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Friday Night Funkin
App NameFriday Night Funkin
Latest Versionv0.2.8
CategoryRole Playing
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateApril 9, 2022 (2 years ago)

Friday Night Funkin is a fun music game where you may immerse yourself in the realm of music and love. The protagonist is a man with an uncommon hair colour who is smitten by a crimson beauty. He wants to take his significant other out on a date so that he may express his emotions with a smooch.

However, you have a little possibility of realising your ambitions! Her father was once a famous rock star. The power of music is the only way to penetrate your heart and save your life. If you want to win, make sure you strike the proper notes at the appropriate moment.

Some Great features of Friday night funkin apk


The girl’s father is quite strict in the mobile game Friday Night Funkin, and he does not let his precious daughter leave since he does not like the blue-haired guy. In order for your hero to accomplish, he must first get permission from the girl’s father. Then there will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to squeeze the girl in a hidden, romantic location and receive the first kiss from the wanted lips.


The game takes place in a fast-paced setting where your objectives are to impress the parent and kiss before time runs out. What’s interesting about this is that it doesn’t involve standard gaming abilities like hitting the proper buttons at the right time or flawlessly timing leaps.

Across the game, the central character must employ two separate skill sets: being able to precisely tap keys when requested and paying careful attention to what music is coming next because that they can respond appropriately without missing any.

Friday Night Funkin

Let the Music play

If singing is your specialty, you’ve probably already played a few of these games. After all, there are tens of thousands of music-related games to choose from right now. Friday Night Funkin, on the other hand, is a game that isn’t accessible anywhere else. This unique game is based on the same famous PC game that many people like. You’ll have to show your value by singing here.

Father appearance

Having purple skin, dark eyes with red flashing expressions, and brownish purple hair that is somewhat fashioned like a creature’s horn, the father has a hellish aspect. He’s dressed in a black suit coat with no shirt, revealing his dark chest and body hair, and black slacks with golden hooks and straps.

Friday Night Funkin


Friday Night Funkin’s primary character and hero is Boyfriend. he’s on a journey to obtain the favour of her buddy, but she’s up with her dad and other people along the road.

This acquaintance is a young white guy with blue-blue hair. With a tee Shirt, blue baggy leggings, red shoes, and a red and blue cap on the back, she sports a red taboo badge. He holds a mic in his right hand and a wallet in his left.

Friday Night Funkin

The girlfriend

The girlfriend is the kid of Dear Old dad as Well as the Mom, and she is delighted in her boyfriend’s affection. Normally, she sits on the boombox, cutting her head to the beat of the music to encourage you. He will show you how to play and keep track of your combination throughout the game in the tutorial.

This acquaintance is a young white lady with long reddish-brown hair. She’s dressed in a red strapless dress with matching red shoes. Her accent is nail in a bright crimson colour. He sits on his feet all the time.


Friday Night Funkin’ is a basic game in which you must hit the arrow buttons indicated on the display, as well as the a, s, w, and d keys. Your character is on the right, and you’re up against an adversary on the left who has the same goal as you, despite the fact that your adversary can’t make a single error. Every week, a new adversary, as well as fresh music and area floor plan, will be introduced.



When the coloured arrows (notes) displayed on-screen overlap with their markers, players must hit the WASD/arrow keys in the appropriate order.

If an indicator displays with a line streak underneath it, the player must press the key throughout the duration of the streak. Even though the notes with a sequence do not provide any more points beyond the first key hit, holding it completely increases the health metre swiftly, while releasing it too soon decreases it quickly.

The adversary always performs their line first in the game, and the player must answer by duplicating the rhythm of the opponent. The player may be required to harmonise with their opponent at times, singing at the same time.


Health bar

A health bar located at the end of the screen, with the head icons of the antagonist(s) to the left and the Protagonist to the left. The symbols push slightly to the left when the musician does not miss a note, making the bar look more green. The symbols push significantly to the right if the player loses a note, making the bar seem more red. Boyfriend’s symbol will alter to seem wounded if the head icons shift too far to the right. If the head icons are moved too far to the left, the character’s symbol will alter to seem painted instead.


If you keep striking notes, a trend count will ultimately emerge near Girlfriend. When you strike a note, this counter resets to zero. Gamers must then press 10 additional notes in order for the counter to show with each note press. The number will increase from 10 onwards for every consecutive note the player strikes without failing. The countdown resets if indeed the player hits a key but fails a note, and the Girl will weep temporarily.


The newest version of the Friday Night Funkin APK is now available for free download. You may acquire it by getting the attached file from the download link provided below. The game will begin to install on your phone as soon as you hit the download button.

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