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Download SaveMySnaps Android APK that provides you to save and share Snapchat. It also provides many advanced features that Snapchat doesn’t have. A wonder feature is that you can save snaps without knowing the sender until you give permission to SaveMy Snaps to perfume that action.

People all around the globe are using Snapchat and also want to save and send snaps. Now a day it’s not difficult or challenging to save Snapchat and videos. Yes, It is a totally free application that You can download from Google via typing “Download SaveMySnaps Android Apk“. You just need to sign in with the required credentials and save, share snaps and videos too.

This app is currently available on your Android device. By default, Snapchat messages, pictures, and videos get deleted after a certain time, in truth, as the principal philosophy at the back of Snapchat. But, as its name describes that Savemysnapsapk can save any snap you receive on your phone. There are also many additional capabilities that make SaveMySnaps an easy however very useful app for Snapchat customers. It has a great amount of community of users from all around us. Many other apps in the competition of SaveMy Snaps, No doubt it is a huge achievement.



There are many great features that you need to know. You could log into your Snapchat account the usage of your Snapchat username and password via SaveMySnaps. When you log in via Download free SaveMySnaps APK, you’ll be robotically logged out from the Snapchat app. The primary feature of SaveMySnaps is saving snaps to your smartphone and send snaps from your photo gallery and the sender will no longer get notified when you have viewed or saved.

There are lots of fantastic features like Share Snaps via Social Networks, Email or Other downloaded Sharing applications, image editing, Add captions to snaps, Draw on Snaps, Custom Caption Fonts, Auto Save Snaps when Viewed, AutoSave Stories when Viewed,  Mark Snaps Viewed after Viewing filters and Drawing Effects outcomes to be had in the app.

Download SaveMySnaps APK

SaveMysnaps is not in play store as this is a third-party App and we are here to help you.  you can Download the SaveMySnaps APK file to install it on your android device. Go to your phone settings then go to the security option. Checkmark the unknown resources. Now by using the file manager visit the Download SaveMy snaps for Android tap on it and accept the request that appears for installing SaveMy Snaps. After a successful installation, you will see the SaveMysnaps icon in your app list.

Download APK for Snapchat

While Snapchat became a worldwide phenomenon, it has been noticed that in the range of Snapchat users want to save snaps, stories, and videos in their buddies without sending them a notification, yes! people love to save snapshots of their loved ones and try to keep them as a memory. They also want to share it with unique editing and filtering. In that situation, many developers worked on this and many apps explore to save snaps without getting detected or without sending any notification to the sender. SaveMySnaps is one of these inventions. One of the best approaches to do this changed into by way of using a 3rd-Party app like SaveMySnaps that is a great development for snap chat’s lovers. You can’t find it from the play store because it has been removed for some security reasons. You can have it from Download APK for Snapchat.

Download SaveMySnaps for Android

SaveMySnaps is a freeware app that does help you to beyond keeping the pics, videos, and stories. With few tap, you can save photos, videos, and stories which you like to have. You could ahead your edited images from the gallery or stored snaps. With SaveMySnaps you may follow the custom fonts to your snapshot caption and the group sends the snapshots as well. SaveMySnaps APK is easy to download you can also install it on your pc too but it is specifically to Download SaveMy Snaps for Android. SaveMy Snaps is an app available on all platforms like Android, Windows phone, and IOS. Friends cannot be deleted or blocked, but stories may be ‘hidden’.

How to use SaveMySnaps Complete Guide

SaveMySnaps mod APK

You could have heard about the “snap save” database wherein 200,000 Snapchat photos have been leaked, I can assure you that this may not take place in case you use SaveMySnaps.

SaveMySnaps doesn’t keep or share any of your saved snaps, videos and stories to any servers. Your username and password are most effective used for authenticating with the Snapchat server (which allows SaveMySnaps to get admission to your pics to store) and your information is not sent to some other servers.SaveMy Snaps  APK isn’t just “snap save” it is a totally unique application.

Download free SaveMySnaps APK

Snapchat users can avail the great feature of SaveMySnaps, by directly download it from the APK file. This application has many advanced features. Download free SaveMySnaps APK available for download for every type of software as you can get its name mentions that SaveMy Snaps also have APK. This stands for Android package kit. This kit allows saving the Snapchat to run on the Android set. SaveMySnaps for PC is also Available As It could also run on the Android pc software. This pleasant feature of software makes SaveMySnaps well-known all over the world. All Snapchat users are using this app. This is a fantastic and interactive app used by many people. It is free to install and use. You do not need to pay any amount for installation and log in. But remember, once you login SaveMySnaps you’ll be automatically logging out from Snapchat. Just download it and have fun with its great feature.

How to save Snapchat Videos

SaveMySnaps is easy to use. As we are already discussing you can save the photo, videos, and stories. So in this step of How to save Snapchat Videos, we’ll tell you how to save video from Download SaveMySnaps Android Apk Step by Step.

For saving a video, press the circle icon at the bottom mid of the camera view and hold it. By pressing and holding, your device will start video recorder ding. But don’t forget, it will automatically stop after 10 seconds and it also will stop when video hs reached 2.5mb. Before automatically stop you need to stop video recording by pressing the stop icon. The most advanced feature is that the sender does know you are saving his/her video until you ask SaveMySnaps to notify them. It is completely different and amazing app.

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