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Duolingo MOD APK
App NameDuolingo
Publisher Duolingo
Size 30M
Latest Version 5.24.1
Category Education
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Compatible With5.0
UpdateAugust 31, 2021 (3 years ago)

Duolingo MOD APK:-Looking for an institute who can teach you various languages? Searching for the translator? Do not take any tension as we have the best solution for it that is Duolingo Apk. The app is available for download on Android, iOS, and other mobile devices. The Duolingo app will help you learn various languages at free of cost. Now you can Learn Languages free with Duolingo like Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, English, and Hindi.

What is Duolingo Apk?

Duolingo is a linguistic app that helps you learn various languages. With Duolingo, you can practice speaking, learning, listening, writing, listening, reading different languages while watching movies and playing games. With Duolingo mod apk, you can also improvise your vocabulary and sentence formation skills. With Duolingo Apk full, you can start with basics including verbs, phrases, and sentences. In fact, you can learn new words also on daily basis.

Duolingo MOD APK

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Duolingo Apk Latest Version

The new version of Duolingo Apk was released just a few days ago. With its release, the app offers various features including:

  • The new version of the Duolingo is showing its fluency score at the main page.
  • It also shows the streak in the home.
  • It also gives challenges to correct streak animation and for bonus XP.

Duolingo Mod apk Languages

There are various upgraded versions available for Duolingo online including Duolingo Apk Cracked. All you have to check the Duolingo Android app free download process.

  • Duolingo Japanese:-The Japanese language is the ninth-most-spoken language. But with Duolingo Apk, you can learn, practice, and speak any of the languages. In fact, the Duolingo app also conducts the test to check the capability of the person.
  • Duolingo English:-The user can learn the English language, practice, write and read from here. In fact, the app also conducts the test that helps you make the analysis of your capability.
  • Duolingo Spanish:-Spanish is the second most spoken language spoken in the world. The user can communicate this language easily with the actual speakers.
  • Duolingo Italian:-The Italian language is spoken by the people who belong to Italy. It is one of the major languages in the European country. With the Duolingo app, the user can write, speak, and read the language.
  • Duolingo French:-The lesson given to the candidates includes the translation and taps the pairs. With Duolingo, the user can set the goals as well as he or she can track his or her progress also.

Duolingo for Schools

Many of the teachers and government employees use the Duolingo app as this is one of the best and perfect blends of all the languages that make you an expert in different languages. With this app, the teacher can track the performance of the student in a single place via their new dashboard. This is one of the best and fun-loving app that provides you the lessons to keep you motivated about the language.

Feedback by users

  • This is a wonderful app. It’s a great way to start learning a language, especially in conjunction with books on grammar, etc. It helps, very much, with becoming familiar with the language, getting used to how it sounds, etc. Some languages could do with improvements (Latin!! 🙂 ), but it is an ongoing process. The ads are great because they make it possible to use the app free of charge. I look forward to the updates (Latin! :-)), but overall, I love it! Thank you Duolingo, thank you so much.
  • Duolingo gives me lots of practice with language skills. It includes, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It begins with small tasks and then builds on those to teach more complex words and phrases. It gives lots of praise, encouragement, and repetition as I struggle with new concepts. It requires constant interaction, so you can’t sit back and let the lesson go by, as you might w lecture. This is a well-thought-out program for teaching languages.

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