TextNow Premium APK Download

TextNow Premium APK Download
App Name TextNow
Publisher TextNow
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Category Communication
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateJanuary 1, 2024 (4 months ago)

TextNow is a Voice over Internet Protocol solution that permits customers to text as well as call any type of number in their country. Additionally, can buy credit to make global cross country phone calls. TextNow Apk supplies the individual with an actual phone number that can be used on any kind of mobile phone, tablet, or desktop with an appropriate Internet connection. The application can be utilized on numerous devices with a single login ID

The TextNow application is offered for download using the google play store for android devices and the App Store for most iOS devices like iPod, iPad as well as Apple iPhone. We also have Textnow application available for download on our website for Windows and also Mac computers system individuals can additionally access the TextNow service through our website with their browser.

TextNow Premium APK

Some great features of Textnow Apk

Different countries

Besides the two sustained nations, the United States as well as Canada, the application additionally allows individuals to interact with other 240 different countries. Simply put, you can call your mates in other countries with a more connection time than normal calls. Especially, this more affordable connection originates from the application’s assistance for individuals when they make use of the application to call various other countries.


The application offers you a reduced price than other callings. you only need to invest $ 0.01 per min to make global phone calls. Yet, at the same time, it additionally saves you some prices and can make some deals used by the application to earn longer calling time. So, this is an application that any type of customer must try because of the fun and efficiency it can bring.

Best for USA and Canada users

TextNow Apk offers you a totally basic feature that any user will like to call as well as message completely free if you are in the united states and  Canada. when you utilize the app and call or text the people of these 2 nations, you would not need to pay any charge. At the same time, prior to using the application, individuals require to inspect whether they are enabled to use these services or not.

Super secured

TextNow  APK is one of the safest and secure android caller and messaging applications. It consists of a chat lock function along with Google Smartlock which you can also open up through a secured fingerprint scanner. TextNow APK ensures improved security because this app is 100% bug-free and also won’t require any information permission. So, you can download and install and also use Textnow Apk as your default calling app without fretting about anything.

Easy to use interface and Dashbord

TextNow Apk provides you an easy-to-use and user-friendly application interface that any kind of individual can easily access. Individuals will certainly take some time to experience what this application has to use, often the procedure does not take long due to the clear aspects it can bring. Particularly, the Textnow Apk interface is identical to the calling and messaging features that any kind of individual usually makes use of.

With such an easy user interface, individuals will discover the necessary features to use and find new features. At the same time, picking countries to get in touch with is also very quick with simply one touch as well as recognize if it can be free or not. That’s why, this is the appropriate application for those that frequently do texting as well as calling others, especially in these two countries the USA and Canada. The application also has particular deals when you are from other nations.

High quality calling

when you will try Textnow apk then you will be familiar with the quality of phone calls is impressive. We also know that the calling features of WhatsApp are not that much great. we do not obtain a great connection when we use WhatsApp calls as a result of the weak internet. Yet on this application, you obtain the absolute best and top quality of audio phone calls which you will know after using this Textnow apk. you can also make worldwide phone calls by making use of this application which will certainly cost you few cents.

Virtual sim

Prior to the last years, it was practically impossible to buying and using a virtual SIM. However now, it’s sensible, just because of the  TextNow Apk. It’s a technologized messaging app that includes countless unique features. In addition to the messaging, it also provides you VIP numbers from the US, UK, and Canadian nations at the most affordable expense. In addition, it’s a convenient app that simply requires a number and email-id for personal verification. You do not need give any personal information or any type of ID proof in TextNow Apk to obtain a virtual number. After filling all these details, you can instantaneously get a virtual mobile number after that you can use it as your default SIM for calling your mates and family members.

Multi compatible

An additional thing that is excellent concerning this application is that it can be sustained organ on several gadgets. you can use Textnow application on your Android phones, tablets, Windows device, iPhone device, and even on Mac OS laptops. Also, you must understand that the synchronization procedure of this application is extremely outstanding. You can log in to various devices at the same time. So suppose when you send a picture with your android phone and suddenly it gets shut off because of the low battery. Then you can open Textnow Apk in your other device the image will appear in that device as a sent picture. so with this, no data will be removed when you change devices from one to another.

Final verdict

The TextNow application is known for innovative safety and security as well as the most affordable worldwide calling rates. Furthermore, it’ll additionally aid you with purchasing a UK or Canadian mobile number at the cheapest rate. Furthermore, you can also make telephone calls and messages through these virtual numbers in any country on decent calling charges. TextNow Apk can be called an innovative messaging and calling application where you can hide your personal number and can call any person with a digital number.

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