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App NamePGSharp
Latest Version1.38.0
Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateApril 9, 2022 (2 years ago)

Pokemon Go was one of the most popular games at the time, and it is likely that all video game fans have played it. Many gamers have reported that they are unable to catch critters while playing. We have a fantastic software called PGSharp for all of those guys. This is one of the most well-modified Pokemon Go apps on the market, and it is compatible with all Android smartphones.

PGSharp is the type of programme that will let you access a number of features in Pokemon Go that you could use to make your game a lot better than everyone else’s. It will simply add a tonne of new elements to your game and make everything that much better for you.

Some Great features of Pgsharp apk

Catch all pokemons

Try the Pokemon series if you want a good time. Many people enjoy the franchise since there’ve been so many memorable games. You may acquire Pokémon in these games, which allows you to combat other players and win matches. Pokémon Go is among the most famous Pokémon games, and it provides players with an engaging experience.

The pgsharp apk game allows you to capture Pokémon while moving about in real life! However, there is a drawback to this function. Other varieties of Pokemon cannot be caught without travelling to various locations.


Navigate with joystick

Using a joystick, you may easily navigate about with PGSharp. The programme allows you to navigate about with the use of a joystick. Today, you have complete freedom to go wherever you choose in any direction. This is similar to walking in the app, allowing you to move wherever you wish.


Trick the real time location

The game keeps track of your movement and position in real time, allowing you to capture Pokémon in different locations. When you use PGSharp, you may make the game think you’re at a new location even though you’re not moving. With pgsharp apk, you may travel anywhere in the globe to capture as many uncommon Pokémon as possible today. You have access to a variety of features, including the capability to travel, store your last position, use routes, and much more.

Trick the real time location PGSharp APK


The apps that the creators have offered can assist the gamers in teleporting from one location to another. You have the option of selecting any location and being transferred there. You may use the teleport feature to go to another nation in a matter of seconds. Using this feature, you may quickly locate uncommon Pokémon in a variety of locations. You may now go to Tokyo, China, the United States of America, and other countries to capture all of the Pokemon you desire. Today, you may compete against other trainers all around the world!

Enhance our gaming experience

Location-based AR games are fun, but they are restricted by the region you can access and investigate, as well as the area that is safe for you to visit. PGSharp, for instance, lets you use a joystick to travel about the globe and teleport to any location. You may now use the app on two smartphones at once to collect stuff, lay eggs, and utilise auto walk to collect objects.

No prohibition

It’s possible that no apps are available in the user’s country, preventing them from downloading from the Play Store. Users can acquire the APK file from other sources to gain access to a variety of blocked or prohibited applications in specific places. The pgsharp’s IQ Option APK file may be downloaded straight from the IQ Option official site by users in these regions.

Increased walking speed

Playing multiplayer apps might help you slow down or speed up your walking speed. This motion function essentially aids you in effectively capturing the creatures. You may use the teleportation feature to get to the locations where you wish to capture Pokemon. This implies that you can travel to any location on the map at any moment without having to physically travel there.

No root required

To find out where all the Pokémon are and how close they are, use the Nearby Radar tool. You’ll be able to capture more Pikachus and stay on top of the game this way. You’ve gotten a job, and you’re ready to quit practise and go to work. If you don’t save the game, you’ll have to start over. You may store the last location in the PGSharp app if you like. Many people believe that in order to use this PGSharp, you must have a rooted phone. You do not, however, require a rooted phone.

Fake GPS

Integrated Fake GPS Joystick Software  It doesn’t need to be reinstalled.

Willcock, Auto Towel  In Pokemon Go, using an auto towel to lay eggs is a really handy tool. This function enables our creatures to play with no need to move the controller. This technique, though, continues working and fails. King and customs King Pace is a function that allows us to change the walking speed of our creatures.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Latest version

Any version of the app may be downloaded straight from third-party websites. You can get a wide range of applications for most editions, so you can install anything you desire. However unlike Play Store, you may install right away without having to wait for authentication. The pgsharp APK file will remain on your device’s storage drive when you install it. As a result, you may remove and reload them as much as you want to without having to install them.


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