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Obey Me
App NameObey Me! - Anime Otome Dating Sim / Dating Ikemen
Publisher NTT Solmare Corp.
Size 95M
Latest Version 4.7.13
CategoryRole Playing
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Compatible With Android 5.0+
UpdateSeptember 4, 2021 (2 years ago)

Are you looking for a dating game? Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK is the answer!

The Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK is one of the best games in 2017. This game has an immersive storyline and graphics that will keep you amazed. It also involves many strategies, which will challenge your mind and make this game even more fun!

Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK has been ranked as the number one game in many countries worldwide; therefore, if you’re looking for a new gaming experience, then make sure you download – Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK today!

What Is Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK?

Obey Me Shall we date is a game where the player’s objective is to make friends and find their true love. The Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK has been ranked as the number one game in many countries worldwide; therefore, if you’re looking for a new gaming experience, then make sure you download – Obey Me Shall we date today!

Obey Me Shall We Date MOD

How To Play The Game?

In this game, players will need to create an account first before they can start playing it. After that, they’ll be able to customize themselves by choosing between different pre-made looks or designs.

They also have options of picking what gender they want, which adds on more fun customization features. To play this game, the player will need to attend different places to interact with people. Players are then allowed to choose what they want their character’s personality and behavior to be like.

After that, you’ll find a person of your desired liking and confess your love for them; if they accept it, then congratulations!

The two will get married after some time has passed, which is determined by how close both characters have become. However, if the other person rejects your confession, don’t worry because there’s plenty of Obey Me Shall we date girls waiting ahead for you!

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Features Of Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK

Obey Me has many features. Shall we date MOD APK that will keep you interested in the game?

  • The first one is a chance to change your destiny, which means when you start playing it for the first time, it’ll be up to you whether your character gets accepted by someone else and gets married.
  • The choice then becomes available as a player progresses through the storyline of Obey Me Shall we date. It’s exciting how this feature can affect what happens next with your character!
  • There are different endings, too, depending on certain choices made during gameplay, so there’s always room for replayability. Each playthrough may result in something other than before because, at times, players might make bad decisions that could lead.
  • Experience The True Love In The Game:-The game features a story mode that’s divided into three different routes. And each path has its ending, which is based on the decisions of the player. Players can also experience dramatic events with their partners by becoming more intimate or not-so-intimate.
  • Great Story Line:-The story is very intriguing, and it’s easy to get lost in. I found myself drawn into the world without realizing what had happened until hours later. It made me want to find out more about canon characters as well! The romance was a little intense for my taste, but that might be because of how much I’m not used to reading these types of things.
  • Entertaining Card Battle System:-This game has a card battle system that is very entertaining. The battles are simple to understand, and the cards have different abilities, making them more attractive. I found myself having fun with this aspect of OBEY ME SHALL WE DATE, even if it was just for these short moments!
  • Great Music To Listen To:-I love the soundtrack in this game! It’s something you can’t find anywhere else, and each song fits so well with what’s happening on screen. They also have some significant sound effects that will put your speakers to work, but they’re not too over-powering or hard to listen to overall.
  • Amazing Graphics:-The game has some pretty excellent graphics that will make your mouth water. They’re not too flashy, but they have a beautiful style to them, and it’s effortless to get lost in the game because of how good these images are!
  • Great Story Line With Plenty Of Twists:-I love to OBEY ME SHALL WE DATE mostly for its storyline, which has plenty of twists and turns! I loved getting invested in this game, as you never know what could happen next. The whole thing is unpredictable and left me wanting more with every chapter. It was also exciting since there were so many different endings depending on how well you did or who you chose to spend time with at specific points during the storyline.
  • Romantic Music:-Enjoy the Romantic Music while you go on dates with the guys. There is just something about this OBEY ME SHALL WE DATE that makes it so appealing to me!
  • It’s A Keeper:-I would recommend this game because of how addicting it is, and I know for a fact that Obey Me Shall we date will always be one of my favorite games in my collection. It has everything from romance, betrayal, mystery, suspense-it pretty much has all the ingredients to make an incredible story. You can’t deny that there are plenty of great things going for this game and if you enjoy playing visual novels, then OBEY ME SHALL WE DATE should not disappoint! So what are you waiting for? Download your copy now.

Feedback by user

  • When this was recommended I thought it would be stupid. It’s the first otome I’ve ever played. As I began the story, I immediately fell in love with the game. The characters have their own personalities and are loveable in their own way. I didn’t expect the dance battles though, but they are so cute! I look forward to getting further into the game. My favorite characters: Mammon’s Growl and Beel’s abs.
  • So amazing! This is the only otome game that I’ve found that has a gender-neutral and race-neutral Mc and I graciously thank the developers for that. Making Mc a sheep so that everyone was included was just ingenious! Love the designs and personalities of that characters that really shine through in the stories. One thing that could help the game get better though would be having more accurate ads as the current ones display the game in a way too cringey light.


This is all about the Obey Me Shall we date MOD APK. Now it’s your turn to decide whether it is worth downloading or not.

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