OGYouTube Apk For PC

OGYouTube Apk For PC
App NameOGYouTube
Size 30MB
Latest Version 12.10.60-3.5U
Category 12.10.60-3.5U
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (6 months ago)

OGYouTube For PC: OGYouTube for Android is one amongst the best YouTube video downloader app indeed. It is a unique, simple but a fast way of downloading YouTube to the best. So, in the previous guides we’ve learnt how to download OGYouTube Apk for Android. But in this guide we will teaching you how to download OGYouTube For Windows PC. Well this guide will be a simple step by step tutorial on how you can Install OGYouTube app for Windows desktop.

I’ve heard some people saying that there are better YouTube downloader apps other than OGYouTube, but I strongly think this one has better options. Well when we consider other app rather than OGYouTube, most of them are not similar to YouTube and comes with a different interface. But what’s interesting about this app is that it is a clone or modded version which makes user find the app interface easy to rely on.

How To Use OGYouTube Apk For PC – Video Download Guide

OGYouTube Apk For PC

The main reason why I suggest using OGYouTube is because it has a simple interface with glossy look and does everything a normal downloader does. Moreover this app allows its users to stream, search and find top trending YouTube videos through the OGYouTube app browser. Then under every YouTube video you can find a download option which when clicked gives you various download options. So, that you can download any video in different resolutions and formats as well. So now you get to watch and download YouTube videos directly from your windows computer using OGYouTube app. If you are an addicted fan of YouTube then this one would be a perfect option for you just so stream like you always do.

OGYouTube For PC:

If you are wondering whether OGYouTube is paid or free? Then it is a free YouTube video downloading application for Android. But not just for Android In this guide we will use Bluestacks to download OGYouTube for PC.

Many a times we use different video to MP3 converters for converting YouTube videos to MP3. But OGYouTube gets rid of all these worries by jumbling all features in it. That means you can select any YouTube video, then by clicking on “Download” option below you have Video Quality option.

Don’t you think having a better YouTube video downloading app turns the way you watch Videos. I prefer using this app and would love to have it all day long and running it seems so simple and easy as well.

You can click on Video Quality, and a down menu list with different Audio and Video format resolution are shown. After that there is also an option to download the video along with subtitles, or else select “Don’t Download” under the Subtitles option. Under the audio quality we can select between Medium and High quality options. To be frank, I find OGYouTube interface very smooth because it is creatively made and can be understood with ease.

Why not use YouTube Online?

This seems to be the most raving question of all and I thought it might be help others as well to know why I suggest using this app on desktop platform. So, you might consider using the YouTube online through web browser like chrome and Firefox, but there is no option to download video. On the other hand we have a download option under each video in OGYouTube App. So when you make use of OGYoTube on Windows PC, we can not just only stream, browse videos but also download them at the same time. These are the few reasons why I prefer using this app over the YouTube online version. To be frank you might be wondering the same, so learn how to get OGYouTube for PC from below.

OGYouTube For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

So now we have a clear idea of how fascinating and useful OGYouTube application is in order to download YouTube videos. Guess what I will show you how to get this app on your Windows desktop using Bluestacks in few simple steps.

OGYouTube For PC
  • So the first step is to download the OGYouTube APK from here
  • Now you need to go to Bluestacks site, download and install the emulator
  • After it is done, go to the APK file and right click over it
  • Next you need to select the option “Open With” and select “Bluestacks”
  • We have now selected to install this app using Bluestacks
  • After that the app installation has begun and takes less than 30 seconds
  • Once installation is completed, OGYouTube app shows up in your apps menu!

Thanks for reading this wonderful guide on how to download OGYouTube For PC by using Bluestacks emulator. Well now it’s time for you to stream YouTube and if you like any video, just click the download option to save it. The additional download option is not just the reason why I advise and prefer to use this app instead of the original YouTube application. OGYouTube not just brings the download features but comes with a simple yet fast loading app that beats any other app easily.

I hope OGYouTube app will come in handy for daily use, but if you find any problem with the guide then let me know in the below comments section and share this guide online as well.

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