Instagram for iPad Free Download

Instagram for iPad Free Download
UpdateApril 1, 2023 (1 year ago)

The screen resolutions of smartphones are getting better day by day, and still, we love to view pictures, videos or any media on a big screen. Especially when you want to see a lot of pictures, you will have to pinch your screen to zoom every time which is a bit annoying. Using Instagram on the iPad is a pretty gift for Instagram lovers and photo lovers. This article will guide you through steps with which you can easily use Instagram for iPad.

You can easily view your friend’s posts and pictures of anyone you follow on Instagram just like your iPhone. After this, you will be freely able to use Instagram on iPad without any hassle to view and post, no matter on what iOS device you are in.

Instagram for iPad can be accessed using several ways, out of which I have some of the easiest ones. See how to download the app, install it on your iPad and use it with certain tricks to enhance the performance.

Instagram for iPad

As Instagram developers bring up frequent updates and features to keep the Instagram App best to its 500 million user club. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which largely focuses on Android and iPhone users might be a reason to which Instagram for iPad is delaying. Hence until the official release for iPad, let us use Instagram for iPad with the following ways which is also completely safe and secure. Download Instagram for iPhone.

Instagram iPhone App for iPad

The majority of the iPhone apps that we get from the App Store support on the iPad.  Despite the performance of a dedicated iPad app, all the apps will function perfectly on an iPad. The only hassle is that the resolution will get reduced as the iPhone and the iPad varies greatly with resolution. But with the latest release of the iPhone 7, the resolutions have become better. This is a great option for people who will be able to put their phones down but needs to hook up with friends. Follow the steps below to install the Oficial Instagram App for iPad.

  • Open the App Store and tap the Purchases icon from the bottom
  • On the top right tap the iPad apps and switch to iPhone apps
  • Scroll down to find the Instagram App from the list of installed applications
  • Now click app and download. The app installs automatically.
  • This process works only if you have installed Instagram on your iPhone.

Now if you have not installed Instagram on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

  • Open the App Store, click the Featured option from the bottom
  • The Instagram App will not show up as there is an official app for iPad
  • Now similar to the previous method, switch from iPad apps and switch to iPhone apps
  • Now the Instagram app appears. Install it and start using

If you feel that the app doest fit much with the iPad, tap the “2x” from the bottom right. The app screen immediately fits perfectly for the iPad. The feature just multiplies the size by 2. Thus Instagram App for iPad is successfully installed, and you can start enjoying it.

Instagram for iPad using Instagram Online

The Instagram for iPad using Instagram Online is one of the easiest methods for using Instagram on iPad. As it doesn’t require any downloads or installs the method is widely used by many iPad users. Also, it works perfectly on any screen, all you need is to log in to your Instagram Account. The only drawback with this option is that you cannot post pictures with this Online version. But you have full access to all other features of Instagram, as you can view, like or comment on any of the posts. If you don’t actually want to post pictures from iPad but view what your friends are up to then this will be the best choice for you.

  • Follow the steps below to use the Instagram for iPad online version
  • On any browser surf to the
  • You will have to login with your credentials. You can also login with Facebook easily
  • Within seconds you will be into Instagram

This will have a better resolution of Instagram than the first method of using Instagram for iPad.

Download Instagram for iPad

Click the link below to Download Instagram for iPad. The download is free and secure to your iPad.

Instagram for iPad – Alternatives

We have plenty of Instagram for iPad alternatives available for free. The iOS app developers use this opportunity to develop an app for Instagram for iPad with all possible features people would love. Even if these third party apps allows you to perform various things within the app, you cannot post any picture from these apps. But you can view, like and comment on any picture of your friend or people you follow. All these apps has its own pros and cons, you have to try it by yourself and use the app that fits you the best. The below provided are some of the best and mostly used Instagram for iPad alternatives.

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