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whatsapp apk
App NameWhatsApp Apk
Publisher WhatsApp LLC
Size 34 MB
Latest Version v2.21.13.10
Get it On google play store
Compatible With Android 5.0+
UpdateNovember 27, 2021 (1 year ago)

WhatsApp APK is an application for Android that you can download and use to chat with your contacts. It offers features like WhatsApp Web, group chats of up to 256 members, voice messages, and stickers. They also have a desktop version available if you want to chat from your computer.

What Is WhatsApp APK?

It is a popular messaging app that has been around for many years. WhatsApp started as an SMS and MMS service before social networks emerged, providing people with text messages, among other features like voice mail or phone call forwarding to WhatsApp numbers. It was acquired by Facebook in 2014 and hadn’t looked back since.

WhatsApp Messenger

Features Of WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp is an app that helps you to send free messaging and able to video calling without any charges.WhatsApp APK has a Web version, which lets you chat from your computer when you don’t have access to your smartphone. It also offers group chats of up to 256 members and voice messages if you want a more personal way to message friends or family. If stickers make messaging fun, WhatsApp APK is the app for you; it includes hundreds of different sticker options that can be used in chats with other WhatsApp users.

While it is popular among many worldwide, there are two downsides: most importantly, phone numbers aren’t private, so anyone who gets their hands on one could contact everyone associated with it (the same applies to email addresses). This means an evil person might try gaining access by pretending to be a WhatsApp user and trying numbers until they find one that works.

  • Send Private Message:-You can send a message to a specific person by clicking their name in your contact list. If you want to send someone an email, WhatsApp APK lets you do that too!
  • Video Chat:-If you cannot chat via its text messaging service, it also has video calling capabilities if you would rather speak face-to-face. This is perfect for making plans with friends and family who are far away or catching up after a long delay on the other end of the line. The app can be used as a traditional phone call when paired with your smartphone’s Wi-Fi capability, so you don’t have to worry about data usage costs from your carrier.
  • Secure Connection:-WhatsApp APK is a secure way to chat with other wp users because it’s encrypted, and the company that developed WhatsApp doesn’t keep any of your personal information. This means it cannot share data like contact lists, messages you’ve sent or received, phone calls made through This app (including voice mails), attachments, call history from screenshots taken on WhatsApp Web or IP-based connections between devices to maintain privacy.
  • HD Voice Call:-If you’re interested in voice call capabilities, WhatsApp APK offers HD Voice Calls. It relies on your data connection for this service when using it with a phone number, so make sure to be somewhere with coverage or have Wi-Fi access if you want an uninterrupted conversation.
  • Group Chat:-The group chat is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends because you can include up to 256 people at one time. WhatsApp APK also has an option for the whole conversation to be kept open after being read, so it’s easier than ever before to keep track of what everyone said when you were busy or if someone replied while you’re looking through messages.
  • Broadcast To Your Contact List:-If you’re part of a group chat and would like to send an update that everyone in the conversation can see, This APK lets you do just that! This is perfect if your whole family shares one account or if all of your friends run with the same group. You don’t need to worry about who will read it because they’ll all be notified at once!
  • Share Files With Your Contacts:-You can share any file with WhatsApp’s contacts-even if they’re WhatsApp users! WhatsApp APK lets you attach your files to messages that will then be sent as a message, so the recipient doesn’t have to go through and download it. This is perfect for when you need to send someone an important document or photo without having them sign up for WhatsApp to see what you’ve got in store, but keep in mind this might not work depending on their phone carrier.
  • Encryption:If privacy matters to you, WhatsApp APK is one of the most secure ways out there because all data from chats (including voice calls) are encrypted so nobody else can access it. You don’t have to worry about sharing any of your information with other companies or WhatsApp employees since it doesn’t have access to that data in the first place. This APK also won’t save anything you type on its servers after WhatsApp messages are delivered, so all traces of your conversations will disappear forever as soon as they’re read and sent by the recipient’s device.
  • Stay Connected In Real-Time:-It is constantly updating the app to ensure you can stay on top of messages and data usage with real-time notifications. It will alert all of your contacts when you’re active, out of coverage or no longer using WhatsApp for a certain amount of time so they know that it’s not just a text message telling them what happened.
  • Share Daily Status:-It lets you send a status update to all of your contacts, so they’ll know what’s going on with you. This is perfect if you need help sorting through the words when it comes to saying how you feel or want people to know where their contact could be at any given time.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that lets you send, receive and share all kinds of content with your contacts. WhatsApp APK offers HD Voice Calls, group chats with up to 256 people at one time, the ability to broadcast messages to an entire WhatsApp conversation or contact list, and more.

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