.

Still, now this advanced feature has been added to this fantastic version of YouTube. Which will help the users to listen to their favourite songs or watch videos on repeat.

Cinematic Substitute

Usually, cinema-like YouTube plays its video at 60fps, and the HDR option is only available in cinema-like playing apps. But the significant change is done in the original YouTube is that a new feature is added in the YouTube Vanced Apk.

It provides HDR choice to the users, which is by clicking the cinematic substitute option. This will give you cinematic feelings of watching a video clearly and evidently, which is absent in the original site.

Screen Resolution

Generally, watching a video or downloading a video in a perfect resolution according to your choice is missing in the official YouTube version, but now the developer added this feature in the recent performance of YouTube Vanced Apk. The users can forcedly reduce or increase the screen’s resolution up to the 4K play option of watching video on the device.

To Highlight the Playback Segment

The new feature which lacks in the original YouTube is that YouTube Vanced Apk provides the characteristics of highlighting the playback segment in the timeline with a specific colour. This will allow you to know about your previous watches on the site.

Default Playback Speed

The modern and most recognized feature now added to the WhatsApp app is sending voice messages. The same quality of the default playback speed of the video is included in it. YouTube Vanced Apk enables users to change the default playback speed from 025x to 2x. This is regarded as a new form of modern website added in this latest modded version.

YouTube Vanced APK Download for your Android

FAQs – Frequently Asking Questions

1. What is the YouTube Vanced Apk?

A. It is the recent version of the original YouTube. It provides users with an ad-free website, playing the video in the background, with cinematic quality and many other features that initial some lack. With this new version, the users can enjoy the modern aspects of watching videos that are only available on YouTube Premium.

2. How to Download YouTube Vanced Apk on a Device?

A. The users need to download and install this latest version of YouTube by installing the Vance manager file on your device. Then just search the YouTube Vanced Apk and download the Apk file of the site. And with the help of the Vanced manager, install it on your device.

However, if you haven’t Vanced manager on your phone, use other files such as GitHub, repo, or Google play store. Allow third-party permission on your device. Now enjoy your new version of YouTube.

3. What is the Main Feature of YouTube Vanced Apk?

A. It is recognized among millions of users due to its advanced feature, differentiating it from the original YouTube site. These are discussed below;

  • To block the advertisement on YouTube.
  • To reduce the screen’s brightness by including the feature of AMOLED having black thematic colors.
  • Watch your favourite video in a cinematic suggestion of the site. This provides the HDR elements to your watching.
  • To play the video or music in the background or in a loop. This feature was only a part of different music players.
  • Another feature of YouTube Vanced Apk is providing screen resolution up to 40K or more which is lacking in the actual YouTube site.
  • The modern feature of controlling the brightness and volume by touching the screen. Simple touch your screen and increase or decrease the brightness or volume of your device.
  • To reduce battery strain due to the introduction of the dark mode of the site.
  • An automatically repeat option is present for the users to playback their favourite video in the auto-repeat option.


To add the new and latest features to YouTube, the developer introduced a modern and modded version of YouTube named YouTube Vanced Apk.

This is regarded as one of the most popular new versions by the users due to its unique features, including removing ads from the video, playing the video in the device’s background, cinematic option, excellent screen resolution, etc.

The user will enjoy this recent site of YouTube by just installing it on their devices.

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