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UpdateSeptember 1, 2021 (2 years ago)

Generally, most of the users of IOS devices may seek applications to download for their devices from the AppStore. However, it is important for the users to know that not all the applications available in the store are free. In the store, you can find some of the apps are paid and some may be available for free. But the fact is people majorly liked to download apps for free like Hipstore to download and install on the device.

Yes, we all know that all the devices come up with restrictions which will affect you from downloading your favorite apps. But here is a boon for every iOS device user.  But before knowing it, check the Table of contents below.

Introduction To Hipstore


Hipstore is an application which lets you download your favorite iOS apps on your device without jailbreaking the device. In short, it avoids the whole jailbreaking process and makes applications run smoothly without any problem.

Ever tired of those snuggly restrictions which keep you 2 feet away from the awesome apps you love? Then here are some mind-boggling features of this application mentioned below. Check them. ????

Know Why You Should Use Hipstore Instead of Jail-breaking Your iOS Device.

When it comes to action, many people have to jailbreak or tamper with their system security to get access to whatever they want. But, that may not be justified.

well, do you know what is Hipstore? It is an awesome application which will do the magic instead of tampering with your system security.

This application always lets its users download paid apps for free without jailbreaking their devices. This is a free app that works both for Android and ios users.

About Jailbreaking Your iOS System

jailbreak your iOS devices

When it comes to iOS devices, you might feel that the user who uses this device gets more restrictions than expected.

However, jailbreaking is such a process which will help your device to run more than restrictions.

For your information, some of the jailbreaking processes will also sometimes allow you to use the premium apps available in the store.


Jailbreaking is not something worth the play. You may lose some serious stuff which may make you end up spending a handful of bucks and time.

This is why jailbreaking can cost you more than it serves you.

It is the main reason why people would like to use the HipStore on their iOS devices.

Why To Choose This Among Other Applications?

jailbreak your iOS devices

HipStore is a sort of application which avoids jailbreaking whenever a user intends to put a new paid application on their devices. It is an app which is almost similar to the AppStore that contains a large number of applications, games and more to download and install.

Have you ever thought why people are giving it more priority than any other application?

The major highlight of this app is it doesn’t need any jailbreaking as well where other apps work with only jailbreaking. Also, here you can download premium apps on your device without any requirement of jailbreaking.

It is the main reason that Hip Store has many users across the globe. Another important fact about this app is it will consume very little memory when it comes to download and installation. From applications to games, you can download anything that you need at any time.

Devices Which Support Hipstore

jailbreak your iOS devices

You know what? As a gunman should not use any new gun instead of knowing what it is, you need to do the same. This is for your own good.

Most of the users are seeking to know about the HipStore to download and install. But the fact is it will support one some of the devices of iOS. So, it is important for all the users to know that before getting into the downloading process.To access paid premium version apps on your device free of cost, it is essential to know that what are all the versions will support this.To download and install, you must be aware of 9/9.1/9.2/9.2.1/9.3/9.3.2/9.3.3/10/9.4. With these versions, you can easily download and install without jailbreak on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.And, the great thing about this application is you can download it at your convenience in terms of language. According to options, you can easily choose the language that you want to set.

Features of HipStore

It is important for the users to know that before downloading and install the application, you must be aware of this app. It is also the quality that shows about the HipStore. The people who all are looking for the features to know for a long time before downloading this app can have a look at it below.

No Jailbreak

When it comes to other alternate stores, they will require jailbreaking to download and install on your device. But when comes to HipStore, you can download and install it on your device without going for the option of jailbreaking.

Available In Different Languages

Unlike other applications, HipStore has the option to choose any language according to your wish. Here you can find different languages that you can easily choose and set as per your convenience.

Paid Apps For Free

The major highlight of this store is you can find and download all the premium apps and games for free.

Download Any Application

The applications which are not available on iTunes, you can easily find application on the HipStore. Here you can find a number of applications and games free of cost. Also, it is very simple for the users to handle that whenever they need to download.

Compatible With  Every IOS devices

When it comes to the installation process, you can easily use this application on iOS devices. It is mainly supported with iOS 9 to iOS 10 platforms.

Application details

It is an application which is mainly developed for both Android and iOS devices. When it comes to the android platform, you can easily install the apk app of HipStore at any time. However, it required very few steps to follow when it comes to the installation process. It is flexible for the users to follow and handle on their devices.

How to use

If you are really in need of downloading the apps from HipStore, then you are on the right platform to have a look. Hope it will be helpful for all the users of this application.

  • As we mentioned earlier, this application doesn’t need any jailbreaking to download and install the applications.
  • Once it is installed on your device, you need to go to the safari browser and find a way to store.Mobi.
  • Now, you can scroll the page and look at the icon of Apple then tap on it.
  • The user should follow the instruction as per the requirement to install.
  • After completing the process, you can now click the app to open it. Finally, you can enjoy the store on your device free of cost.

Install HipStore on iOS and Android Devices.

For iOS:

Brace yourself, because you are going to learn the whole process of installing and running Hipstore.

Just follow the simple steps below!!! Hope it will be useful for all the users while downloading.

  1. First of all, the user can visit the Safari browser and click to open.
  2. Now, the user should go to “techwithhelp.com” and proceed further.
  3. Once the above process is done, you can now scroll down on the page and view for Apple icon then taps on it.
  4. Now, the new page will be appearing with “rezcdn.com would like to install HipStore”.
  5. You can now tap on the “Install” button and then the user can “Dismiss”.
  6. The user can back to the home screen and check the installation icon.
  7. Finally, the user can click the HipStore and open it to enjoy the service of HipStore.

For Android:

If you are looking for this application to install on your device, you need to follow some of the steps here. Hope it will be useful for all the users in terms of downloading and installation process.

  1. Before you intend to install Hipstore, search the application in your browser because it is not available on the play store. Or you can download the Hipstore app from here.
  2. You can follow the security settings and enable the Unknown sources.
  3. Make sure that your device has enough memory to download and or not.
  4. After the downloading process is completed, you can click the installation process now.
  5. At last, you can open the application and it is ready to use.

Pros & Cons Of Hipstore


Pros & Cons Of Hipstore


  • By using it you don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device.
  • You can download any kind of application to your iOS device.
  • Incredibly cool and lightweight.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Doesn’t requires root when it comes to android.
  • Compatible with every iOS version. :))


  • Barely available.

I don’t know any other cons of this application. ????


As we all know that there are many people seeking the paid apps to download and install on their devices for free. For those people, here we are providing an amazing app to know and use. Hope the given stuff about the application HipStore will be very useful for all the users who want to download applications and games for free on their device.

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