1DM+ Pro APK Download v14.0.1

1IDM+ Pro
App Name 1DM+ [formerly IDM+]
PublisherVicky Bonick
Size 8.4M
Latest Version 14.1
Category Tools
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

IDM stands for Internet Download Manager, the world’s most popular download manager, and internet accelerator software.IDM Pro APK is an advanced version of IDM with unique capabilities that allow you to boost your Internet connection speed up to 400% while using less CPU power than other download managers. also includes a built-in web crawler for monitoring live updates on FTP sites and another tab that displays only downloads running at this very moment without opening new windows!

What Is 1 DM Pro APK?

It is a great download manager that can get a copy of any file from the internet. It has some excellent features, such as IDM Pro APK allows you to pause and resume your downloads, which is especially useful if you have limited bandwidth on your connection but want to use it for other things when possible.IDM Pro APK also contains an integrated web crawler that will ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest files found by IDM’s spider bots. This feature comes in handy if live updates are happening at FTP sites or new content found on HTML pages!


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Features Of IDM Pro APK

  • IDM Pro APK is lightweight.
  • resume, download, and manage all your downloads at the same time!
  • IDM has an integrated web crawler to get you updated with live updates at FTP sites or new content found on HTML pages!

So why don’t you start downloading files from the internet using this fantastic program?

Ad-Free Application And Direct Download To SD Card

This application is ad-free! Advertisements lower the quality of an app and can be disruptive. IDM PRO does not have an ad in it, so this should make using it a more pleasant experience for you!

You can download files directly to your SD card with IDM PRO. However, you will need an application on your phone that can read from the sd card and play these downloaded files (e.g., music player).

Download Statistics And Batch Downloads

IDM gives you detailed statistics about all of your downloads, including file name, size, date/time finished as well as current speed!

This application allows for batch downloading, so if you would like to make a zip folder of multiple mpg or other media formats, click one button, and they’ll be collected into a single ZIP archive ready for download at any time without having to go through each task individually.

Dark And Light Themes

IDM offers a dark theme to make it easier on the eyes during nighttime browsing. You can set any dark theme selected as your default or switch to it manually between downloads.

The light theme is a little more traditional with the white background and black text, but it’s still easy on the eyes, so you can download files no matter what time of day it may be!

File Management And Unlimited Retry Support

IDM has file management capabilities that allow for browsing through downloaded, partially downloaded, incompletely downloaded, and completed downloads in either list form or grid view.

You can also delete any individual file by clicking the trash icon next to them from within IDM Pro APK’s interface. No need to go hunt around for where they were initially saved if you don’t want to!

IDM also has unlimited retry support, which is perfect for downloading a file, but it doesn’t work, or the connection gets lost. IDM Pro will continue to try and re-connect as long as there’s an internet connection available on your mobile device so that you never have to worry about not being able to get what you want!

Optimized Graphics And Cleaned Resources

This app aims to provide a simple, easy-to-use Android application that allows you the freedom to download anything from ANY site! With IDM downloaded and installed on your mobile device, all you need to do is open it up like any other web browser and go straight into browsing mode.

Type in what website or file link you want – whether it’s YouTube.com or an mp3 track shared anonymously with friends through messaging apps such as Telegram Messenger – click enter, let IDM Pro take care of the rest for you 😉

Encrypted All Resources

The IDM APK is a secure app. All resources are encrypted to prevent data theft and allow for safe downloads with high speed!

If you’re going on a trip or know that your mobile bandwidth will be slow, don’t worry about not being able to download what you want – the IDM Pro App doesn’t take up much room, so it can easily fit into any luggage bag in no time at all without weighing down your pockets!

Pause And Resume Feature And Schedule Your Download

1DM Pro also has a pause and resume feature, so if you’re downloading something for later, IDM will automatically save your progress even after you close the app!

IDM Pro also has a schedule your download feature that will allow you to set IDM up in advance so the app can do all the work for you while you’re away!

Data Usage History

Comparing it with other apps, IDM is one of the most economical options as well. When downloading data, be aware of what’s on your device and how much space each file takes up – this way, if anything goes wrong or starts taking too long, then at least you’ll know why!


This is all about the IDM Pro APK. It’s a great, free file downloader that allows you to pause and resume downloads (which is pretty handy), as well as schedule your download at the time of your choosing.

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