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Zooper Widget Pro
App NameZooper Widget Pro
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UpdateSeptember 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Zooper Widget Pro:-Hi guys, today I’m here to introduce some interesting application which makes you unique from all other your friends. I’m not going to take much more time of yours in telling about zooper widget application.

Zooper widget pro apk application:

Zooper widget is an application which is used to redesign all our stuff like calendar, time, clock, music, etc in brand new looks . guys this is necessary to be different and take some changes in our android devices which make use some what different from others.

Nowadays all the androids have same specifications, abilities, and everything is common among all except their design so we all want something different from inside also then let’s  go with zooper widget application.

Zooper Widget Pro

Zooper widget pro application uses:

Zooper widget is used to redesign our smart phone internally and have some cool looking awesome widgets on your home screen, not only widgets it also has some cool wallpapers also. It has almost thousands of themes, designs, with thousand of color effects.Zooper widget will allow users to check before we go through our selected one.

How to download and install zooper widget pro apk:

If you want to download and install zooper widget application on your smart phone then follow the details which are given very picture clearly in the below. So please follow the below as I said.

Downloading and installing from a store:

  • Go to google play store and search for “zooper widget “ and select the correct one.
  • Almost the first one will be the correct one
  • Now pay the amount for installation of zooper widget( if you need pro version) 
  • The payment can be done through any bank id, wallets like Paytm, oxygen, etc.
  • Then let the application download and install
  • Go to the main menu and open the application and fill up your details just for the basic purpose.
  • Now you can see all the stuff available.

Downloading through apk file :

  • First of all, go to setting and mark the unknown source and then click on the below link.
  • Download the apk shown and open the downloaded file and scroll down and click install.
  • Please wait for few seconds until its get installed.
  • After installation goes to the main menu and opens the application.
  • Enjoy with a lot of widgets.

How to Use zooper widget:

The complete procedure to use zooper widget is explained below and zooper widget is very easy to use we can understand it very easily and use it.

There are two types of applications in a zooper widget, the first one is for free of cost.The second one is paid application which has lots of widgets in it and it is also adding free. The free application has very few widgets and also with adds. Zooper application is very easy and free to use and the app was very clear to understand.Its specialty is that any new person can also use it easily

In this zooper they are some built in widgets are available so we can select our liked one from all those thousand ones.I’ll tell you some cool and awesome widgets which I like to use frequently.If you like and widget then just tap in for few seconds and release on the home screen now give the required sizes and then you can keep it as your clock or time or calendar etc.

Famous widgets in the zooper application:

  1. Fox for zooper : This fox for zooper has the highest number of downloads in a zooper application. this is that much famous and all it sounds how nice it is. It has almost 10 million downloaders. if is developed by be defined developers . and it has the best rating among all of the others. that is 4.5 out of 5
  2. Europa zooper : This is one of the best but this zooper can only use by users while only we have zooper pro version, because it is not available in the free trial version. so we need to update to the zooper widget pro to have this awesome Europa zooper. this also has millions of downloaders and it has scored 4.5 out of 5 in its personal review. The Europa consists of 130 + widgets and different types of clocks, weather, google search bars, and much more in it. 
  1. mnul Ul for zooper : The is one of the best zooper widgets which was the craziest among all of the others. this has the best downloaders and it developer is nonother than the fox for zooper developers that is be defined developers. It has only 50 widgets and templates but all the 50 are the best ones for sure. guys I always go with this mnul Ul application. it was awesome and I like it a lot. better you guys first try this. I’m sure you definitely like this widget.
  2. Ocea zooper : Ocea zooper just look once at its downloads and ratings just awesome like the above widgets and it has its own unique styles. the main thing about ocea zooper is it has tons facility also in it. al usually it also has skins and templates. This ocea zooper ha the highest downloads among all the above .  it has almost 100M downloads. the most by a zooper widget app. it also has 4.5 ratings among 5. 

 How to create zooper widget? 

To know how to create zooper widget on your home screen and lock screen then does follow the below process as same. 

  • Install the zooper widget application from above procedure.
  • Then do the long tap on your home screen and click on “ add widget “ option. 
  • After selecting widget tap on it and do re design it.
  • Once you designed it then it will launch on your home screen.

How to use zooper widget pro apk on the lock screen :

  • To know how to use the zooper widget application on lock screen then please follow the below procedure. 
  • First of all, open the nonindigents and then tap on the “ + “ button available there.
  • There you can select your customized widget.
  • Then keep it as your power right on your lock screen.

How to change widget on tap action? 

If you are the free trial user of zooper widget application then you are not allowed to use this facility in your gadgets because this is only available for zooper widget pro version users only.You can download the pro version of a zooper widget from the below link available or from play store also.

First of all, some users don’t know what is on tap action which is available on zooper widget pro. So, first, i will explain what is on tap action in zooper pro widget.When we are on the home screen of our mobile where we can see awesome widgets, but when we tap the widget then we directly go to the zooper application which looks very ugly in front of our buddies and we lose our impression among them. So, if your a zooper pro widget user then follows the below procedure to change it. 

  • First, tap the active widget on your mobile phone.
  • Scroll it down to see the options “widget one tap action”
  • Do click on that then you can do as your wish by using tap action. 

How to install zooper widgets pro apk skins :

To have different skins for your widgets you need to do the following procedure as below.  the main note is it will be available for the only paid version that is only for zooper pro widget users only.

  • First of all, install the paid version of zooper widget application. 
  • Now download the zooper widget template file.
  • Move the zooper widget file to zooper widget template folder.
  • Now add the zooper widget to home screen. 
  • Tap the widget and when the zooper widget app comes 
  • Click on sd card and select the downloaded zooperwidget file. 

How to re design  my layout in zooper widget pro apk application : 

This question is the most asked question about zooper widget so here is your solution about changing or redesigning your widget in zooper pro widget application.

  • First tap on the widget which you wanna change. 
  • Then we automatically go to zooper widget app. 
  • Then click on configure widget option which is present there.
  • Then select the layout which you wanna select.
  • Then click “ edit text “ here you can give your own text you want.

So this is how we can change our widgets models and do customize then as our wish. 

Note:  Zooper is a paid application but you can have it free from below link. but it is just a trial version we cannot get all the models available in pro version. My suggestion is to go with the pro version because that one is very cool and awesome.

my final words : 

zooper pro widget which is available in both trail version and pro version is very important to be a unique person and attain impact among others.  this application has almost 100,000,000 downloaders and thousands of developers and the pro version is simply awesome and add free also. 

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