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Greenify Donation
App NameGreenify MOD APK
Publisher Oasis Feng
Size 4M
Latest Version4.7.8
Category Tools
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateSeptember 21, 2021 (1 year ago)

If you are a heavy android user with lots of apps installed on your device then you would definitely face issues with the performance. One major problem that everyone faces with smartphones is the battery drain. Most of the so called best android phones don’t even withstand the battery for 24 hours. Whatever be the processor and high volume RAM, still due to the heavy usage of apps you would find some serious battery drain issues. In order to fix the apps that cause battery drain in the background, a tool would be needed. This is where greenify donation apk comes into the picture.

What is greenify donation apk?

You don’t need to confuse with the name donation. Greenify app ensures to keep your android smartphone work smoothly by hibernating the useless apps that run on background. This, in turn, boosts your battery performance and last longer. D So I hope this intro is enough to know about greenify donation apk. Follow this article carefully to know how to download, install and use this app to make the best out of it.

Greenify Donation MOD APK

Greenify vs Greenify Donation apk

Before we get started we need to know a few basic things about Greenify. The developer Oasis Feng has developed 2 versions of greenify app. One is free and other is paid. Greenify is a free app that anyone can download from play store and Greenify Donation Package apk is paid (<1$). But don’t worry we will provide it for free ???? The greenify donation apk is basically meant for developers. Because one can do some experimental things with greenify donation package apk. So let’s now analyze the features of this amazing app in detail.

Features of Greenify Donation Package apk

  • Aggressive Doze & Doze on the Go: These are the two new features added in greenify. This is specifically used to boost the battery saving on Android version 6 and above.
  • Greenify Automator: This feature will auto hibernate the misbehaving apps on your device and optimize the battery by stopping them running in the background.
  • Less RAM Usage: It is designed in such a way that it requires less than 5 MB RAM for its functionality and negligible CPU and battery usage.
  • Greenify system apps: This is one of the special features of greenify donation apk. With this, you will be able to hibernate the system apps also. It is only for the experimental purpose. Do try greenifying system apps only if you are aware of it. It is advised to handle this feature carefully!
  • Allow GCM push: GCM stands for Google Cloud Messaging. It is the one responsible for sending push notifications to the apps. Most of the apps use this GCM to send the notifications. One problem with greenifying the apps is that it will stop the notifications as well. So in order to fix that issue, the greenify donation apk allows you to enable GCM even on the hibernated apps.
  • Wake up tracker: It’s a special option provided by the greenify donation apk for rooted users. It will auto detect who woke up the apps and it cut off those apps automatically after a time delay.
  • Greenify no root: The greenify donation apk latest version 3.6 works like a charm in non rooted devices as well. So you need not worry about rooting your device.
  • Enhance battery: By hibernating the apps, it will make sure to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone.
  • No freeze & task killer: Greenify will not force close or kill the apps that you use. It only hibernates the app that is not frequently used.

Thesea are some of the amazing features of this fantastic app. There are even a lot more features which we will discuss in the upcoming topics.

Greenify donation apk download latest version

How to install greenify donation package apk?

Here we will explain the installation of greenify donation apk on non-rooted devices. If you are a rooted user then scroll down to the next topic.

  • Download the file from the above link.
  • Tap on it to install it on your device.Make sure that you have give permission to allow installation from unknown sources. If you haven’t done this, Go to Settings -> Security -> Device administration -> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
  • Once the installation is complete open the greenify app.
  • The welcome screen of greenify will be as seen above. Just click on next.
  • Here you need to choose whether your device is rooted or not. As my device is not rooted, I have chosen first option.
  • If you are using the screen lock feature on your device then select the option “Yes, I use it daily”
  • Here you can setup the automatic hiberation feature. You can enable it by providing the required access to it.
  • Now we need to provide the accessibility service to greenify app. To do so just click on the setting option next to Accessibility service.
  • Here you need to select the Greenify app and enable it.
  • Accessibility service is now provided. Next select settings option next to “Screen overlay permission”
  • Now the screen overlay permission is also provided.
  • Next window is about “experience during Hiberation”. You can have a quick read about this feature.
  • It’s almost done now. Just click on Grant Permission to enable smart hibernation.
  • Just like before you need to enable the option for Greenify.
  • The setup is complete. You just click on the Finish option to get the app ready for hibernation.

Installation of Xposed (for rooted users)

If you want to run the greenify donation apk on your rooted phone then it’s necessary to install Xposed. Follow the steps given below to download and install xposed.

  • Download xposed framework here
  • Once download install it and provide root access to it.
  • Now open xposed framework and go to the Modules and activate Greenify app.
  • Finally, reboot your device to successfully use Greenify on your root version.

Next let’s see how to use this cool app. The following steps applies for both rooted and non rooted android users.

How to use Greenify Donation apk?

1. Once the setup is over you will find this screen.

2. The next step is to add the app to hiberante. To do it tap on the + option on the screen.

3. The app analyzer page will load up. Here you need to select the apps that you need to optimize.

Tip: You have to be really careful while adding the apps to greenify. You can add the apps that you rarely use it. Say for example if you have some games installed on your device then you can greenify them. And the option GCM in the right side of app refers to Google Cloud Messaging. Chosing that will disable the notifications from those apps and hibernate them. So be careful while adding the apps to greenify list. Also if you tend to hibernate system apps then it might create some serious issues. So be careful with it.

4. So in my case I have greenified the apps that I don’t use often. Shareit, zebpay, hola and paytm are the apps that I use when required. So I have greenified it.

5. Now these apps will be added to the home page of greenify app. You can degreenify the apps by select the option button at the top right.

6. There are lot more features available in the greenify app settings. Just open it have a look over it. These are self-explanatory and can be used as per the requirement.


Can I use the Greenify donation apk without rooting?

This is one of the basic questions that anyone has in mind before using this app. Luckily greenify supports both rooted and non-rooted devices. If you are using a rooted phone then you need to install xposed framework on your device. Of course the rooted version of greenify has some additional features than the basic ones.

What can I greenify?

You can greenify the apps that you don’t use frequently and the apps that you feel to be dumb. Say if you have some games on your device then can greenify them so that it won’t suck your battery.

What is GCM Greenify?

GCM is nothing but the Google Cloud Messaging. It is the service used by most of the android apps to push notifications. So you need to think twice before you disable the apps using GCM.

What not to greenify?

You need not greenify the apps that you use regularly. Say if you are using whatsapp frequently then it’s not advised to greenify them.

What is greenify xposed?

If you own a rooted android device then xposed framework is necessary to use the greenify app root version. So install xposed if you want to use greenify on rooted mobile.

What is greenify automator?

Greenify automator hibernates the greenified apps automatically while the mobile screen is off.

What does greenify hibernate do?

This is the major feature of this app. Once you greenify the selected apps it will not allow to run in the background and saves the battery life.

How to greenify google play store, google apps and system apps?

Well, it’s a tricky question. As the android devices work based on the sysyem apps, it makes no sense to hibernate google apps. But still, greenify allows the user to hibernate system apps for an experimental purpose. So you need a root phone with xposed framework installed to greenify system apps, google apps and google play store.

How to uninstall greenify?

Well if you don’t want greenify you can directly uninstall just like you do for other apps. In case if you have provide device administration access to greenify then you have to turn it off before uninstalling.

Why use greenify app?

Well that’s what this whole article explains. Do check the features of greenify shared in this post to know why you should use greenify donation apk.

Is greenify available for windows?

No it’s not available for windows pc or laptop. Becuase they don’t allow the apps to control the battery and performance of the device.

Is greenify app harmful or have any bad effects?

Greenify don’t allow the user to hibernate all the apps. You can only greenify apps that won’t cause any trouble to your mobile. So it’s not harmful.


So I hope you find our article worth it. The greenify donation apk is working like charm. I have optimized my battery up to 50%. So I strongly suggest you to try this awesome Greenify donation apk and share your experience with us via comment.

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