The Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats Codes [GameShark Codes]

Pokemon Crystal Cheats Codes:- It is said that Pokémon Crystal is only the modified version of Pokémon Gold and Silver. The game was released back in 2000 in Japan and 2001 in the rest of the world. Since the game was released, it has held a special position in the heart of the players. The game holds several unique features like a battle tower to enter a game, specify gender, and many more. The game together presents all Pokémon Gold and Silver specialities with enhanced features. Now, whether you are playing the game with or without the cheats, the game will surely give you some excitement.

There are several Pokémon Crystal Cheats available through the help of GameShark. You can apply any of them or many of them. But remember to use only one cheat of a particular category at a time; otherwise, it will crash your games and destroy all your progress. Again, too many cheats can also slow your game, eventually destroying all the game’s fun. However, if you are playing the game for the first time, we recommend you to play the game without the cheats. Anyway, you can use them for encountering different situations. Before we provide a long list of cheats, we want you to know how to play the games without the cheats.

Pokemon Crystal

Tips to Play Pokémon Crystal without Cheats-

We know playing Pokémon Crystal without cheats is a little challenging, time-consuming, and effort-consuming. But it is not about time and effort. It is the challenge you will encounter to achieve success, just like the characters of the games. The journey is so thrilling and exciting that you will never get bored. Here are the tips you can follow to play the game without cheat codes.

  1. Get the Secret Trainer- The best way to win a challenging fight is to train with a secret trainer. Now finding them is not so easy. You have to go to the left side of the Daycare to find a lake. Now cross the lake toward the south to find the Land area. Do not stop there; keep going towards the south to find the three best trainers. Before you start fighting any of them, take enough rest and heal yourself and your Pokémon; you must continue fighting without rest back to back. You must be crucial when choosing your Pokémon to win these three fights. The reward of these three fights is Stardust. You can be sold them and earn a healthy amount in return.
  2. Cloning Pokémon to Crystal- If Possible, change your Pokémon into Crystals. However, the process is tricky, and you cannot follow the same process in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Now to follow the process in Pokémon Crystal, follow this guide-
  3. Save the game first.
  4. Choose any Pokémon you want to clone and attach items to the Pokémon. (you can choose at least five of them if you have enough space for them in the box.
  5. Now deposit the Pokémon into your box, but do not move them without mail.
  6. Now switch to another box.
  7. Here you will get a message saying- “Saving- do not turn off the power.” Wait for a second or until the last minute and turn the power off.
  8. Wait for a while and turn on the power. Now open the party box. You will find all the Pokémon there.
  9. Catch a Lapras- Lapras is one of the most intelligent beasts of Pokémon Crystal, and it is really hard to catch one. Again, they can be found only in a few places, and as a player present at that place at the right time is tricky. However, Lapras usually follow a pattern. They present in the Union Cave on Friday. And to catch them, fly to Azalea town and the right and keep going until you reach the end. There you will find the cave. Now climb up to the cave and turn left to reach the end. You will find two small ponds connected with two ladders to reach a big pond. Reach to the pond and cross it to take a left, where you will find a trainer. Once you ditch her, you will find another medium pond where Blue Lapras stays. You will be able to catch it very easily. On the other hand, if you fail to catch it, win the battle; do not get upset. You will be able to catch it next Friday.
  10. Cut Grass- To go through the land, easily cut the grasses. Now you can use a Pokémon to cut the grasses and make a way.
  11. Choosing Right Pokémon for a Fight- Choosing the right Pokémon is tricky. You have to be very crucial to make the distinction. For example-
  12. Bugs are good for dark Pokémon, grass Pokémon, and psychics.
  13. Dark plays a great role against ghosts and psychics.
  14. Dragon is supper effective in fighting against flying Pokémon and water Pokémon.
  15. Fighting Pokémon are great for fighting against dark Pokémon, ice Pokémon, Normal Pokémon, Rock Pokémon, and Steel Pokémon.
  16. Fire Pokémon can give challenges to bugs, grass, ice, and steel Pokémon.
  17. Flying Pokémon are extremely beneficial against Bug, Fighting, and Grass Pokémon.
  18. Ghost Pokémon can stand against ghosts and Psychic Pokémon.
  19. Grass Pokémon is useful for fighting ground, rock, and water Pokémon.
  20. Ground Pokémon are good for electric, fire, poison, rock, and steel.
  21. Ice Pokémon can fight against the dragon, flying, grass, and ground.
  22. Normal Pokémon do not have a special power but are very determined and energetic.
  23. Poison Pokémon is best to fight a grass Pokémon.
  24. Psychic Pokémon fight against Fighting and Poison Pokémon.
  25. Rock Pokémon are good for bugs, fire, flying, and Ice Pokémon.
  26. Steel Pokémon can fight Ice and Rock Pokémon.
  27. Water Pokémon are great for fighting fire, ground, and rock.

Once you learn to choose the right Pokémon for a fight, you will win half of the match and level up without applying any cheat code. However, there are several other things you must follow to win the entire game. For example- try to give rest and heal the wound of your Pokémon after a fight. Know every possible thing about the trainer you are going to fight against. Search on the internet and learn about the locations of different Pokémon and beasts. Learn all the weaknesses and strong points of Pokémon. Visit different Cities to get more chances to obtain more and more Pokémon.

Pokémon Crystal Cheats Code-

Here is the list of available Pokémon Cheats for 2022. Now you can use them by using an emulator. Open the emulator and search for the “Cheat” option; now enter the cheat and hit “OK” twice, and you will be able to enjoy them.

We have divided them into a few parts to make them look easier.

  1. Walking Through the Walls- You can travel through walls to escape a long journey. However, using these cheats can hang your game and freeze different areas of your Pokémon Crystal Map.
  2. 010AA3CE
  3. 9100FAC2
  4. 9100FBC2
  5. 010AA6CE
  6. 010AA5CE
  7. 9100FDC2
  8. 010AA4CE
  9. 9100FCC2
  • Cash Cheat- the code will allow you to earn Infinite money.
  • 019975D5
  • 91424FD8
  • 019973D5
  • 910F4ED8
  • 913F50D8
  • 019974D5
  • Bike Cheat- The cheat will allow you to get a bike whenever needed.
  • 010182D6 91015DD9
  • Pokeballs Cheat- You can obtain the maximum amount of Poke Balls.
  • Slot 1: 016312D6 9163EDD8
  • Slot 2: 016304D6 9163DFD8
  • Slot 3: 0163FED5 9163D9D8
  • Slot 4: 016310D6 9163EBD8
  • Slot 5: 01630AD6 9163E5D8
  • Slot 6: 016306D6 9163E1D8
  • Slot 7: 016302D6 9163DDD8
  • Slot 8: 016308D6 9163E3D8
  • Slot 9: 01630ED6 9163E9D8
  • Slot 10: 016314D6 9163EFD8
  • Slot 11: 01630CD6 9163E7D8
  • Slot 12: 016300D6 9163DBD8
  • Gym Badge Cheat- the cheats will allow you to get eight gym badges without fighting. These cheats will also allow you to unlock all the Pokémon levels and areas.
  • 91FF57D8
  • 91FF58D8
  • 01FF7CD5
  • 01FF7DD5
  • Shiny Pokémon- The cheat will allow you to shine all the Pokémon available in the wild. You will be able to see them through the map as well.
  • 910730D2
  • Normal to Shiny Pokémon Cheat- These cheats will allow you to transform your normal Pokémon into a shiny one.

ü 1st Pokémon Cheat Codes

  • 01AA40DA
  • 01EA3FDA
  • 91EAF4DC
  • 91AAF5DC

ü 2nd Pokémon Cheat Codes

  • 91AA25DD
  • 91EA24DD
  • 01AA70DA
  • 01EA6FDA

ü 3rd Pokémon Cheat Codes

  • 91EA54DD
  • 01EA9FDA
  • 91AA55DD
  • 01AAA0DA

ü 4th Pokémon Cheat Codes

  • 91EA84DD
  • 91AA85DD
  • 01AAD0DA
  • 01EACFDA

ü 5th Pokémon Cheat Codes

  • 01AA00DB
  • 91EAB4DD
  • 01EAFFDA
  • 91AAB5DD

ü 6th Pokémon Cheat Codes

  • 01EA2FDB
  • 91EAE4DD
  • 01AA30DB
  • 91AAE5DD
  • Wild Pokémon Level Enhance Cheat- These Pokémon Crystal Cheats will allow you to level up the wild Pokémon that you have obtained.
  • 91xx13D2

Remember to replace the “XX” characters with the level number. For example, type 910113D2 to pass level one.

  • Steal Pokémon Cheat- You can steal Pokémon from your opponents if you are mischievous.
  • Infinite EXP Cheats- These cheats can be used to let your Pokémon reach Level 100 after a fight.
  • 9144E9DC
  • 9144E7DC
  • 014433DA
  • 014434DA
  • 014432DA
  • 9144E8DC
  • Instant Hatch Eggs Cheat- If you have Pokémon eggs at your party, you can make them Hatch quickly using these cheat codes.
  • First Egg: 010145DA 9101FADC
  • Second Egg: 010175DA 91012ADD
  • Third Egg: 0101A5DA 91015ADD
  • Forth Egg: 0101D5DA 91018ADD
  • Fifth Egg: 010105DB 9101BADD
  • Sixth Egg: 010135DB 9101EADD
  • Gender Modifier Cheat- The game Pokémon Crystal allows you to choose the gender of the Pokémon. You can use the cheat for breeding; however, the cheat will not work for neutral gender Pokémon like Miltank.
  • Fight Male – 010519D1 910530D2
  • Fight Female – 010419D1 910430D2

Final Words-

Here we have given you two options to play the Pokémon Crystal Game. Now you can follow the traditional process to win the game and enjoy the sweetness of hard work, or you can use Pokémon Crystal Cheats to cheat all the levels to meet the ultimate battle. Now, in my opinion, follow the traditional method but be smart to use a cheat if you do not have enough time or lose a battle frequently. Thank you for visiting our website.

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