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iRoot APK
App NameiRoot Apk
Size13.7 MB
Latest VersioniRoot_3.5.3_2075
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Compatible WithAndroid 5.0+
UpdateDecember 13, 2022 (1 year ago)

Welcome to the official website of iroot apk, where we provide you the latest and greatest offerings of iroot aka vroot apk for Android to root your android device without any fuss. Download iroot apk or vroot apk for Android to get started.

Every Android user loves to tinker with the settings in their android device. Most of the android users want to change the look and feel of their devices. There are many settings provided by the device in the settings menu to do these things. But we all know that these settings are limited, because a person, who is new to a mobile phone and has access to the root settings, can easily do things that would make their phone not work properly or make it permanently not usable that is Brick their Android device.

But this was the case few years before. Nowadays each and everyone is familiar with an android mobile phone or any Android device. And everyone knows the basic settings and working of an android phone or device. So every Android users deserve to root their Android device. But before you have the access to the root settings of your phone you need to root (a process to gain access or gain admin authority of a phone) your phone. And rooting a phone was a complicated task before. It involved using a Computer. People have made their phones unusable due to bad rooting or not following the right procedure of rooting.

iRoot APK Download

But don’t worry we have the perfect app for you. The iRoot APK is the simplest and the best option when it comes to rooting your Android device. The iRoot APK will help you achieve this and make your life easy by avoiding the complex task of rooting a phone. You just need one click and your android device will root just like that. The iRoot app is designed in such a way that a user can get their phone rooted automatically once they install the app successfully. iRoot apk will automatically take the user to the root access and provide them with the admin authority. This saves the user from undergoing the complicated task of rooting. iRoot APK is easy to use and provides the user with a means to manage the root access or permissions in an easy manner.

iRoot APK v4.0 Download For Android – vRoot APK (Official Website)

How to Download & Install iRoot Apk on Android Phone?

Following are the instructions on where to get the app, how to download it and how to install it. Though downloading and installing the app is very easy and fast, it is recommended that you follow the steps to download and install the app successfully. Before you install the app make sure that you have enabled the ‘Allow third-party apps to install’ option. To enable it to go to your phone’s settings. Now under the application settings or security settings, you will find an option which says “Allow installations from third-party apps” or something like that. Make sure to check the option.

  • Step 1– First of all, download iRoot APK for Android from the official website.
  • Step 2 – Once you are redirected to the official page you will find a download button on the start of the page. Click on the download button and let the apk file download.
  • Step 3 – Once you have downloaded the apk file you have to open it. You will be prompted with a dialogue box with two options Install and Cancel. Click on Install and let the app install.
  • Step 4 – Once your app is installed you just have to open the app. After this, you root your phone. The app takes care of your rooting process automatically from here on.
iRoot APK

iRoot APK Features

Following are the features of the iRoot app. This app is packed with lots of features.

  1. First of all iRoot apk obviously makes the rooting process easy and that too in a simplified manner with the help of its easy to use and minimalistic interface.
  2. It provides us with the feature wherein you can select particular apps that should run when your device starts up.
  3. It provides full authorization to the users so that the user can make the full out of their phone.
  4. Most of all, iRoot APK is totally free. You can just go to the above-mentioned link and download it for free. It is an open source file.
  5. It works mostly works on all tablets, Android, and other devices flawlessly.

The most insecure moment of a phone is when you root it. There are chances that you might lose your data while rooting. But iRoot provides special security that none other apps provide. Ultimately making your phone, very secure.

Disadvantages of iRoot App

Voids the warranty

Once you root your phone you are void to the warranty provided by the manufacturers. So make sure you don’t root your phone unless you are out of the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Updates might not work

Once you have rooted your phone it is possible that new updates for the phone might not work. Even if you unroot the phone you might not be able to update the phone.

Some iRoot Alternative Apps,

Though iRoot is the best app for rooting your android device, there are other alternatives to the iRoot app. Following are the alternatives of the iRoot apk.

  1. KingoRoot
  2. Root Master
  3. Towel Root
  4. Rescue Root
  5. One Click Root.
  6. Z4Root
  7. SRSRoot

These were the alternative for the vRoot apk which will provide you with similar features. Though it is recommended that you use the iRoot apk because it is fast, easy and secured. You don’t have to worry that you might end up bricking up your Android device.

Final Verdict

iRoot app (vRoot APk) is the best app in the market you would ever come across when it comes to rooting your phone. Use iRoot APK and you are just one click away to rooting your Android device and enjoying the various features of a rooted android device. The iRoot app is very secure and hence you don’t have to worry that you might brick your android device. As mentioned above, from the process of installation to using all the features of the app its a child’s play. I strongly recommend iRoot APK to those who really like rooting their phone and tinkering with their phone, go for it.

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