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Recycle Bin
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Recycle Bin Apk is the best application that mimics your personal Windows laptop’s recycled bin section such that while you accidentally delete an important app, you can choose to recover the file and heave a sigh of relief since the file is still safe and no damage has been done yet. Recycle Bin APK is free to install and can be normally downloaded to your android phone through the Google Play Store application available on your phone.

Every user has faced this dreadful situation when they accidently delete their favorite files while deleting some unnecessary files. People with children have also witnessed this situation wherein their little ones might have playfully deleted very important files of the parent or worse dropped the phone thereby destroying the phone altogether. If your phone is damaged, then it essentially needs to be repaired or a new phone needs to be purchased for your personal use. If you have just lost an important file due to accidental mistakes committed by you or your little one, then Recycle Bin App can come to your rescue and help you recover the file from the trash, provided you have downloaded the app before deleting that file.

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin APK has been updated to its latest version 2.2.44 and has been highly rated with 4.1 stars out 5 by one million active users who have installed the application in their android phone from Google Play Store.

Recycle Bin App has been successfully tested with many third-party file explorers and can smoothly help you delete or retrieve files as and when you require them to get executed as per your need. While deleting an image, audio file or video file you can choose to move to recycle bin present in your phone and that will definitely help you never miss any important file that is essential for your work.

If you choose to send files to the Recycle Bin App from your file explorer, you can select the file or files you prefer to delete from your main file explorer. After selecting the required file, select the “Recycle Bin” option when prompted to do some action while you have selected the file. While sending the file to some specific location, make sure that you have selected send to “Recycle Bin” option and not just directly deleted the file like we normally operate our phone while deleting irrelevant apps and files from our android phones.

Main Features of Recycle Bin App APK

The main features of Recycle Bin App have been discussed below. After going through its specific features, you will right away download the application and use it to save your essential files from further accidental encounters executed by you.

  • The deleted files, which are stored in the recycle bin, can be restored easily with full features and original quality to avoid any degradation in quality when you accidentally delete them.
  • Requires low memory when installed in phone storage and hence doesn’t lead to app crashes
  • The application acts exactly like a recycle bin, which is present in the laptop or desktop computers by default.
  • A simple and easy-to-use user interface, which can be easily followed by following the instructions as mentioned in the application help settings.
  • You can easily browse through the video tutorial, which can help you to utilize the application effectively without facing any untimely errors that leads to data loss.
  • The data recovery is quick and simple, and once restored the deleted file is placed in its original location from the location where it was previously removed from.
  • You can choose to permanently delete any app or files that you don’t require from the recycle bin so that you can choose to save more space and remove the redundant files from the mobile device.
  • Respects your personal privacy, never seeks any personal information or any personal approval to access your private data. Any file stored in the respective app is not uploaded to any server, thereby respecting your privacy.
  • Even if the phone restarts or the app is not in use, the deletion function will work effectively without any clashes or app crashes and you can easily recover the deleted file by sending the files to recycle bin app when you do not require them.
  • You can easily choose to activate or deactivate the app as and when required and since it is not a default app you can choose to uninstall it whenever you feel like. Don’t forget to check the files that are stored in the app and restore it before uninstalling since you may lose access to the important files, which were accidentally deleted while deleting the app.
  • Simple and easy button available in the app to help you choose to delete or restore the relevant file with one click.

The application works exactly like its predecessor from the iconic application present by default in the laptop or computer. Once the app is activated, you can easily access the deleted files in that app.

Download Recycle Bin App APK Latest Version

If you wish to get rid of any file permanently, you can choose to delete it by entering the Recycle Bin App. Select the option “Permanently Delete the File” and permanently bid goodbye to the file you no longer need from your android device. With just one click, you can choose to restore the file that you require, but it had been mistakenly deleted. Some file explorers present in android phones allow you to select multiple files to directly send to the recycle bin. You can choose to download third-party file explorer to use this functionality in case your default file explorer doesn’t offer you this opportunity for more convenience. The files present in the bin will remain in a dormant position and wouldn’t be available for further use until you choose to restore them back to their original location in the phone/ external memory location.

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