Parallel Space Pro APK Download v4.0.9177

Parallel Space Pro APK
App NameParallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face
PublisherLBE Tech
Latest Version4.0.9177
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateSeptember 23, 2022 (8 months ago)

Parallel Space Multi Accounts Download: If you are the one who has two WhatsApp or two Instagram accounts, you always would have wished to access both simultaneously from one android device. Having two accounts on social networking websites or gaming sites makes it difficult if you want to access both from one device, but with Parallel Space Multi Accounts Download this problem is solved once and for all. This app enables the user to sign in to two different accounts and that too from a single Android device and also the user can switch between the accounts effortlessly and seamlessly.

Parallel Space Pro APK

Parallel Space Multi Accounts Download For Android & iOS

Parallel Space is a third-party app that is available for download on Google Play and that too completely free of cost. This tiny powerful bomb, which is all of 2 Mb is free to download and easy to install. Once installed, it opens up a whole new world for the Android user where the default settings of the Android system no longer exist.

In the default settings, the user is not permitted to have a second Facebook, Instagram, Gmail or WhatsApp account on the same device unless the user roots the device. By downloading and installing this powerful little dwarf, you are free to do so without going through the rooting way.

Parallel Space Multi Accounts Download

Nearly everyone who owns a smartphone has a WhatsApp account. So, let us see how to use this tool for creating two profiles of WhatsApp. Similarly, you can use it for making multiple accounts of other social networking or gaming accounts on the Android device.

  • Go to Play Store, download Parallel Space to your phone and install it.
  • Open the app on your mobile and tap the + icon that is displayed near the bottom of the screen.
  • Tapping on this will show the different apps that are on your mobile for which you can create multiple accounts. Choose WhatsApp from that list.
  • Set up the second account for this with new credentials.
  • So now, you have two different WhatsApp accounts that you can access from the same device.
  • Similarly, you can tap on other apps like Facebook, Gmail etc. to add them to Parallel Space and then create a second account.
  • You can go to the Settings and there turn on “Swipe to Parallel Space.” This will help you to switch to Parallel Space effortlessly whenever you want.
  • In case you want to see your contacts in WhatsApp which is there in Parallel Space, you will have to give permission to it to gain access to your contacts. For this, go to the app’s permission menu where you allow it to read all your contacts.


Parallel Space is one of the most sought-after tools on Android, serving nearly 40 million happy and satisfied users across various nationalities and in 24 languages. Its Incognito installation feature makes the apps invisible on the device, thereby protecting the user’s privacy. It also provides a security lock feature.

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