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UpdateSeptember 23, 2022 (2 years ago)

YOWhatsApp Apk:- As you already know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication platforms in the world. It has a super simple user interface and best-in-class performance, so it has many advantages in similar applications.

However, with WhatsApp mods such as YoWhatsApp, developers have taken design and creativity to a whole new level. With these modules, WhatsApp can become more than just an instant manager.

In addition to simple messaging, media transmission and calls, we can also share our lives with friends and family through WhatsApp stories. Developers can use existing apps and content created by YoWhatsApp with no upper limit.

The fact that it is completely free makes it nothing. You cannot download the YoWhatsApp application from the Apple Store and Play Store. Now, though the app is free to download.

YOWhatsApp Apk

YoWhatsApp APK ?

There are a lot of cool things about YOWA, some of which you can find here and some in the features section. As you know, WhatsApp mods are now available on the Internet, most of them for a limited time. There are too many errors and even more, and besides, they cause our account to be banned whenever we try to use its features regularly. But you know, YOWA, it’s not like them. It will not prevent you from using those modification features of WhatsApp. That’s the most important thing about YoWhatsApp APK 2020 for Android. Read the article to learn more about YOWA.

 What is YoWhatsApp? 

YoWhatsApp was created by developer Yousef Al Basha to provide unique customization and exquisite features. Customization comes in the form of creating new themes and even different interfaces with multiple options.

As far as the user interface is concerned, YoWhatsApp looks like the official version, but YoWhatsApp contains frequent updates and more customizable options, which makes it even better. Now, effortlessly, let’s take a look at some of the key features of YoWhatsApp that may entice you to download this mod almost immediately.

YoWhatsapp is an alternative to WhatsApp, which implements changes and enhancements to certified apps. It is used to provide many additional features for WhatsApp. As a modification of the actual application, it is a progressive program based on its source code but presents different changes. This application is very similar to other developments like WhatsApp plus and alternately provides user privacy.

YoWhatsApp is not a new social media application, but an improved version of the official WhatsApp. It functions the same as the original app, but it has many additional features not found in WhatsApp. Well, you can say it is an unlocked version that can be designed according to your requirements. You can change theme, font, hide blue tick, second tick, hide online status and much more.

Compared with previous versions, the latest YoWhatsApp Apk version has more additional features. It has a specific emoji variable version developed specifically for emoji lovers. One of the biggest advantages of YoWA Apk is that you will get rid of WhatsApp’s default green interface because it has a default blue UI. You can customize YoWhatsApp Mod Apk as needed, and many design options are available in YoMods. Alright, now I will share all the features in the list.

YoWhatsApp for Android 

The application was developed by Yousef Al-Basha. It is now one of the most popular Whatsapp MODs after Whatsapp Plus and is available for free download. The official WhatsApp application has several disadvantages, which is why Yousef developed this application. In YoWhatsapp, you will get several new features. WhatsApp messenger has become the world’s most popular application, and various mods of the application are available on the Android market.

WhatsApp is mainly used for chatting and calling purposes, but there are more functions available, such as sharing documents, etc., but some of its functions are limited to the basic level. If you want to experience more advanced features, download the YoWhatsApp update.

 How to Install YoWhatsApp on Android smartphones? 

Installing YoWhatsApp is not rocket science. You can click to install the application. Just click on your downloaded APK. However, there is a complicated part of it, which is to migrate your data from the official WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp. Before doing so, you need to back up your chat before uninstalling the original version. If you forgot to make a backup, you can follow these steps:

  • As a first step, you go to WhatsApp and generate a backup of your conversations from Settings. If you want to keep them, keep their data after installing this modified application. Open the official WhatsApp and click on the menu in the upper right corner. Select settings from there.
  • Then go to your phone’s “Settings” and uninstall the official WhatsApp application from “Applications”. Otherwise, it will not allow you to install YOWhatsApp, as it will be detected as a duplicate application based on the same source code.
  • Now select the “chat” section.
  • Click Chat Backup.
  • Finally, click the green button for backup. It will start backing up your data to the SD card and it is done.


These awesome features we will mention below are essential for many users. We will introduce almost all the features we have experienced firsthand. If you are a geek and feel like we missed some comments, please add your feedback in the comments section below. Let’s go to function.

YoWhatsapp has different features that are fully available only in this application. You can send messages to anyone without having to save their phone number in the contact list. YoWhatsapp also allows you to change the layout color of WhatsApp groups so that you can easily identify any particular group.

Dual Account

Dual accounts are the main reason most people choose WAMODS (such as YoWhatsApp). Although the official version only allows one account, these mods allow users to have multiple accounts, helping them use two digital WhatsApps at the same time. You can run this application with the PlayStore application and other package names. This feature is useful if you maintain two numbers and want to separate your personal and professional communications while holding a device.


YOWhatsApp is very careful when we talk about privacy. It has a lot of twists and turns to help you protect your app more securely than any official app. In this extra modified app, you can block all or personal contacts, voice calls, and video calls. It also allows you to hide your status, last seen messages, DP, blue ticks, double-tick ticks, online and other content.

The official WhatsApp end-to-end encryption has great privacy. However, with YoWhatsApp and other WhatsApp mods, you have more control over your privacy. Developer Yousef Al Basha includes an additional feature of advanced privacy controls for chats that are not available in the normal WhatsApp version like Freezing the last occurrence can help you use YoWhatsApp in secret and Undelete messages to prevent your contacts from deleting messages for you


Later the privacy features come to the visual appeal and YoWhatsApp has a lot to answer in this section. YoWhatsApp gives theme editing benefits in its excellent concept which you can only enjoy in modified apps. You can either download from over 2000+ theme options or create one of your own manually. If you’re not well versed in creating themes, you can use the already created themes.

Unlike GbWhatsApp which needs an extra application to create a new theme, with YoWhatsApp that feature is in-built. Also, GBWhatsApp is growing more popular these days with unwanted popups and ads which is quite disturbing.

Sending Message

This feature may sound strange, but I am referring to the contact feature that is not available in Calls and Contacts. As you may already know, the official version requires contacts to be saved on your phone, or you need to download a third-party application to use this feature.

This feature is useful when you want to contact someone temporarily and do not want to save the contact. In YOWA, there are built-in functions that enable you to accomplish this task simply. To do this, click Menu> Send Message> Type Number with Country Code> Send / Call


If you are a custom enthusiast, this app requires you to choose carefully. This app is filled with a collection of thousands of topics. Everyone can download themes and apply them to all themes. You can even upload custom themes to your application. In this application, you can change the layout colors, application icons, background images, and many others

Emoji Variant

Emoji Variant is part of the “Custom” option, but it is very cool and needs to be mentioned separately. Similar to Facebook, Emoji One v3, Stock WA and Android Oreo, you can get emoji from all these companies. If you don’t like these new emoji designs, then you can also use my old emoji designs. Use these emojis. Go to Menu> YoMods> General> Mods> Emoji Variant

This is the best feature, and it is really useful when someone accidentally opens WhatsApp. To protect privacy and prevent others from seeing your private media, you can hide it in the gallery. These include photos, videos, and GIFs. When this feature is enabled, images will no longer be available in the gallery. Keep in mind that these files can still be accessed through the file manager, so make sure to also hide them using other third-party applications.


Virtually every WhatsApp user wants to protect their private chat. We share a lot of private data with people through this application. Well, YoWhatsApp is very cautious about security. YoWhatsApp has a fingerprint app lock. If you don’t want to lock the application, there is another amazing feature. You can protect the conversation of all contacts.

Unlocked Limits

You already know that there is a certain amount of media files sent in the original WhatsApp. You can send some MB videos, but when using YoWhatsapp, you share 1GB files. YoWhatsapp provides an unlimited amount of write status, such as 256 characters that you can easily use.

Send Long Video

In YoWhatsapp, you can send up to 700 MB videos to your contact list at one time. In other applications, you send only 1 MB of maximum. So now everyone likes to use this feature.

Default Lock

No need to install any apps to lock and protect your data. YoWhatsapp has a lock option by default, and you can easily secure chat with pins, patterns, and fingerprints.

Freeze Last Seen

If you are not shown in YoWhatsapp that you are online, you can freeze your last browsing with a single click. It will no longer show you online.

 YOWhatsApp (YoWA) Latest APK – Main Features 

  • The app includes all the basic functions of WhatsApp, such as messaging, audio calls, video calls, sending documents, and more.
  • YoWhatsApp offers a lot of new features, such as customization; lock mod, privacy mod, etc.
  • In YoWhatsApp, users can set the image as the background in the WhatsApp home screen.
  • YoWhatsApp has a one-click recording function, which means that users only need to press and hold once to record, and now users do not need to press and hold the record button to record.
  • In this different profile, pictures can be seen inside / outside the group.
  • When the message arrives in the application, the contact picture will pop up outside the message prompt box.
  • There is a new privacy module that allows users to manage who can call them and view their status and messages.
  • It provides security through lock mode-users can use pins, patterns or fingerprints.
  • Users can now hide their blue tick, online status, type notifications, and record audio status.
  • The media file sending limit has also been increased to 700+ MB.

 How to Unblock YoWhatsapp Account 

  • Download the latest version of YoWhatsapp.
  • Disable the auto-update option from Playstore as it has the same package name as the original Whatsapp.
  • Do not use ticks to hide and hide online status options.
  • Open Settings-> Unknown Sources-> Enable Tab
  • Open the YoWhatsapp apk file from the file manager and install it.
  • Register your number and enjoy it.
  • Remember to update the application regularly.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Here we will provide you with answers to some common questions about YoWhatsApp APK 2020. Because when using YOWA mod, we will think of many problems. So please clear your thoughts here and hope this FAQ is helpful to you.

YoWhatsApp is safe to use?

Yes, YoWhatsApp is 100% safe to use. Feel free to use YOWA. It does not contain any malware or viruses, so it can be used safely. You can sign up for an account and use all the features of YoWhatsApp, and it will not ban your account.

YoWhatsApp contains regular updates?

Yes, YoWhatsApp will be updated from time to time. It always improves itself based on updates. Like in the current update, many new features have arrived and bugs and errors have been fixed. You can download the latest version of YoWhatsApp from “gbplus.net” and this site. We provide an easy download APK download button.

Can I send the high quality of images and videos on YoWhatsApp?

Yes, as I said before, with YoWhatsApp APK 2020, we can share up to 700 Mb of videos at a time. Also, we can share original quality videos and images. This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp.

Can I use sticker packs from the Google Play Store to use on YOWA?

You can download sticker packs from the Play Store and use them in YoWhatsApp. Download as many sticker packs as possible. This bug has also been fixed in the current version of YoWhatsApp when we were unable to use the sticker pack.

Can I change fonts in YoWhatsApp APK ?

Yes, YoWhatsApp supports many fonts. Also, you can download different fonts in the YOWA store. It contains amazing fonts, wallpapers, themes and more. You can use any of them for free.

How can I update the YOWhatsApp version?

Follow these steps to update YoWhatsApp:

  • All of you who want to enter YoWhatsApp, please check the new version of the app
  • You can then go to YoWhatsApp and store all your data (including chat history) before updating this app
  • Finally, go to settings in your smartphone and uninstall this application from the application manager.

Can I Use the Same Phone Number I am Using in Official WhatsApp?

No, you cannot use the same phone number as already used on the official WhatsApp. If you want to uninstall the official WhatsApp, you can use the number on YoWhatsApp. Meaning, you cannot use dual WhatsApp with the same mobile number at the same time. If you want to use dual WhatsApp, you need two different numbers to use them.

Do I Need to Uninstall Official WhatsApp for Using Yo WhatsApp?

No, there is no need to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use YoWhatsApp. However, this method only works if you install the YoWa software package com.yowa or com.yowa2 and you want to register it with another mobile number. If you want to use the same phone number already used in WhatsApp in YoWa, it is not possible.

Is It Available for iOS?

No, no operating systems other than Android are available. If you are an iOS user and want to try Yo WhatsApp App, then we recommend that you have an Android phone. Alternatively, you can use Android emulator software (such as Bluestacks) on your PC / laptop. Otherwise, there is no other possibility.

My YoWhatsApp is Banned What To Do Now?

Guys, it’s because of WhatsApp security. They have detected all mods and have started banning users of these mods instead of official apps. However, in the latest update, Yousef has improved anti-ban measures and your YoWa will no longer be blocked. Please enjoy!


Yo-WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications. People use it worldwide through an Internet connection. Therefore, the latest version of this application is available on the market. People like to use the latest version of Yo-WhatsApp to take advantage of new features. Why wait, so install Yo-WhatApp now and share your thoughts and experiences with us. The conclusion about downloading the YoWhatsApp APK 2020 version is simple. It is safe, secure and customizable. Unlike many WhatsApp modules, it is safer and better than all modules. It contains many features that can help us improve our WhatsApp experience. Besides, it contains the latest updates and is updated regularly.