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Snapseed is an iOS and Android photo-editing tool that allows users to enhance photographs and apply digital filters. Nik Software created it, and it is now owned by Google.

Snapseed was first released on the iPad in June 2011, and it was selected as Apple’s iPad App of the Year 2011. Nik announced Snapseed for the iPhone in August 2011, following the success of the iPad version. Snapseed for Microsoft Windows was later revealed on February 27, 2012.

Snapseed was released on Android in December 2012, following Google’s acquisition, and the PC version of Snapseed was discontinued.

Nik released Snapseed 2.0 for iOS and Android on April 9, 2015, with additional tools, capabilities, and a redesigned user interface.

Download Snapseed APK for Android

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RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or greater
iOS 12.1 or greater
CategoryPhoto & video



  • Free!
  • Professional-grade presets and tools are included.
  • It is used by both amateur and professional photographers.
  • User-friendly
  • RAW files can be edited
  • To edit images, simply swipe your finger across the sliders.
  • There are no advertisements.


  • Edit photos with swiping gestures
  • Variety of effects
  • Color and contrast adjustments are done automatically
  • Save user’s editing history
  • Use a combination of filters as well as default filters
  • A variety of filters Eg: Drama, Grunge, Vintage, Center-focus, Frames and Tilt-ashift
  • Import RAW images
  • New filters such as lens blur, glamor glow, HDR scape, and noir
  • Directly share images on social media


Let’s edit an Image!

  1. Begin by fine-tuning the image.
snapseed apk

You’ll notice three buttons at the bottom of your image once it’s loaded: Looks, Tools, and Export. You can swap between various filters or create your own using the Looks option. Since we’re concentrating on editing, select Tune Image from the Tools menu.

Basic picture-altering features such as brightness and contrast are included in Tune Image. The brightness will already be chosen.

snapseed apk

Simply swipe up or tap the Tools button in the bottom bar to switch to another tool. To notice the difference between the original and the altered image, tap and hold on to the image.

In the Tune Image section, you’ll find the following tools:

  • Brightness: Use this to add light to a dark image or to tone down an overexposed image. Dimming the brightness of overexposed photos, on the other hand, brings out features almost instantly.
  • Contrast is the difference between the darkest and lightest elements of an image, and it can be increased or decreased.
  • Saturation: Increasing the saturation boosts the vibrancy of the colors. If you want the image to stand out, use it.
  • Ambiance: You may modify saturation and contrast at the same time with Ambiance.
  • Highlights: Highlights allow you to adjust the intensity of the image’s brightest (lightest) parts. Reduce the highlights if an image is overexposed or too bright.
  • Shadows: Shadows do the same function as Highlights, but for the image’s darkest portions.
  • Warmth: Warmth gives your entire image a warm orange or cold blue color. You can rapidly transform a bright orange sky into a cool blue sky with this utility

2. Play with the structure and sharpness of the image using Snapseed.


Return to the Tools area and select Details from the drop-down menu. Structure and Sharpening are the two editing options available here. If your photo has a texture element, these techniques will function well (like wood or rust).

The Structure tool will help you add a wow factor to your photo.

3. HDR Scape on Snapseed is a Game-Changing Technology


HDR Scape is a program that will give your shot an instant aesthetic appearance. It works best with nature and/or people images. After you choose it, you’ll see that the image has a lot of detail and that the colors are extremely saturated to make them stand out.

From here, you can change the filter’s intensity, saturation, and brightness. After applying the HDR Scape, you can go back to the Tune Image tool and tone things down if you believe it’s a little too much.

4. Give it a vintage vibe Using Film


Grainy Film filters are a great method to give your images a retro look. You can achieve a good effect even if you use a small filter and keep the strength on the low side.

5. Composition work in progress


The location of the subject in the frame, rather than the editing, can sometimes make or break an image. Try utilizing the Crop tool if you have a high-quality image. Crop the image so that the subject is in the middle, or so that they are aligned to one of the rules of thirds grids.

6. Shift your viewpoint on Snapseed


It’s not always the editing that separates a good photo from a terrific photo; sometimes it’s the angle. The angle of the photograph is occasionally slightly incorrect.

Snapseed, thankfully, offers a useful Perspective function. To alter the perspective, swipe up, down, left, or right. Snapseed will intelligently fill in the gaps at the picture’s edges.

7. White Balance should be adjusted.

snapseed apk

White Balance is similar to Warmth, except it has a color tinge to it. You might start by adding a cool blue or a warm orange tint to the photo with the Temperature tool. Then swipe over to the Tint option to give the photograph a green or pink tint. This is a simple and quick approach to transform a drab blue sky into a warm purple sky.

8. Use the Healing tool on Snapseed to fix images

snapseed apk

The Healing tool aids in the correction of minor flaws, stains, and imperfections. You can even crop off little details from the image. When it’s surrounded by plain items like the sky or human skin, it functions best.

Zoom into the part of the image you wish to fix after selecting the Healing option. Then gently brush over the region you want to heal with your finger. It will be red-highlighted.

9. Embrace Selective Editing

snapseed apk

Snapseed’s Selective Editing is a fantastic function that you should absolutely use.

Select the Selective option, then tap on a part of the image (either the sky or a face), pinch in and out with two fingers to expand or contract the targeted area. You may toggle between Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Structure by swiping horizontally on Snapseed.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to make mistakes on Snapseed

snapseed apk

It will be reassuring to know that nothing is truly lost while using Snapseed to edit images. You can instantly undo the last modification by tapping the Undo button. The View Edits button displays a list of all the changes you’ve made, allowing you to individually re-edit or remove them.

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