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UC Browser
App NameUC Browser-Secure, Free & Fast Video Downloader
PublisherUCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Size 46M
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UpdateJuly 28, 2022 (2 years ago)

The UC Web Browser is an alternative web browser you can find on Android. It gives you a simple interface but has many of the privileges necessary to enjoy pleasant browsing.

You’ll find that the most important benefit of the browser is that the micro-controller “ move” moves on the screen using the different features of the application and can be quickly changed from one tab to another or allows you to pass Voice commands search for anything.

The UC browser gives you night mode, so you can browse the Internet without lights, without the hassle of doing so, which usually happens when you search for something at night.

UC Browser is one of the browsers created specifically for use on desktop computers. It does not require much processing power and provides a smoother internet experience for people with slow internet connections. This free Windows browser is perfect for low-power desktop computers and people with slow Internet connections.

UC Browser APK

Web browser with sufficient built-in tools

The UC Browser is not new. It has been kicking mobile devices for a while. As a result, UC browsers for PCs have more tools and features than most other new browsers for PCs.

The most notable feature is an ad blocker that is modern enough to protect the latest ad types that other browsers can peek at. It has a tabbed interface like many modern web browsers. The download manager can check the contents of the download and the progress of the download.

Since the browser was originally developed for mobile devices, there is also a miniature mode that can be used for user convenience or to recreate the experience when viewed on a mobile device. If you are familiar with using Google Chrome, the symbols displayed at the top of the browser appear to be very well known, such as the home symbol and the three gray lines showing the options menu.

A streamlined program for limited web surfing

Browsers load web pages for quick browsing when the internet connection is slow. The notification function needs to be adjusted, but understanding and accessing the tool is very easy and convenient. In particular, there are download tools that start automatically when prompted to download.

It has an interface very similar to Google Chrome, but the design is Chinese, but all the text is English. The tool starts running much faster than Firefox because it doesn’t require much memory or processing power.

One of the best user-friendly features is that you can open different tabs without slowing down or crashing your computer. For example, in Internet Explorer, opening a large number of videos in various tabs can cause the browser to slow down or crash on a slow computer. On the other hand, in UC, clicking a tab loads it.

Ideal for people with slow computers and internet speed

UC Browser for PC is an extended version of the very popular UC Browser for mobile devices. As a result, everything you need is displayed on the screen, eliminating the need to skip options and other options, making it easier and faster to use.

In addition, because many mobile devices have slower internet speeds than most desktop computers, they are also optimized for slow internet speeds that carry over from the mobile version.

Even if you have a fast computer, the UC web browser is still a great choice. This is because you can browse the Internet quickly with many background processes.

If your current desktop browser is too slow to load or render, you need a UC web browser. If your computer is slow and your Internet connection is slow, UC is definitely the browser if you are tired of looking at a blank browser while waiting for the page to render.

UC Browser was mentioned casually in addition to Firefox as a browser for web push notifications in a recent Tech Crunch article “Send push notifications to mobile web users in cooperation with Facebook and Google”. A few years ago, I remember seeing when I tried Dolphin or Maven before the browser fixed on my smartphone, but it was almost unmarked. I examined it a little because it was a good opportunity, but I would like to write it down.

Uc browser Overview

UC Browser is a browser provided by Chinese company UC Web, which is popular in China and India where Chrome and Safari are not fully reachable. Google Play alone is in the range of 1 to 500 million DL, and as far as the total, it seems that it has exceeded 1 billion as of 2012.

According to Wikipedia, UC Web was acquired by Alibaba in 2014 and seems to be expected to play a role in pursuing the tip of the mobile web within the group, such as establishing a mobile search company as a joint venture. Is it an image like Baidu?

As for the service, as it is in the Asian region, there are Facebook mode, video download, AD block, etc. It seems that it has a slightly different taste from US companies and sticks to the user’s perspective. It makes me feel embarrassed to make a noise about “AD Block!” on iOS9.

When it comes to the competitive environment around the Chinese mobile web, Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba are often talked about. Is it like Google, WhatsApp (Facebook), and amazon in the US? When this is applied to UC Browser, it is an image that Amazon is doing as a browser, but since Amazon is doing search areas and expanding to smartphones and tablets, considering what areas you do not have at the moment or that you want to hold down from now on The country may be different but the strategy will be the same.

As you know, in Asia, Android has a high market share, so at the moment it is easy to deploy web push. Service workers and web push started with Chrome, but it may mean that an unexpected player will make use of it in an unexpected place.

UC Browser is a comprehensive browser originally created for Android. The Windows version is based on Chromium and contains the elements of the symbol. It is fast and compatible with most web standards and has additional integration features that make it an excellent alternative to other browsers.

While its original form is a fresh breeze to the classic Windows system, the UC Browser interface, with its shared Chromium heritage, will prove very intuitive and familiar to Google Chrome users. It has its own theme store, so high-level customization is also possible. Even Firefox and Chrome can easily exceed 200 megabytes of memory when they’re open, so it doesn’t use more than 200 megabytes.

Among the features is ad blocking, a start page full of links, a custom mouse display manager, its own cloud bookmark and login sync system, a download manager, a secret search mode, and a Chrome store ( Chrome Store) has everything possible.

  • Online video playback without delay. Movie and TV Pro playback with Speed ​​Mode
  • Fast and reliable download by our powerful server
  • Extended AD Block feature that blocks most ads on major websites

Chromium-based web browser

Just like Vivaldi browsers, Google Chrome or Opera, UC Browser is based on the free project Chromium and adds many features. Coming from the Android environment, this browser is available on Windows, iOS and Windows Phone in order to simply synchronize its bookmarks.

For easier web browsing, this browser offers mouse gesture recognition as well as displaying videos in a separate window. UC Browser also has a tool to make screenshots and an extension dedicated to the fast download of videos being watched.

On the personalization side, the browser is compatible with the Google Chrome extensions catalog and offers many themes to customize the browser according to your desires. A night mode also allows you to change the brightness of the window to counter the effects of visual fatigue.

Nowadays, mobile devices also have browsers allowing users to surf the Web. UC Browser is one, it ships the Android operating system.

The first remark concerns the performance of the application. Indeed, UC Browser is able to open several web pages. A very practical system that gives the user the opportunity to surf and open a new page at the same time.

This application is similar to the one used on Windows. It includes a powerful engine that can focus all searches to the giants of the field including Google, Bing, Ask or Yahoo!

Download Manager:

UC Browser is a complete browser. It includes a download manager giving the user the ability to download files or data from the Web to his hard drive.

Favorites: What makes this app so convenient is that you can add favorite sites to a favorite tab. Note that you can add as many favorites as you want. A technique that optimizes access to sites during the next navigation.

Between browsers for smartphones, we find the most famous: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, which have adapted to their desktop versions for smartphones and tablets. However, we find other alternatives that show a good result in these devices, such as UC Browser, with an estimated over 500 million users.

Of Chinese origin and also known as UC Web, he gained his place alongside several users, making it possible to jump from the format of iOS or the APK format for Android to PC.

More Key Features of UC Browser

  • The desktop version of this browser has the following features and features:
  • Optimized web browsing at all resolutions. Advanced compression technology to reduce data consumption to 85%. Support for different web researchers.
  • Customizing the interface. Download Manager.
  • Preload technology. High-speed downloads.
  • Navigate without invasive advertising thanks to the ad blocker. Intelligent File Administrator.
  • Synchronization of open tabs and markers between devices. Possibility of blocking Pop-up. Customizable markers, topics, and complements that fit all users.
  • Several modes of viewing the content.
  • File manager.
  • Night navigation mode.
  • One advantage to browsers like Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge is that it has lower data consumption through the use of different technologies.
  • On the one hand, UC Web tries to provide the user with the data from the nearest servers, so that the site load process is much faster. On the other hand, since 2006, the browser has developed a technology that can compress and make as much traffic as possible in its own servers, so that the browser can display the content faster by working less for the benefit of the user.

Despite being a browser unknown in the West, it is a software that offers high performance, stability and reduced resource consumption.

Uc browser for smartphones

Navigate easily and easily on your smartphone with UC Browser – Browser for Android. Able to open several web pages simultaneously, it greatly improves the user’s comfort when browsing from his mobile. Composed of a powerful search engine, UC Browser focuses your research with the help of the biggest: Google, Bing, Ask or Yahoo! Combining performance and innovation, this application has many options such as managing favorites, exporting and sharing downloaded files, optimizing fonts and much more. Completely free UC Browser is also available as an application for your smartphones whether on iOS or Windows Phone.

UC Browser A famous and quick program that supports valuable highlights. Key advantages of UC Browser incorporate total URLs, complete arrangement of the site, the executives tabs, site pages and snappy dispatch symbols. UC Browser is an extensive setup for surfing the web, downloads and cautions. The product enables you to utilize various modes for perusing, including quick, day and night modes. UC Browser is a module to spare and track traffic utilization. The product likewise enables you to join additional items to extend abilities in the UC Browser.

UC Browser is a great web browser developed by UC Web Inc. Developers have used Trident and Web kit engines to ensure fast web page loading. To get started, simply download and install UC Browser on your computer.

A distinctive feature of the browser is that it saves up to 90% of traffic. This makes it fast and cost-effective. According to statistics, the program is used in 150 countries (USA, Russia, etc.).

CSS browser properties

Support for web page compression technologies; There is a built-in download manager that allows you to download any files;

Ability to customize the look of the program. Adjust font size and themes; Built-in ad blocker; Support for QR code scanner; Multi-window support;

Built-in Flash support; Privacy mode. The user can browse websites and history and passwords are not saved; Synchronize navigator data between your mobile device and PC. Advantages and disadvantages

The big advantage of the program is that its installation is easy. Just press a few buttons. This means that even an inexperienced user can manage the installation. In addition, the application can be downloaded for free.

Many users are happy to be able to use plugins. Customize your app, perhaps with a few mouse clicks. Another advantage of the US browser can be considered as night lighting. In the dark, bright light harms the eyes. The developers have worked hard to keep the backlight brightness. This is especially true for mobile devices.

There are about a hundred of the most popular sources on the Internet for browsing. Thanks to this user there is no need to search websites through search engines. In this case, the CSS browser has a powerful built-in search engine.

The app allows you to make your laptop a WiFi hotspot. This feature will allow mobile devices to connect to the Internet via a hotspot created by the browser.

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