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New IMoba APK
App NameNew IMoba 2021
Size14 MB
Latest Versionv4.2 Part 52
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateJanuary 3, 2023 (1 year ago)

The Latest iMoba is the Greatest Moba Injector for you if you want to alter MLBB in all areas without spending any money. Yes, this software provides free access to practically all paid items, including skins, effects, maps, and many more cheats and tricks.

This software has a lot of amazing features that will help you rule the battlefield right now. You can obtain a lot of ML skins here, thus you can unlock a lot of them today for each hero. You may even purchase a camera with a drone view, which makes it easier to see opponents nowadays. There’s also a customized map and combat effects can be found here. Many fight emotes, analogues, custom intros, effect recalls, effect deletion, and other options are available.

Some Great features of imoba apk

One of the best injector

If you play computer games nowadays, you surely have a lot of fun. MOBA is among the most popular games, with each match including up to ten players. Here, two teams will battle it out until their stronghold is eliminated. There are a variety of heroes to pick from, each with their own set of talents and powers. As you combat creatures and other gamers, it’s up to you to conquer them.

Free ML skins

Skins serve a variety of reasons, despite the fact that they give no extra advantage to the character. They may quickly increase the player’s morale, enabling you to scare adversaries, and they’re fun to look at! So, due to the New Imoba apk, you may download all of the game’s skins for free. As you may be aware, each hero in the game has many skins available. You can unlock all of them right now using this app.

Free ML skins

Free To use

For MOBA aficionados, it’s a free Software program. It’s an alternative to diamond injector or an enhanced version of it. With the entrance of new and original injecting tools, old tools become obsolete or worthless, or they stop operating properly with MLBB’s most recent version. That is why they have created this strong application with the greatest and most astonishing features.

Battle effects

Visuals are yet another component of MLBB that does not contribute to your stats. Many motions are available in the game, both for free and for paid. However, you can obtain all of them right now with this app. Battle emotes, analogues, backdrops, unique intros, boundaries, summon effects, combat alerts, revive effects, deletion effects, and other features may all be unlocked.

Battle effects IMoba APK

Drone views

The Drone view is a tool that understands your desire to focus and kill foes rapidly. As a result, it has the second-highest demand among players, as drones aid with combat concentration. To compensate for the absence of First Person or Third Person views on mobile phones, 1x through 7x camera sizes are provided for free. Drones help in focusing and quickly killing adversaries, hence the Drone view is without a doubt the second-most critical necessity for any player in battle. As a consequence, this tool is responsive to this request, which indicates you’ll have free access to a big number of drone views and cameras.

Different backgrounds

There are many injectors accessible on the internet that do not enable us to customize the game’s shape and appearance, but this tool is unique in several respects. Imoba apk gives you complete control over the look and feel of your battles from every viewpoint, such as the loading screen and map magic castles, to name a few.

Different backgrounds IMoba APK

No password required

Most apps come with a password; however, many of them are inappropriate for users since the passcode is changed often, producing problems for them. Thanks to imoba apk’s developer, who made it without a password. In addition, there are no commercials in the show.

Emote features

One of the most recent additions to Mobile Legends is the emote option. Regardless of the fact that it really doesn’t contribute to your actual defensive powers, it offers its own set of benefits. For gamers, the emoticon acts as a status indicator. A sign that indicates you have money and may flaunt it with emotes in whatever manner you like.

Compatible to all devices

Another great benefit of imoba apk is that it works with every version of Mobile Legends. This implies that if you’ve not updated your game, you can still play it. Besides that, it works with almost all Android smartphones. Make absolutely sure you have Android 5.0 or above updated before installing.

Compatible to all devices

Advertisement free

We all know that most free applications and software are littered with ads. The makers of imoba apk, on the other hand, realize that this is incongruent and serves merely to distract from the whole experience. To combat this, they’ve decided to make the app completely ad-free! There will be no annoying clickbait popups, fraudulent links, or anything of the kind.

Anti ban feature

An anti-ban technology is also included in the Imoba apk, which is a unique characteristic. As a consequence, it’s an indication of the firm’s security measures. Because imoba apk is built with an anti-ban feature, it will never put your game at danger.

Anti ban feature

Safe and secure

This programme is 100% secure to download and use right now. You can get a lot of skin and animations for free here. You don’t have to pay anything at all to play a game.


This Imoba apk has a custom map, backdrops, combat effects, emotes, analogue, effect recall, effect deletion, and many other features. The new IMoba apk yearns for safe and secure access to all expensive gaming items. To fulfil the users’ escalating expectations, it was enhanced with outstanding upgrades. This programme gives Diamonds and World ranking providers that you may utilise without expending a dime. It is strongly advised that you use this securer programme right away. So what are you waiting for? Just go and download this application right now.

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