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There must have been some incident in your life when you are desperately looking for ways to download videos from various video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more. However, when you are looking for a solution, related to the problem. Now in such scenarios, applications like Vidmate are beneficial to watch videos online, or even you can download the video to watch them later while on the go. We all know that smartphones play a vital role in individual life and there is nothing that is paid in the world of smartphones.

We use applications like TubeMate, Videoder, SnapTube or Vidmate to watch and download movies and videos from different platforms. You can watch your favourite video or movie with different qualities.

Furthermore, today we’ve shared every possible information about Vidmate App which includes how to install Vidmate on Android, PC, and iOS devices, how to download videos from Vidmate, frequently asked questions and many more stuff.

Vidmate is hands down the best app to watch as well as download movies, videos and music from online services like Dailymotion.

The Vidmate app allows you to watch and download videos of different quality, and you can even download the video in full HD quality. You can lower the quality of the video as well. Now, in case if you want to download music, then first you’ve to search for any available video from twenty different platforms. Apart from this, the app also saves the audio and video tracks directly on your device.

VidMate APK

Moreover, you can add some other video-sharing portals which were by default not added to the pre-existing interface. You can store any media file you want to with the help of twenty different options available. Vidmate also gives you the freedom of watching more than 200 Live channels without spending any hefty amount of money.

Not only media files but Vidmate also permits you to download apps and games on your Android device within the app. Now those who want to update the app can use the tools like Google Play or any other popular app site so that you can explore new options for Vidmate.

Features Offered by Vidmate App

As we know that their thousands of similar tools which claim to do the same task as Vidmate, but the fact is there is no tool which is near to Vidmate and not up to the mark as well. Vidmate uses the most advanced technology in the market and therefore allows you to download videos from different platforms. Now we’ll share some of the best features of the Vidmate App which helps you to know in-depth things about Vidmate.

Fastest Download Speeds

Vidmate App

The Vidmate App provides up to 200% faster speeds than similar other apps. As the app uses the most advanced technology and that’s why it helps you to get the maximum capability of your internet speed. Moreover, Vidmate helps you to connect to the host multiple times from your single device which undoubtedly enhances your internet speed up to 5 times. Now, most of you think that many other video downloading apps are already using this technology. We agreed; however, Vidmate is using similar technology but the improved one.

User-friendly Interface

Vidmate provides you with many features which are difficult to manage, but the app offers its users the most systematic interface which makes things quite easier. Furthermore, those who’re using this popular video downloading the app for the first time can also manage each section of the Vidmate app effortlessly.


Full Movies Download

Whenever you search for a movie to download the Vidmate searches the whole internet and collects the information about the desired movie which you want to download on your device. It allows you to download full movies right onto your device while on the go.

High-Quality Music Download

Not only the videos, movies or TV shows but Vidmate also helps you to download thousands of high-quality songs on your device. You can download songs in any supported language including English, Hindi, Telugu, Bahasa, and much more.

support 100+ sites

Live TV Channels

Many application claims to provide live TV channels; but, it’s sad that those applications are fake or require money to watch. However, Vidmate is different from other applications; it allows you to watch more than 200 live TVs, covering Movies, Music, Fusion, News, Entertainment, Sports as well as many other different channels. This Live TV Channels feature of Vidmate may not be found on any other apps for free of cost. The TV channels load faster, and you can enjoy free live TV channels even on the slow internet.

Live TV Channels

VidMate App for Android Devices

Every application on the web requires some minimum hardware and software requirements before you can install it on the device. So, here we’ve shared the minimum system requirement of the VidMate App. The VidMate Application supports both, rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

How to Install VidMate App on Android?

  • Open Android Device Settings: In the very first step, you’ve to open up your device settings and under the Privacy and Security Settings menu select “Unknown Sources.”

Note: The unknown sources options may vary from device to device; however, you can find this option under Device Settings.

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” Option:-Device Settings Options >> Security and Privacy >> Install Unknown Apps >> Enable the Browser from where you want to download the app. Enabling Unknown Sources permits users to download any third-party application on the Android smartphone. You can download those applications which are officially not available on the Google Play Store. As VidMate is not available on the Play Store and to download it, you need to enable the unknown sources. It’s mandatory!
  • Download VidMate APK File:-Once you’ve enabled the Unknown Sources, simply download the VidMate.APK file from the link below.
  • Open File Explorer:-Once the download process is completed, open your device file manager and locate the downloaded APK file in the Downloads folder. Open the VidMate .APK file and tap on the install button to install the application. Wait until the installation process is done.
  • Open VidMate App:-After successfully installing the App, open the VidMate app from the apps drawer to start using it.
  • Download & Watch Movies, TV Shows, Videos:-Open the VidMate App and start watching movies, TV shows and videos from almost all the popular video-sharing platforms. You can download the videos in different video quality and watch them later while on the go.

Download VidMate for iOS Device

Millions of iPhone users in this world are desperately looking for ways to install VidMate on their iPhone devices. Unfortunately, VidMate for iPhone is not officially available; however, we have got a solution for iPhone through which you can install the VidMate app.

Moreover, if your iOS device is jailbroken, then you can easily download and install the Vidmate app on your iOS device.

Note: We are not responsible for any data loss while installing Vidmate App on your iPhone.

Steps to Install Vidmate iOS on iPhone

  • Change your iOS Device Date:- at the first step, you’ve to change the iOS device date to 1st January 2014 or before. You can also change the date from the Device settings.
  • Step 2: Install VidMate for iOS from Safari Browser:-Open the Safari Browser on your iOS device and search for the VidMate for iOS or you can open the below link in the Safari Browser and tap on the “Install” button.
  • Step 3: Open VidMate App on iPhone:-Once, you’ve successfully installed the VidMate on your iPhone open your app drawer and open the Vidmate on your iPhone.

How to Download Videos Using Vidmate?

Earlier we have discussed downloading videos from Vidmate. So, if you want to download videos from Vidmate App then follow these mentioned steps carefully.

  • Open the Vidmate App on your device and on the top of the screen you can see a search bar. Moreover, below the search bar, you can see the videos which are currently on the trending list.
  • Enter the name of the video or movie which you want to download on your device and hit the enter button.
  • You can see all the possible results, and you can click on the video which you want to download.
  • Select the quality of the video in which you’ve to download the video.
  • Once you have selected the quality of the video, click on the download button present next to it. The video will start downloading on your device.

Install Vidmate on PC & Watch Movies on Wider Screen

If you’re looking for ways to install Vidmate on PC, then you must know that Vidmate is not officially available for PC. However, we still have a solution for that! If you’re fond of watching movies on PC, then below are the steps to install the application on your Windows PC.

Download an Android Emulator

Open the browser on your PC and search for the Android Emulator. We would recommend you to use BlueStacks App. It is one of the most popular as well as user-friendly Android emulators which helps you to run apk files on your PC.

Install BlueStacks App Player

Once you’ve downloaded the BlueStacks App Player, install it on your PC. You’ve to accept the Bluestacks terms and conditions and wait until the app is successfully installed.

Launch BlueStacks App Player

Once the installation process is completed, you’ve to open the BlueStacks App Player, and the framework and Google Play Store will update after a few moments.

Log in to your Google Account and verify with a code. Once done the BlueStacks permits you to install apps from Google Play Store on the BlueStacks App Player.

Download & Install Vidmate APK File

Your BlueStacks is ready to use, and you can now install the Vidmate APK file by simply downloading the apk file of the app on BlueStacks.

Open Vidmate YouTube Downloader

Install Vidmate YouTube Downloader on your PC, and go to the apps menu and select that app to open it. You can search for your favourite video/audio file and start enjoying it on your PC.

You can also select the video quality while you download any video and music. Select that quality which your internet, as well as your device, supports.

Download Vidmate APK on Blackberry

Vidmate is extensively built up for Android and iOS users; however, you can still download the app on Blackberry devices. Now if you’ve version or higher available on your device. You can download the Vidmate app on your blackberry device to enjoy free music and videos.

Here we’ve shared the methods to install Vidmate APK for Blackberry devices.

  • Go to web search and search for Vidmate APK for Blackberry and visit a top site from google search results then you can find the download button then hit the download button and the Vidmate application start downloading.
  • Navigate towards the Blackberry device setting and click on Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.
  • Once you’ve enabled the unknown sources of your blackberry device, it is ready for the installation of Vidmate APK.
  • Now, open the Vidmate app, and wait until the application is made with the installation process.
  • Your Vidmate Apk for Blackberry devices is successfully installed and it’s time to watch movies, tv shows, videos as well as music while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Vidmate App free to use?

Yes, Vidmate App is free for Android devices. Even you can run Vidmate on your PC without spending any money.

Is Vidmate available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad or Mac)?

Yes, you can download and install Vidmate App for Apple devices without spending money

Is Vidmate App free to use?

Yes, the Vidmate app is safe to use on any device. Since there are no viruses in Vidmate, therefore, the chances of losing data are reduced, and no malicious activity can take place on your device. You can download videos, movies and other media files for free of cost from the Vidmate app.

Where Does the Downloaded Video Get Saved?

All the videos which are downloaded using the Vidmate App will go to the specific location right in the Vidmate folder. You can access all the videos from that specific folder. Also, you can change the location of the videos to other custom folders of your choice.

How to Delete a Downloaded Video from Vidmate?

Deleting a video is similar to deleting any stuff on the smartphone. You can delete a video from the video gallery from the app itself, or you can delete the video from the download history from the app.

Can I Use VidMate on a Slow Internet Connection?

Yes! You can run the Vidmate app on a slow internet connection. It doesn’t require a blazing fast internet connection to run or download the video.

More Apps Like Vidmate

Here is the list of alternatives to the Vidmate APP. You can choose them as you prefer


Tubemate also sounds like Vidmate, and it does have identical features as well. It is more versatile than Vidmate in many aspects and works quite similar to the Vidmate app works.

Tubemate is principally designed to download videos from Tubemate APK only. However, after the recent update, it adds some other sites like Facebook, Instagram and many more. Now you can download the videos from different websites too.


Videoder is precisely the same as Tubemate and does precisely the same and somehow does some more task than Tubemate.


One of the most popular video streaming apps nowadays is SnapTube. It’s exactly doing things similar to both Videoder and Tubemate. SnapTube APK has features that are missing in the Vidmate. However, it doesn’t have any new or unique function. So, it’s a matter of your preference, either go for Vidmate or SnapTube.

Some people prefer SnapTube while others prefer Videoder APK. Perhaps, it’s very much difficult for us to tell you that which one is much better.

Final Thoughts,

Indeed the best video downloading application nowadays available on the web is the Vidmate APP. It is one of the best-known applications which permits its users to watch and download videos for free of cost. Moreover, you can watch more than 200 Live Channels right on your device.

Now if you own an Android or iOS device then surely download the Vidmate app on your device. It is an excellent source of entertainment which can help you to relax your mind.

We hope that we’ve cleared all your doubts and queries about the Vidmate application and if you think that you still have any queries or suggestions then do comment below. Help us to improve and share this fantastic video by downloading the app with your friends and family members.

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