WhatsApp Plus Pro APK Download

WhatsApp Plus Pro APK
App NameWhatsapp Plus APK
PublisherWhatsapp Plus
Size52.3 MB
Latest Version13.75
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Compatible With5.0
UpdateSeptember 25, 2022 (2 years ago)

WhatsApp plus is just another messaging app, but there’s one key difference. The original WhatsApp was modified by this new company and introduced with an improved user interface to make the application more efficient.

WhatsApp Plus Pro APK Download

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What are the great features of WhatsApp plus


The original app, with its emoticons, makes the conversation more emotional and real. But this new addition has added more to the collection of emotions you can use in your chats; including Google Hangouts for better communication! However there is one catch only people who have WhatsApp plus will be able view these special icons if they’re sent through it as well but not those without access or too old an outdated version (such as iOS).

WhatsApp Plus Pro APK

Auto reply

In order to get the most out of a conversation, it is important that you respond quickly and thoroughly. With this new feature for Whatsapp plus, users can set up an Auto-reply message which will send them their response automatically when someone messages them on behalf of another person or group so they don’t have to worry about checking what was said back at first.


A new WhatsApp plus app has come out. It’s called unusual and it lets you create chat backgrounds. I am telling you, these are some of the most interesting wallpapers that I have seen in my days on mobile devices so far with their unlimited options to choose from for any taste or preference – including an option where users can upload their own photo as well if desired. This really is one amazing piece of software…you need Whatsapp plus today, guys.

No history and logs

You may have been wondering what the fuss is all about with Whatsapp Plus APK. Well, just like its predecessor but better in many ways! It comes equipped with a History and Logs feature that lets you review every activity on your account- no matter how insignificant or large it was for example using this app can help you keep track of everything from when someone initiates contact until their last message sent before ending communications entirely which could come in handy if there were any misunderstandings between yourselves since everything will be documented right down to timestamps so at least one side knows exactly where things went wrong.

Fonts and styles

When you need to change the colour of your font, Whatsapp plus lets you get a variety in different colors. You can also choose from various sizes and styles so it is easy for anyone who wants fonts with unique traits.

You’ll never run out of style options when using these custom-colored fonts because they come at every size needed – small or large characters will look consistent no matter how many words are on one screen at once.

High quality sharing

Do you want to share the things your friends should see and hear, but Official WhatsApp does not support? This app allows for higher quality images than Whatsapp can handle. With a video clip over 30 seconds long (up from 10) or an audio file of more than 100 mb in size-you’ll be able to make that happen without any compatibility issues.

No blue tick

In WhatsApp Plus, people will only get a single tick when they send messages and double blue ticks mean that the sent message was delivered. When you switch this feature on for your chats no one else in chat sees these extra marks next to their name. It’s just there so we know who saw what.

Hide online status

This is a very useful feature of Whatsapp Plus, this surprising little-known trick will help you hide your online status from other people. You turn it on and then no one can see that there’s nothing happening when they check up with what you’re doing.

Hide audio recording

Perhaps you’re trying to keep your work from leaking, or avoid getting into trouble at home. You can also hide the fact that you are recording audio by sending it directly to yourself and avoiding other users altogether.

Sticker pack

Sticker packs are so last year. You need to get on the emoji bandwagon or risk being left behind! Download cool, stylish and trending sticker sets from whatsapp plus for use in your WhatsApp plus chats as well as status updates – there’s never been a better time than now to be expressive with icons that represent what you’re feeling right this second.

 Send large files

The original WhatsApp only allows files up to 14 MB, which means that data distributors are stuck in an intriguing tension. However with this App you can share and transfer large file sizes from 2MB all the way until 50MB! The advanced option of being able modify these larger attachments is also missing from WhatsApp’s previous version, a feature we think everyone will appreciate more than ever before now.”

Theme customization

You can customize your own WhatsApp Plus theme in a number of ways. The new feature, which is not available on all versions of the app but only in some editions or flavors such as “WhatsApp Plus’ ‘, allows you to change its look and feel with themes that are designed for this particular customized experience! There’s no need for boring default cosmetic changes when there are so many beautiful options out there waiting just ready-to be enjoyed by us all they’re sure gonna make any messaging session more interesting than ever before.


WhatsApp Plus is a very popular modded version of WhatsApp, this is famous and loved by millions. If you want to get the latest update on whatsapp plus then here we provide it for free download on your mobile phone. The new features on WhatsApp Plus are a perfect fit for those who need all the convenience of their basic account with extra benefits. With this app, you can send media and stickers as well as access your chat history from other devices. I hope this article will help you. Please share it with your friends and family.

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