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Movie Mate
App Name MovieMate APK
Publisher Movie Mate Team
Size 5.1 MB
Latest Version v1.0.9
Category Entertainment
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateNovember 26, 2021 (2 years ago)

Movie Mate is the most complete and beautiful app for anyone looking to find a quick opinion about any given movie. It displays ratings from all significant sources, Trakt. Tv, TMDb, Rotten Tomatoes (critics and users), IMDb, and Metacritic, which are available on an easy-to-use interface that lets you click through until you find what your eyes have been searching for!

What Is Movie Mate APK?

It is an app that lets you find what your eyes have been searching for! Movie Mate APK is all about movies. It will show you the ratings for a film from many different sites. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can click on each one until you find the correct rating.

It is available to download from Google Play Store on Android devices for free with no ads whatsoever. It has an excellent user interface, making it very easy to find any movie title quickly and efficiently – without too much scrolling or clicking through different websites all over again. You will be able to save your favourite labels as well once Movie mate downloads their descriptions, trailer, images, etc., even without an internet connection (offline mode).

Movie Mate Mod

Features Of Movie Mate APK

There are many features of Movie Mate APK. One is that it shows you ratings for movies from many sources all on one page. Another is the ability to save your favourite films and rate them as well! You can also use it offline, which makes it a great app even when there’s no internet connection available at home or while travelling abroad -it will download trailers, images, and descriptions in advance, so you’ll never have to worry about using it too much data again.

Trakt.Tv Support

It supports Trakt. Tv Movie Ratings and Lists! It can automatically import all of your watch counts, ratings, and lists from the famous movie tracking site so that you’ll always be up-to-date with what’s happening in the movies world – no more tedious manual imports required ever. Again!

Weekly Notification

It sends out a weekly notification with all the new movies coming to theatres or streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO. It also notifies you when your favourite trailers get released!

Check Rating Of Movies You Are Watching

You can also check the rating of movies that you are watching. It is a great way to remember what you’ve watched and rated it if you want. You can decide to update your rating or keep it the same. It will also notify you if there’s a new review of that movie from another source.

It will also give you information about trending movies. It provides the Box office, Opening, and Coming Soon of each movie. It shows DVD releases, which is a great way to find out when your favourite titles are coming to Netflix.

Search For Movies

You can also search for movies in Movie Mate APK. It provides the latest trailers, reviews, and other information about that movie, so you’ll know what you’re searching for!

Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Metacritic, and ratings

It supports Movie ratings and lists from all major sources – Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB (critics), Metacritic (users) Movie Ratings and Lists

It is the complete app for movie fans! If you’re looking to get information about any given movie in one place, It will be your go-to source of information. It displays ratings from several different sites, including TMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb (critics or users), and even Metacritic, which are available on a user-friendly interface that lets you click through until you find what your eyes have been searching for. You can download Movie Mate APK free with no ads whatsoever from our link.

Movie Details (synopsis, director, cast, critic consensus, etc.)

Movie Mate APK has a great Movie Details page that will provide you with synopses, cast information, director, and more. Movie details are one of the best features is – it’s like having IMDb right at your fingertips without ever opening up another window or tab.

Top Critic Reviews

Movie Mate APK also has a Movie critic reviews section where it lists the Top Critics Reviews. It even displays what critics are saying about this movie as well!

A-Z Movie Listing

The A-Z Movie list is also one of its best features. You can search in your favourite actor or actress and find out all their movies so that you never have to go looking for them on IMDb again, no matter how obscure they might be – it will do everything for you by displaying them with links right there at your fingertips, so you’ll always know when another new release comes up!

Make your lists: Rate movies, Watchlist and Watched list, Collection.

It comes with the Movie Lists that you can access from the List section. You can create a Watchlist list of movies that you want to watch and Rate Movies, which is excellent for keeping track of what you’ve watched and rated it so far. It also has Collections where there are currently ten pre-selected collections available – these include some popular categories such as Disney Classics or Pixar Films!

YouTube Trailers

Movie Mate APK also provides Movie trailers from YouTube so you can get a look before you download.

Material design

Movie Mate APK is also updated with a new Material design to give it a clean, sleek look that will fit seamlessly on any device.


Download Movie Mate APK free today from our website and explore all the features! Movie Mate APK provides you with everything you need so that your movie-watching experience becomes more enjoyable than ever before.

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