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Snack Video
App NameSnackVideo
PublisherJoyo Technology Pte. Ltd.
Latest Version5.11.30.523903
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateApril 2, 2023 (1 year ago)

SnackVideo is likewise an Android video-centric social networking site. As a result, you’ll be able to browse and view a large number of movies uploaded by individuals from all over the world. There are other themes to pick from, such as neighbouring videos, followers, and trends. On the SnackVideo social network, you may view videos from a variety of affiliate organisations. They include rural life, pets, comedy, everyday life, costuming, scenic beauty, cuisine, cosmetics, and travel, as well as current popular trends.

Along with making it simpler for users to locate movies that are appropriate for them, SnackVideo has a function that allows for the presentation of random videos depending on the sorts of videos you often view or on your own choices throughout the usage process. This is another feature that I find incredibly powerful, even more so than Tiktok. It brings me considerably closer, making me feel more intimate and personal.

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Some great features of Snack video apk

Create your own video with tracks and filters

 For everyday individuals interested in making a name for themselves online, SnackVideo is an excellent place to start! It’s localised, which means that if your video is entertaining, you may quickly get traction. Create short films quickly and easily by using a variety of tunes and filters. Then, both before and after recording, you may alter them. There are several customization options, and you can even make a live video today.

Snack Video

Follow creators

 In SnackVideo, you can follow the artists you like to ensure you never miss a video from them! There are several producers from YouTube here, as well as some celebrities. But most importantly, you may view an unlimited number of short films.

Snack Video

Share videos

As this is a social sharing site, you are free to listen to, applaud, and share videos. Indeed, the programme urges you to do so in order to keep it running. This allows you to connect with the individuals you admire and love. Additionally, try to obtain as many likes and comments on your video as possible.

Snack Video Mod APK Download Latest Version

Take a Look at a Variety of Short Videos

 SnackVideo enables you to explore and view a large number of videos. There are several genres, including humour, inspirational, dances, dares, tales, and pranks. Whatever stuff you prefer watching and doing, you may do it freely on this app. Apart from that, you may navigate through your feed to find the newest videos from the people you follow.

Monetization of Snack Videos

You may now enable advertising in the snack video apk. This feature enables you to monetise your videos on this application. SnackVideo will reward you if one of your videos gets popular. With the aid of this software, you can now monetize short movies.

Earning money with short films is a simple process. Snack Video Official enables you to monetize and make money from your videos. This feature may be enabled when you’ve uploaded your first five videos. Following that, you may make money by generating brief videos.

Monetization of Snack Videos

Complete Entertainment

 Another aspect that this app provides is complete entertainment, since it has a variety of amusing videos, including humour, thrilling, and fascinating news.

Free to Use

The app is completely free to use, which means that there is no cost associated with watching or creating films on this app.

Different Categories

These films will be accessible to you in a variety of categories. You may either view humorous and enjoyable films or educational movies such as news and other similar material.

Different Categories

Make new Friends

 While you navigate the app, you will have the opportunity to meet new people. This app might also be used as a social networking platform, since it allows you to meet new people and form new friendships.

Make Content

This software is not only for viewing videos; it also allows you to create your own little films. You may showcase your secret ability and amaze.

Explore trending videos

This site is updated daily with a variety of popular videos. Discover and watch videos with hundreds and millions of views. Additionally, if your films get enough attention, you may promote them to the trending page.

Simple to browse

SnackVideo’s look and functionality are comparable to those of TikTok. As a result, if you have a TikTok account, you may simply use it.

Easy to use

Snack Video App is a straightforward and simple-to-use application for all Snack Video aficionados. You may download, store, and watch Snack Video in high definition quality data from the mobile phone. Snack Video’s navigation is really easy and intuitive. As with Espn you may stop, pause, and speed forward Snack Video at any moment. Snack Video was first released on Google Play and is compatible with all smartphones.

Endless Streaming

There is no limit to the number of videos you may watch on this site. It provides limitless streaming, which implies that your entertainment facilities are almost limitless here.


The ability of free Snack Tickets is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Snack Video. While searching for your favourite Snack Video, you’ll be shocked at the variety of Snack Tickets that are now sold out. Snack Tickets may be bought on the Snack Video site or via the free Snack Tickets mobile app. Snack Tickets are an excellent way to pass the time and occupy yourself on the journey.


Snack Video APK is a useful tool that enables you to stay up with current living. A big number of people constantly upload creative short movies to this programme. Download the most recent version for Android smartphones to ensure you never miss a fresh trend. Additionally, Snack Video allows you to view what your pals have been up to, complete with hilarious commentary and videos that you can share with them.

Snack Video is a fantastic social networking platform, as it allows you to browse other people’s clips, comment on them, which makes it simpler to find new Snack Video from your favourite celebs and YouTube wonders. Snack Video is an excellent method to amuse both yourself and your friends. Snack Video is a free app that you can download from the Android Store.

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