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Project QT
App NameProject QT
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateJuly 24, 2022 (2 years ago)

If you’re in the mood for some action-adventure games, Project QT will be your best choice. You’ll get to explore new worlds and solve puzzles while looking at hot girls – it’s a win-win situation.

Project QT is an action-adventure game with a twist. The team at Project QT has created a puzzle quest that’s unlike any other out there: it offers players the chance to watch hot girls walk around in their underwear!

The best part about this game is its puzzles, which are more complex than others you may have played before and offer some fascinating twists on what you’re used to seeing from these types of games. But if solving puzzles isn’t your thing, don’t worry – because watching women strut across the screen wearing nothing but skimpy undies will be enough reward for most people.

Project QT

Project QT Mod Apk: Overview

You’ve heard of Nutaku, the publisher that provides entertaining anime-style graphics games for adults. Project QT is one such game. No one can play it under 18 because NSFW images in this action-adventure title offer a unique challenge to gamers who want more than typical RPG challenges or hardcore shooter battles.

Nutaku, the free online games publisher and distributor with headquarters in Canada, has been around for some time now. One of their most popular categories is that of hentai or porn-oriented anime-style games, which are all completely free as well! They publish mobile platform-based and web browser versions to ensure everyone can enjoy them anywhere they want – from a desktop at work to your phone during lunch break. Nutaku also offers many other genres such as Fap CEO (a clicker game), Pocket Waifu (an idle dating sim), Booty Calls (just what it sounds like!), and today we will be looking into Project QT – an action turn-based fighting style game.

The Gameplay

Project QT changes the way players interact with their favorite characters. The gameplay offers a new challenge that combines elements of action-adventure and puzzle games to create something unique, fun, exciting, and challenging all at once. Players will select from one of many beautiful girls to repel an infection sweeping across the world by fighting battles together as a team or against each other individually if they so choose. They’ll have access to various storylines and character interactions that allow for more control over what’s happening on screen while supplying skills when appropriate conditions are met–allowing them greater freedom during battle.

Project QT: Storyline

Project QT is a sci-fi game in the future after humans have collectively decided to leave Earth for greener pastures. The world has moved into new levels of technology and science development as space exploration becomes more popular. Yet, there are still unanswered questions about outer space–especially concerning black holes.

In an alternate dimension, aliens have been working hard to unleash their invasion of the Earth. They are coming in droves from a black hole that has activated without us knowing, and now they’ve got all kinds of monsters at their beck and call! But we’re not going down easy-we’ll fight with everything’s we’ve got against them and protect our home planet. You can join up as one girl or make your squad too, which is so much more fun.

Features Of Project QT

Some of the best features of Project QT are:

Beautiful Monster Girls

Project QT is a new game on the market. It’s an augmented reality combat simulator combining technology with real-life to create immersive, interactive gameplay and visuals! You can collect prisoners you defeat in battle from several different armies invading Earth. As they fight your units, these enemies lose their strength – so once you’ve beaten them, why not take advantage of that? Each prisoner added to your collection gives you more power for future battles against other commanders trying desperately to destroy our world.

Play With Friends

Project QT is a massively multiplayer online action game that lets you adventure with other players from around the world. Fight your friends in PvP mode or team up to take down challenging bosses and dungeons! You can share tips on upgrading strong warriors, earning items, and challenging new tasks at any time of day.

Different Events

You are a mighty warrior. Summon the best of your friends to train them, and send them off on new campaigns! The game always has something exciting happening – weekly events that keep things fresh all day long. You’ll never be bored with so many twists and turns in store for you every week.

Super Graphics

Project QT is a game that has been praised for its beautiful graphics. During the battle, you’ll always be in chibi style mode, and your characters will look cute as well as powerful at times! You can also expect some of those skillfully drawn manga cutscenes where it’s just so much more compelling to follow along with what’s happening on-screen than when they’re all tiny little anime drawings.

Upgrade Battle

Project QT is a game about developing characters through character development and upgrades, improving your performance. You can enhance all of the girls fighting abilities with different combinations to make them more potent over time as you research technology for new functions or skills that will unlock later on. These changes produce eye-catching effects by upgrading small elements throughout the tech tree, so there’s plenty to look forward to!

Various Gaming Modes

This game is creative and engaging while also being accessible for all schools of thought. The player has a selection of modes to enjoy, including the primary mode where the story unfolds and extra modes that only appear during special events. The one thing these different styles have in common is their puzzle-related design, which makes this an immersive experience and great fun.


I recommend you play project qt mod apk because it is a fun adventure game with all sorts of cool stuff. You will have to make your team strong by winning more games and unlocking sources to unlock new levels. It’s a fantastic app with puzzle games as well.

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