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Test DPC
App NameTest DPC
PublisherSample developer
Latest Version7.0.2
CategoryLibraries & Demo
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Compatible With5.0 and up
UpdateAugust 31, 2021 (2 years ago)

Test DPC apk– Hello today we are going to talk about this useful app known as test DPC in this guide we are going to talk about what is test dpc and how you can use it for free. You will get the full knowledge about test DPC apk latest version after reading our guide.

Use the details given to download the test DPC app latest version for Android and iOS. Read how you can use and download test DPC APK  edition for PC as well

Test DPC APK’s latest version is among the popular applications to manage the devices you use the edition of Test DPC APK is available for free and is one of the excellent demo and library apps that a user can use without much hassle.

Test DPC

Test DPC Apk – What Is It?

We will take you through the interesting journey where you will get complete knowledge about test DPC apk. You will able to follow the easy instruction to download the latest version of APK. You will read step to step detail about downloading the test dpc apk in your devices including, iPhone, and Macbook.

Test DPC ApK

Before we start talking about the features and function of Test DPC ApK on any device, read few facts about Test DPC. Due to its use of friendly function and usability, the demand of the APk has increased. DPC can easily be downloaded not only on Android but on other operating systems.

Read below to find out what exactly Test DPC Apk is and what all you can do with it in your devices.  Look for interesting features which make your experience with the APK more happening and useful

Test dpc apk is the policy management Application which can be used with Android, iOS and Windows PC. Test DPC stands for test device policy control. This app controls OEMs, ISVs and EMMs to test the platforms and application in android and any other operating system.

Basically, test DPC manages the work profile of the apps related to OEMs, ISVs, and EMMs. It makes the work of application developer easy by testing the software on which app is creating and sees how the app is performing on the Android or any other operating system.

The app developer or any user can make a formal profile in the test DPC. They need to add apps which are required to be tested and run the test. The DPC app will automatically generate the report with the errors which are creating the problem in the app.

After knowing the problem area and use and an app developer can fix it easily. This process will help them in improving the app before releasing the updated version on any operating system

Test DPC in Android is only functional with Android 5.0 lollipop, in the versions higher than that. If you have KitKat or any android version less than this, access to DPC will not be allowed. It also comprises the provision for devices working with API 26 level.

Test DPC on Google Play

Test DPC is easily available on Google play store for any android device. If you want to see the ratings and the reviews of the test DPC apk then you can read the more information in the description given on the app.  The recent ratings of the test DPC are 4 out 5 which is due to the good user feedback.

The Test DPC was developed by Sampler in 2015-16. Since then they have frequently updated the app for better performance. There is hardly any issue which a user would have faced while using the test DPC. The only that needs an upgrade is the working of the app in the lower version of Android, version less than 5.0- Lollipop.

The app comes with the disclaimer which explains that the app is made for the purpose of development and does not indicate any production usage. The user will not be able to create any app on Test DPC, so don’t confuse this app with any other.

Test DPC

Test DPC as the names suggest only tests your app and does not help in any kind of app production. To get the most reliable environment user should create the work profile, enable the app which needs to be tested, restrict the app to secure and build some security policies and likewise.

The user is advised not to imply any real data whole testing the app in test DPC as it’s not going to give you any desired result.

Test DPC APK- Features

We have listed below test DPC apk features. The DPC apk is built for programmers so that they can easily test the functionality of app for Android.

Before we indulge in the different methods of downloading the test DPC for free on iOS, Android and PC let’s look at some features of test dpc apk. There are many useful features for test dpc apk.

  • Test DPC apk is free. Such effective app at no price is one of the major reason to increase the popularity of the test DPC app. It is one of the very few apps which is useful and is free of cost.
  • Its fast processing system is efficient to use. The constant updates and changes have improved the functionality of the Test DPC apk.
  • As this app is being designed for app developer and programmers it is that the app understands the codes of any functional app. This app truly meets the expectations of the user. It can easily understand simple to complex code with much ease and understanding.
  • There are multiple functions for device management. These functions make work of using simple and innovation of the Test DPC apk. As the user gets more acquainted with the app they can easily change or alter the function according to their need.
  • When test DPC apk test the app you have added into it, the app also helps in fixing the bug or error in that particular app. This is most interesting and helpful feature of test DPC.
  • Latest updates and changes in an app have made it more user-friendly and simple for the user to work with their app on it.
  • Users should not use any real data, crucial data on the test DPC apk as it can get lost in the process.
  • Always create the back of any data that you are using on the test DPC

Test DPC Apk for Android Devices

Test dpc apk for android – we have full details for you to use and download test DPC Apk for Android test.

Android test DPC Apk version is only compatible with the higher version of Android. Android 5.0 Version that is lollipop and higher are will be able to give you smooth functioning of test DPC Apk.

Test DPC has been created for the professional use so be careful while you work on it.  Before starting your work read in detail how it works. Don’t end up losing your important data on the Test DPC as it is hard to retrieve it.

How to download Test DPC Apk for Android Devices

Test dpc apk version for Android can only be downloaded on the Lollipop version of the. So be sure that you have the higher version of the Android device. Follow the below steps carefully to get the desired result.

Steps to download Test DPC Apk for Android Devices

  1. Download the link of test DPC on android from the official website or google play store.
  2. After completing the download do not open it. Go to your device settings and visit the securities section.
  3. Enable the option of installation from any unknown sources. Allowing this setting allows to install any app from the third party app.
  4. Make sure you have the authentic source to download the test DPC look for the official link or Google play store search. This will keep your device from any virus attack.
  5. Now you can install test DPC APK in your
  6. Once it is done, now you can open it read the instruction and start using it to improve your apps.

Test DPC Apk for iOS Devices

You can download test DPC apk for iOS in various i phone version including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,iPhone 5c,iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 ,iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X or i Phone 10. Moreover, beside this phone, you can even download test DPC Apk for iPad and I Pad, Macbook, MacBook Air, and MacBook pro.

How to download Test DPC Apk for iOS Devices

Test DPC app version for iOS can only be downloaded easily Follow the below steps carefully to get the desired result.

Steps to download Test DPC Apk for iOS

  • Download and install iOSEmus on any of the iOS devices that you are using
  • Launch and open the iOSEmus your iOS device.
  • In the search box of iOSmus type Test DPC and wait for results.
  • Clik on the Test DPC from the search result and download it
  • Once the download is complete go to the location of the file in the device and install the app after reading the instruction to download it.
  • After the installation is done open Settings, open General, tap on Device Management, and click on Trust the Test DPC Apk.

Please Note: as of yet developers have not released the working version of Test DPC Apk for the iOs device. But as soon as the version will be made available we will update you with all the important information about Test DPC Apk for iOS.

Stay connected to us and keep reading.

How to download Test DPC Apk? –  for Windows PC – Video Tutorial 

Download test DPC Apk for PC and enjoy this useful on the PC.  You will have to download the Emulator of your choice to uses the Test DPC Apk on the PC. We have made the below process after downloading and using the Blue Stack.

Step to download Test DPC Apk for Windows or PC

  1. Look for the authentic link to download the Emulator- Blue stack to start using the test DPC in PC.
  2. Once you have downloaded the BlueStacks, install it in the system.
  3. Configure the BlueStack with the help of your Gmail account so that it can permit you the usage if the Emulator.
  4. Once this process is done, open the BlueStack and search for Test DPC.
  5. Download Test DPC ASk from there.
  6. Go to the file locations and change the security setting in order to use the Apk without any problem.
  7. Now you can enjoy the true experience of the test DPC to make your apps better.

Test DPC Apk- FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What is the cost of Test DPC Apk?

Test DPC Apk is absolutely free of cost, it is available on Google play store on 0 prices.

How can I use Test DPC app?

Anybody who wants to use test DPC should first read about it.  For start using the app, you need to create your work profile on it and you can apply you won security instructions on it. The app allows you to create multiple numbers of the route for any app that you test.

Is test DPC available on Android Nougat?

Yes, it is available on Android Nougat it works in Android Lollipop or version higher than that. Which includes Oreo 8.0, Marshmallow and Nougat versions.

What is the Latest Version of Test DPC?

Available latest Version of Test DPC is v4.0.5 which can be download through Apk file. In Google play store users get the v4.0.5 app, both of this version are exactly same.

How can I report any issue of Test DPC?

You can always contact the admin by following the contact information given on the Google play store. You can also share your problem on the email to the authority of Test DPC


We have provided you information through which you can download the latest version of Test DPC in any operating system. Test DPC Apk app is totally safe and can be used for purposeful work. Don’t indulge in any illegal activity through this Apk, always be aware of what you are doing.

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