How to play pokemon go on pc

Thanks to the emulators for Android that exist it is possible to play Pokemon Go on the PC , here we tell you how to do it. This is perhaps the most common question nowadays, since a couple of weeks ago, when the world of gamers got the great news that a new game had arrived, and that it was all about a game related to Pokemon, it unleashed something More than euphoria in people,

we could speak of a degree of excitement in which it does not take much to speak to describe it, because you can either access the related videos that have been published throughout the platform, or even you yourself experienced this stimulation of excitement that Pokemon Go produced .



Men and women are happy, but as expected, the spectrum of reactions and consequences has been very good, so a question that many ask themselves is how to play pokemon from a PC because not everyone wants to use it from their mobile or rather they also want to use it at home, and although under the format that the game has been created does not seem to have much agreement with playing it on a pc, I mean that we know that we needed to move, however, there is an option and we are going to comment on it.

App NamePokémon GO
Android Version5.0 and up
User Reviews4.0
Current Version0.185.0
Last Update
DeveloperNiantic, Inc.

Well, there is definitely an answer to how to play pokemon from pc, so you should keep reading because there is something more than Android, but be careful because not everything is rosy and those who want to play the best game of today, must use an emulator on your pc.

Well yes, as you read, although you will be able to have the game, and have fun as such as such delivery has been designed, even with the synchronization of your accounts, both the phone and the pc; you need to understand that you must use an emulator to be able to do this.

It is the great Android emulator that works for PC and whose name is Bluestacks, which you must download and this is the easiest and most useful way to give a good and positive answer to your question about how to play pokemon from PC.

We hope this post has been of help to you, and we invite you to read our next post where we will tell you to step by step what you should do to play pokemon go from your pc and with the great Android emulator, the famous Bluestacks.

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