Plants vs Zombies 2 v9.1.1 MOD APK

Plants vs Zombies 2
App NamePvZ 2
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Latest Version9.1.1
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Compatible With4.4
UpdateAugust 31, 2021 (2 years ago)

Plants vs Zombies 2 + MOD (All stars) + Data v4.8.1 is a tower defense-based game which is the first of the Plants vs. Zombies series. It is developed by PopCap games and can be played on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows phone, etc. This game is based on the concept that some zombies are coming to attack your house and to protect them you have to place some plants in your garden. There are several types of zombies and similarly, there are different kinds of plants and each of them serves a different and unique function in a situation. It is a very popular game and has received mostly positive reviews from critics and a lot of awards for its excellent gameplay.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 Apk :

Zombies are coming to attack your house through 5 or 6 lanes and your only form of defense against them is Plants vs. Zombies APK. You have a variety of seeds depending upon the mode and to grow a plant from its seed you need a specific amount of sunlight per plant. And once you get that sunlight you use that seed at a place in the garden and start building your defense. You can increase the sunlight points by collecting the sunlight that drops from the sky or by growing different sunflower plants. Zombie onslaught starts after few seconds of the commencement of around and they start moving toward the house. 

Plants vs. Zombies APK try to kill and stop them. If a player doesn’t place an adequate number or type of plants, zombies don’t die quickly and manage to get to the end of a lane. As a result, the lawnmower shoots and kills all the zombies in that lane allowing the player to prepare himself for the onslaught once again. But if the zombies manage to get to the end of that path again, they are allowed to get in the house and kill you and eat your brains.

Plants vs. Zombies APK Features

It is a round based game and at the start of each of your round, you are given a few sunlight points which you can use to grow attacking plants like peashooter after some wait as initial sunlight are not enough to grow one peashooter or to a grow a basic sunflower plant right away. Those sunflower plants will then give you additional sunlight points and from those sunlight points, you can grow more sunflowers before the onslaught of zombies or start planting the offensive plants like a basic peashooter. These offensive plants will shoot projectiles on the zombies like pea, fumes, cabbage, melon etc and destroy them or explode on contact with any zombie and destroy other zombies around

  • Modes:-There are eight different modes available in Plants vs. Zombies. Each mode is different on its own.
  • Adventure Mode:-Adventure mode is the first available mode in Plants vs. Zombies on all devices. Other modes are unlocked after a player finishes this mode. There are total of 50 levels which are divided into five groups, which are the day, night, fog, roof and pool. Each of the groups has its own specific zombies and plants. Each of the levels has its own specific seeds for the player to use and specific zombies, so the player can’t change the seeds that are set for a level.
  • Survival Mode:-This mode is unlocked when a player finishes the adventure mode for the first time. In this mode, a player chooses the seeds that he wants to use according to his own likings and has to survive five continuous waves of zombies. There is a brief time between each wave and the plants set up remains for each successive wave but the lawnmower, pool cleaner and roof cleaner don’t reset.
  • Puzzle Mode:-The puzzle mode of this game features three puzzle types. These three puzzle games are pretty enjoyable on their own. Sadly, this model is exclusively for Android and iOS only.
  • Zen Garden:-Zen garden is a garden of the Plants vs. Zombies APK in which the players can collect the plants. They can plant them and interact with them there too.
  • Quick Play:-Quick Play is also an exclusive mode of iOS and Android devices. It allows users to play specific levels of adventure modes once again.
  • Versus Mode:-Versus is a wonderful mode and is only available for console users. In this mode of this game, one player uses the plants while the other player uses the zombies and a fight of dominance is observed.
  • Co-op Mode:-This mode is also only available for console users. It is a multiplayer mode that allows players to use plants at the same time to defend their homes from zombies.
  • Types of Plants and Zombies:-There are about 26 zombies that try to attack you while there are about 50 plants which are part of your arsenal to defend you from zombies.
  • Plants:-Plants are the protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies and use sunlight to grow from seeds. Each plant uses a different amount of sunlight points. Each plant is different from others and serves different functions. There are different plants for the day, night, roof, pool and fog. Plants can be sunlight producing ones, ones which fire projectiles or explosive.
  • Zombies:-Zombies are the antagonists of Plants vs. Zombies. The objective of the game is to prevent their entry into the house because they will eat the brain out. There are different types of zombies. Some take fewer hits to be killed while some take a large number of hits. Some are simple while others attack plants from far while some benefit other zombies even in their death.


From the above discussions about gameplay and modes, we can conclude for sure that it is a fantastic game. It is very enjoyable yet straight-forward game, therefore, can be enjoyed by the masses. It can be played by children older than 3 and they will learn to love plants in this way. It is also a healthy game for children to learn the names of plants, vegetables, and fruits. It has got numerous awards due to its remarkable gameplay and features too. We are providing its download for free here, so come take it and enjoy it.

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