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2nd line mod apk
App Name2ndLine Second Phone Number
PublisherTextNow, Inc
Latest Version22.24.0.1
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateJune 25, 2022 (2 months ago)

Wow, we have come a long way to impress our users. Let us pay gratitude to all users of 2ndLine Apk. Special thanks to all reviewers of 2ndLine Apk who helped us achieve unprecedented heights within such a short time.

More power to all our users for helping us expand our platform!

For those who are new here, let us brief on what 2ndLine Apk actually is. With 2ndLine, you can now equip your phone with an additional line in the U.S. and Canada. This is accomplished by our app just by using your WIFI or Data Connection. We have made it as simple as Install Pick a phone number of your choice Enjoy unlimited calling and texting!

2nd line apk

Why Would I Need a Second Phone Number and What 2ndLine offer?

This common question has been our focal point for several years and we are here to answer it for you. The need for a second phone number on your device can be due to the following reasons:

To help maintain privacy

Without a doubt, this is one of the core interests any smartphone user is seeking for these days. With a second phone number, you can help maintain the confidentiality of your primary phone number. How good it is to have a phone number separate for work and another for friends and family? Also, if you are active on dating websites, you might not want your real number floating around in the public.

Lucky for you, 2ndLine Apk is here to serve this purpose. We don’t only offer calls and texts with your second number but also offer picture message integration and much more so that your experience isn’t compromised. Customizable tones, voicemail transcription, call recording, picture messaging, stickers and emojis and much more!

More control

Most businessmen or entrepreneurs face the dilemma of having too much to handle on their personal mobile number because they used it to sign up everywhere.

With the help of 2ndLine application, you can use a separate mobile number for public dealings and sign-ups. And what’s more, you can also use our call recording feature to conquer your business dealings by having an official documented record of everything!

Stress reduction

Last but not the least, you might need a 2nd phone number because it might be cumbersome for you to carry around 2 phones at once. Of course, if your phone possesses a dual sim slot, you might utilize that instead. However, let us suppose you are using a single sim phone, then you might be troubled to use a second number.

Last but not the least, you might need a 2nd phone number because it might be cumbersome for you to carry around 2 phones at once. Of course, if your phone possesses a dual sim slot, you might utilize that instead. However, let us suppose you are using a single sim phone, then you might be troubled to use a second number.

Extra Features of 2ndLine Apk

Local Phone number

Give your friends your very own phone number they can call!

Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging

You can send as many text messages as you want to US & Canada and that too for FREE!

Unlimited Calling to USA and Canada

Make unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US & Canada!

Cheap International Calling

Add a payment method to credit your account or earn free money by completing offers to enjoy the leverage of making low-cost calls across the borders!

Versions of 2ndLine Apk

Let us give you an overview of how we progressed through various versions of 2ndLine Apk to reach the latest and newest 2ndline apk old versions.

About the Developers

The 2ndLine Apk is brought to you by a team of talented developers at TextNow. TextNow is a popular phone and messaging application development team which focuses on app development in the communication niche. We aim to serve our users by easing their outreach via WiFi or cellular data.

TextNow was established in 2009 and it has come a long way to offer remarkable services and customer satisfaction. We have always believed in one thing: customer feedback matters the most. Our team carefully analyses and funds development based on user feedback. We try to address each dilemma that our users face and this has led us to a very prestigious position in the world of app development.


Is 2nd line free?

Yes, it is free. It has the feature that enables users to have a second phone number with the advantage of free calling and messaging.

Can 2nd line number be traced?

It can be traced but according to the privacy policy demands the data remain confidential.

What is the best second phone number app?

Google Voice is known to be the best second phone number app. It provides you your own free phone number for texts, voice calls, and voicemails if you have an active Google account.

How can I use WhatsApp as a second line app?

You can use WhatsApp as a second line app by following steps:

  • First open WhatsApp and go to the screen to enter your number.
  • Select the country from where you’ve generated your short-term phone number from.
  • Now copy-paste your number from 2ndline App and paste it on the WhatsApp screen and proceed.
  • You’ll then receive a verification code over at 2ndLine app.

What is 2nd line app?

It is an app with the help of which you can have separate number on your smart phones, tablets as an active business phone system which is particularly designed for professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs. You can call or text If you have an internet connection with anyone in the U.S and Canada.

How do I use second line?

All you need is to have an internet connection with the help of which 2ndline app works and provide you with an alternate number or line. After downloading the app, you can get access to the unlimited calling and texting from your alternate number.

How do you use second line?

It is a very user friendly app. Download it on your smartphones and enjoy unlimited calls and messages with your additional number.

What app gives you a free phone number?

There are quite a large number of apps that gives second phone number. Few of them include Sideline, Google Voice, Cloud Sim, Burner, Flyp and 2ndLine etc.

Is 2nd line legal?

According to the rules set on the privacy policy it has got a license where one can download and use this app for the customized legal purpose.

Is 2nd line app safe?

It is safe for a lot of reasons such as if you don’t want to give your real number to your business activities than this app might be the best option with being easily affordable with the benefit of protecting your privacy as well.