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WhatsApp Mix
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UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

The WhatsApp Mix app is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite music and videos on the go. With a simple download, you can connect to friends and family in other countries using this as your messenger. You will be able to see messages, photos, videos, audio clips from all of your contacts with no restrictions! Download this app now for free and get started chatting with friends around the world today.

What Is WhatsApp Mix?

It is the modded version of the original WhatsApp application. It is a mixture of all the WhatsApp mods and packs. WhatsApp Mix has many features that are not found on the regular, unmodified version of WhatsApp.

What Is The Use Of WhatsApp Mix APK?

WhatsApp has plenty of limited features, and for an app that relies mainly on text, this is a significant downside. That’s why we have WhatsApp mods, which provide advanced features to improve the quality of chat messages.

WhatsApp Mix APK is a mod that combines features from other mods and makes them easy to find.

WhatsApp Mix

It APK is an app that has many features. These features include:

#1. Better Multimedia Support

This application lets you share many different types of files at once. You can send big videos and audio files, as well as high-quality pictures. This mod has many more features than the official version of WhatsApp. You can use it to share files with your friends and family.

#2. Security

Privacy and security is a significant concern when it comes to WhatsApp. With this mod, you will lock chats with a password and use hidden texts for sensitive conversations.

Mix WhatsApp APK is an app that has many features to improve the quality of chat messages while still being open-sourced.

#3. Customizable

You will be able to customize your interface with this WhatsApp MOD. Alongside this, you can also resize the keyboard and move it around for convenience. You are also given different themes to get bored of seeing the same thing every day. The app includes a dark theme as well, which makes everything easier for those who use low brightness.

#4. Disable Forward Tag

This mod lets you disable chat forwarding messages. It also includes the ability to send a forward message with an auto-reply for when you’re busy and can’t reply right away.

#5. Supports Themes, Wallpaper, Stickers

Themes, wallpaper, and stickers are some of the features which make it exclusive. You can customize your chat how you want it to be with all these options available in one place.

More Features That Makes WhatsApp Mix APK Unique

There are some features that WhatsApp Mix APK has which make it an exclusive app. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

  • Backup And Restore: It allows you to back up and restore your chat history. This comes in handy when trying to transfer a WhatsApp account from one number to another or just backing up all the data for those who want some peace of mind.
  • Anti Revoke: It has the anti revoke feature, which ensures that your chats are not visible to anyone else when you don’t want them to be.
  • Lock WhatsApp: It allows you to lock the app, which can be handy.
  • Mute Group Chat: You have an option of muting a group chat in your chats on this APK. It is called “muting,” and it helps if someone starts bombarding your inbox with messages that are just spamming all over.
  • Schedule Your Messages: You can now schedule your messages on this application, a great feature.
  • Status Download: This app allows you to download the latest status of your contacts so that you can constantly be updated.
  • Hide Your Name: It lets you hide your name.
  • Screen Lock: It has a screen lock feature which is nice to have and helps keep intruders or snoopers away from accessing the app on your phone when it’s lying around somewhere in public.
  • Privacy Protection: You can now protect all of the chats that are stored locally by giving a password.
  • Duplicate Others Status: You can now duplicate other’s status, which is a convenient feature.
  • WhatsApp Number: WhatsApp Mix APK provides you with the ability to change your number on WhatsApp that will help keep spam messages away from you.
  • Change Symbol Of Your Choice: WhatsApp Mix lets you change your choice, which is cool and exciting.
  • Delete Chats: You can now delete chats on WhatsApp quickly by using a swipe-down motion with one finger or by pressing and holding for an extended time so that it will give you the option to delete.
  • No Limit on Multimedia Sending: WhatsApp Mix will allow you to send unlimited multimedia content without any limitation.
  • Reply and Forward: You can directly reply or forward a message with one tap on the screen, handy for users.

Is It Safe To Use Mix WhatsApp?

There is no information about the safety of WhatsApp Mix available, but nothing to suggest that it’s unsafe.

But using an illegal WhatsApp APK can have some risks. This is a modded version of the original WhatsApp so that it can have some bugs or viruses.


It is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. If you are looking for an app that can be used as a messaging application, then WhatsApp Mix might be the perfect one for you!

The interface of this new app has been designed in such a way that it provides you the best messaging experience possible. You will now have more than one chat window open at any given time, which means that there will never be confused about who was online or offline when sending messages.

Another outstanding feature of this modded version of Whatsapp is its focus on privacy and security features. So download and enjoy messaging.

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