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Ludo Star
App NameLudo STAR APK
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Latest Version1.94.1
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

Ludo Star Mod APK:- Do you remember playing different games when all the family members sit together? All the gossips and fun mean a lot. Now, everything has been or is in the process of being digitalized. You used to play outdoor games like cricket, tennis ball, etc. but now these games like ludo star apk are made accessible on your smartphones.

Similarly, Ludo star apk in Asia, a very famous board game is being played since decades; in Mughal emperor. It is the most popular board game in Asia. I guess everyone has played it. And I remember when cousins arrive at our home at any event, this board game was the best indoor game to be played.

We used to gossip and play at the same time. We used to bet and the loser had to pay some kinda treat. But with the advancement, we all get stuck in our busy routines. Our 9 to 5 jobs and the tired endings of days do not allow us to go anywhere. Distances are far greater and meetings are very rare. If you are the one who really misses these indoor board ludo games, then must read the article, it has big surprises for you.

Ludo Star Mod APK

What is Ludo Star APK?

Well after all the descriptions I have written, here is a big surprise for you. In the era of technology and smartphones addiction, you are going to enjoy this old and traditional board game on your smartphones. Ludo Star Apk is an updated and modified version of Ludo Star’s original game version as the name indicates, the mod is abbreviated for the word modded which means modified and apk is the short form of Android Application Package.

All the key features of ludo star plus additional features which were paid ones in the original game are here for free. Yes! Everything is going great in this version. Android game developers have now focused on bringing some famous traditional games to soft forms. Because of its popularity, it’s android soft version has won the hearts of game-addicted players. Within a short span, this game has been top rated and it is very rare for any online game to be rated in such away.

Ludo star apk game developers have worked hard for making this game and adding the original taste of Ludo board game. You can play it online with your family and friends online even you do not meet in person. I know you are enjoying hard reading it because it has grasped your attention and it is for sure you love this game.

Anyhow, moving forward, not only the excitement of the ludo board game but also something extra is here. Know what is that? Of course, extra matters a lot and in Ludo Star Mod Apk, you will have gems that will be yours when you win the game.

Ludo Star

Ludo Star Features:

As I told you before, it is like the original version of the Ludo star apk but it is different because of some additional features. You cannot enjoy them in their real version. These features are listed below;

1- Unlimited Coins:

It has unlimited coins waiting for you. All you need to do is to start the game with no fear of losing coins. The chances of winning are much higher.

2- Sixes:

You will get sixes in a row whenever you want and roll your dice. It means more sixes more speedily you may enter your home and furthermore, more efficiently you will reach the faraway target. And of course, it is important to get rid of the predator following you.

3- Free of Ads:

The best thing, for me I guess, is it is ads-free. Yes. You would not be irritated by the un-needed ads in order to get some gold coins. But in the original version, there are ads. There, you have to watch videos online that are hard of 3 to 10 seconds when you are facing a shortage of coins.

4- Auto Pilot Mode:

Do you have an emergency task to do and started the game. Well, you do not need to leave the game. Just keep your device connected to the internet server and turn on the autopilot mode. Even if you are not active, the game will be continued in automatic mode. But this mode is somehow a little bit risky as the system randomly moves your tokens and you may lose the game on the spot too.

5- God mode:

It is a little bit cheating in the game. This game will ensure your win when you turn on God mode. It is a trick by which you can win the game and make your opponents worry about it is actually happening.

Ludo Star Board Game:

There are total of four corners in the game that are specified by different colors; blue, green, red and yellow. And every corner is specified for one player. The game has different modes to play. Modes classification is Classic, Master, and Quick. Classic mode is simple. You do not need to beat the tokens of the opponents to enter the home. But I know, the ludo star apk board game without killing opponents’ tokens is so boring. So another big surprise is here. When you kill your opponent’s token you will get an extra turn to roll the dice. So the chances of winning increase too. You have to make sure to send your all tokens to home first.

Master mode is of next level mode. Here, you cannot enter your home until you kill one token of your opponent. And the rest of the rules are the same as in classic mode.

The quick game mode is the easiest and different one. It is for those who want to consume their short break time by playing this fabulous game. Here winning depends on who will take his one token to home first.

Ludo Star

How to Download and Install it:

This game is amazing for the reason that it can be installed on different devices. Just follow the steps and then enjoy the phenomenal gaming at device available for you.

For Android:

  • For Android mobiles, download the Ludo Star Apk Mod.
  • When downloading is complete, check the downloads folder.
  • Click downloaded Ludo star mod apk to install.
  • If your device is showing some restrictions, go to the settings and remove this restriction of installing applications from unknown source.
  • When there is no restriction, you can again go to the downloaded files, search for ludo star mod apk and tap to install.
  • It will take a while for the installation process when installation is complete, tap on it and here comes your favorite version of ludo star; ludo star mod apk.

For PC:

There is good news for the people who have personal computers and do not have smart Android phones. You can also download and install it on your PC. Here is how you can install ludo star on PC

  1. Install blue stacks and run the installer.
  2. Complete one-time set-up.
  3. Go to the search bar at the top right corner and search for ludo star.
  4. Click the icon then click install on the Google play screen.
  5. Once the installation completes, click the ludo star icon in my Apps tab.
  6. You are done installing ludo star on your PC now.

For iPhone:

Unfortunately for the higher security reasons in iPhones, the Ludo Star Mod Apk cannot be installed in it. But if you have your personal computer, then enjoy this version on PC.

Ludo Star Online:

Ludo star apk mod is an online game providing you the platform to play it with your friends, family and even with strangers. You can play worldwide. How is the feeling of playing with international players while you are at home? Moving forward, we all know about live ludo board game that although there are 4 corners but or 3 players can also play against each other. Similarly, in this game, you will see different options on the home page. You can play 2 players match, you can play 4 players match and even you can play team-up match also.

You can connect this game to your Facebook account so that it would be easy to play with your friends on the list and challenge them. I know playing with friends and also beating them is a next-level game. Furthermore, you have an option of creating the table and while having your specific table code, you can invite your friends to join you at a private table.

Ludo Star Offline:

Sometimes, it happens that you do not have any internet connection but you want to play this game. So there is no need to be worried about this. Ludo star mod apk has the option of playing offline. So pick up your phone, have a seat and start playing it. You can play it against the computer or against a friend who is physically present near you.

Availability on Play Store:

Ludo Star Apk mod is a pirated version of Ludo Star. So it is not available on play store. You have to download it and then install it. The downloading process is told above.

How to install ludo star on your cell phones?

  • 1- To install ludo star on your mobile phone download the ludo star apk from our website.
  • 2- Then install it in your phones and allow permission from the setting.
  • 3- And you are done. Play ludo star with your friends.

How do I add friends on Ludo?

You need to create first room to play ludo star with your friends and family

What is the Ludo star game?

Ludo is a game to be played with three or four players online with your friends and family

Now you can enjoy the latest game of Ludo’s family named Ludo King. You can download it from any playstore and start adding your family and friends to play games and enjoy the time with you.

Wrapping Up:

As every single detail is mentioned in this article, I hope you got it very well. Now enjoy Ludo Star Mod Apk on your respective device. This will definitely bring the old memories.

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