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Free Fire PC
App Name Garena Free Fire
Size 700M
Latest Version1.64.1
Category Survival
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Compatible With Android 5.0+
UpdateSeptember 4, 2021 (2 years ago)

A lot of action-adventure games are present on the internet which has been able to capture the eyes of all the gamers around the world by providing premium features on the Android platform and as well as for the windows.

The free fire PC is a game that you can enjoy in your personal computers by joining the group of survivors and soldiers to fight against the Army of enemies in a ferocious battleground.

In this particular article, we will be covering the premium features offered by this game along with the ways to install it using the ldplayer on your personal computer.

Free Fire PC

What is the Free Fire Game?

Free fire PC is a magnificent action game for personal computers and laptops where you can join a group of strong survivors along with trained soldiers and normal people as you have to battle out against the enemies in a ferocious war so that you can live and win the game.

You can easily enjoy this particular game on your personal computer.

The game begins from a parachute where more than 50 parachutes are abandoned on an island and when you reach the ground every player is for themself as they have to hunt for weapons, medicines, and other important items that are necessary for their survival. 

Free Fire PC

You have to run to the empty buildings and sneak up on the enemies when they are not even expecting you so that you have the upper hand and you can kill them without any problem.

You have to be very quick and always remain on your toes along with their weapon so that you can make the first shot in front of your enemies and kill them while saving your fellow companions to win more amount of money and points for making the in-app purchases.

Over time the area of playing the game will begin to shrink as all the players will be forced into closer quarters and more frequent battles. At the end of the game, the last player who is standing inside the battleground is considered to be the winner of the free-fire PC battlegrounds.

Install Process using ldplayer

The process of installation of the free-fire PC game using ldplayer is very simple. The easy to follow steps which will save you time while installing this particular game in your personal computer are given below in brief detail for wonderful users:

  • Download install ldplayer: The first step for installing the free fire PC game is to download and install the latest version of ldplayer on a personal computer or laptop so that the hassle-free installation of the game can be done from the end of the user.
  • Complete google sign-in: Just like the other applications which are working on the internet you have to complete the Google sign-in process in the ldplayer to access the Play Store and remove any kind of hindrance which can be occurred in the future.
  • Locating free fire: The third and the most important step is to look for the free fire PC simple present in the search bar which is located at the top right corner inside the ldplayer application for your PC.
  • Installing the game: The fourth step in the free-fire PC installation process is clicking on the install game button which is present from the search results so that the installation process begins without wasting any time and the game can be easily installed on the memory of your personal computer.
  • Complete Google signs in: If by chance in the second step you have not completed the Google sign-in process for accessing the Play Store, then this is just the right time to do so because if you again ignore the same then you will not be able to properly install the game and this could lead to for the problems while you are playing the game on the PC.
  • Open the game: After the completion of the fifth step, you will see that the icon of the free-fire PC game will be available on the desktop of the device. You can simply double-click on the desktop and start playing the game after going through the basics and the tutorial video provided by the game.

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Free Fire PC Offline Gameplay Match

Free Fire Pc is a wonderful game that can also be played offline. This particular game follows the basic principles of common battles and ranging up to the most extreme battles that you have seen in the world of the game.

This means that this particular game will require a stable internet connection so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

This particular game will also employ the use of robots so that it can fill the quota of the minimum players that are required to play a particular round and increase the excitement to the maximum level.

But the game also takes care of the fact that all the players who are playing a particular round are not robots so that you will get a real sense of battle while playing this particular virtual game.

The number of bots that are provided in this particular game is not enough to result in the competitive offline experience which is provided by this game.

So, the offline mode on the version of the game will defeat the original purpose of real-time competitive battle experience which can be driven out across the globe between real-time players.

Cheat Ban

Just like most of the battle games which are present on the internet, the free fire for PC is a game that imposes a strict rule when it comes to the process of cheating.

The game focuses on no type of cheating because according to them it would not be suitable for all the players who are playing the game to use cheat codes so that they will get an upper hand over the other players.

Free Fire PC

So the fraud in this particular game will result in banning all the accounts to restore peace and fair gameplay.

The cheaters of the particular game will result in permanently banning their gaming account along with including the device which is used for this purpose whether it be a personal computer or your smartphone android device.

Apart from this particular fact, all the cheaters who are participating in any of the sponsor tournaments are kicked out automatically from the sponsors of the game.

This particular thing is done to restore the peace and fair gameplay along with making a positive word of mouth of this particular game among all the people around the world.

Free Fire PC HackProtection

Apart from the anti-cheating mechanism that we have discussed above in this article the free fire PC also incorporates the anti-hacking system inside the game so that no kind of hacking can be done while the players are enjoying the game.

Hacking is another kind of cheating that can be done by players. So, when we compare hacking to the in-game cheating the head accounts are far more dangerous inside the game than the normal kind of cheating.

It will lead to the regular update in the database of the game or inside the anti-hacking protection system provided by the game.

Since the inception of this particular game, this particular APK has banned more than 7 lakh accounts worldwide. As impressive it may sound this particular gaming company is true to its mission of providing a well-balanced and top of the mind experience to all the players so that they are encouraged to use the in-game reporting system for reporting all the hackers and cheaters that they encounter while playing the game.

Final Verdict

Free fire PC is a wonderful game that is developed for Android devices but can also be enjoyed on a personal computer using the ldplayer which we have tried to mention in this article.

We have provided the simple and time-saving steps to install the ldplayer and use it to install the free fire game on your personal computer and enjoy a hassle-free game.

FAQs (People Also Ask)

Is the free fire PC game banned in the Indian market?

Talking about the current scenario the free fire APK is not banned in the Indian Gaming Market by the government as it is available on the various Android and IOS platforms for download.

What is the minimum requirement of playing the free fire on PC?

The minimum requirement for playing the free fire game in the personal computer is 2GB of RAM along with a decent processor that is capable of supporting high definition videos and images.

Which is more suitable to play the free fire game, PC, or Mobile?

According to the experts, the free fire game can be enjoyed more when you are playing it on your personal computer because of the bigger screen and the capability of handling the heavy files of the game.

Can we hack the free fire PC game?

The free fire PC game cannot be hacked because of the anti-hacking system implemented by the game developers and at the same time the banning of the accounts who are indulged in wrong activities.

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