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Discord App
App Name Discord – Talk, Video Chat & Hang Out with Friends
Publisher Discord Inc.
Size 79M
Latest Version89.11 - Stable
Category Communication
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateSeptember 4, 2021 (2 years ago)

Discord apk:-Out of all the type of websites which are present on the internet social media is a place which is considered to be the most attractive and informative website because of the constant and live interaction with different people present from all around the world. The discord APK is a place where you can talk and create a home for wonderful friends and communities so that you always remain close to each other and have fun with the help of videos and text. In this particular article, we will be providing Discord apk premium features which are offered by this wonderful application along with the honest app review given by the real-time users of the same.

Discord Mod APK

Discord MOD APK

The discord APK is a place where you can talk and create friends and communities so that you are always close to each other and at the same time having a hassle-free conversation with the help of text videos and voice messages. With this particular application, you can easily chat with hundreds of friends at a single time and reduces the distance so that you can hang out with them more often by even sitting at your home or office.

You can create a place that is based upon the only invitation for having a good amount of talks with your friends and organize text channels so that the conversation can move in the right direction which you desire. With the help of the custom moderation tools and the permissions provided by the application, you can easily create a group of your friends and even organize your local book club to bring together music fans from all around the world. You can also give special members access to different types of private channels and create moderators so that a good amount of revenue can also be generated while hanging out with friends and family members.

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Premium Features of Discord App

The premium features which are offered by the discord APK are listed below along with their brief description so that all the people can have a wonderful idea about this particular application even without using it:

Send text messages

The discord APK provides you the wonderful opportunity of sending text messages to your friends and family members by adding them to your special groups and sending customized messages to them. The text messages can be sent using special emoji and different sizes to emphasize more on some of the text and to ignore the others.

Discord Mod APK

Voice messages:

Just like the voice messaging feature which is offered by WhatsApp this particular APK also offers the opportunity to send voice messages to your friends and family group using the discord APK application. By simply pressing and holding the button, you can record whatever you want and send the same so that the chatting experience can be made more interesting and full of fun. Also, the voice messaging feature saves a lot of time and effort which is wasted during typing the same message which can be spoken using the voice feature.

Discord Mod APK

Share videos

With the wonderful platform of discord APK, you can share any kind of video to your latest groups so that the entertainment factor can be increased. The video which is downloaded from any of the other social media platforms can be easily uploaded in the group using a stable internet connection and result in making you the most popular choice of the group. Along with the videos you can also share small-sized movies so that almost every kind of motion videos are provided to each other free of cost and without wasting any time.

Discord Mod APK

Invite only place to talk

With the help of this particular platform, you can make organized text channels so that you will get a private room where you can talk with your close friends. You can share your latest cooking recipes with our friends and family members and can also talk to them regarding how are you planning to spend the coming weekend. Also, other family gossips and secrets can be easily shared as this particular platform is completely safe and secure from any kind of hacking or external threats.

Invite only place to talk

Safe and secure:-

This platform has been adopted by millions of people all around the world because of the safety and security that can provide. It is a hundred percent secure for all the people as it provides safety against any kind of hacking or malware threat from outside which would result in result data breaches. Also, this particular platform protects you from any kind of malicious or dangerous file which is present so that you can easily delete that particular file and save your computer or mobile phone from being getting attacked.

Customizable Emoji:-

Another feature which has made the discord APK one of the best application in its particular segment is that it provides the opportunity to make customizable stickers and emoji. This feature has resulted in providing a lot of advantage to the people as now they can get the personalized touch in their chatting or video calling, at the same time make your friends and family members feel special regarding the relationship which you share with them.

App Review

The discord Mod APK is a wonderful application which provides the opportunity to chat with your friends and family members in a 100% secure and safe environment using stickers and small video files. The premium features which are provided by this particular application have been able to provide a lot of advantage to this APK when compared with the other applications working in the same segment.

Final Verdict

The discord APK is an amazing application that provides 100% secure chatting rooms for your friends and family members where you can create wonderful memories using a stable internet connection. In this particular article, we have tried to provide the best premium features which are offered by this application so that the users have a complete idea about this particular APK even without using it. We hope that you would have liked this article. Feel free to mention your suggestions and advice in the comment section given below this article so that we can improve the same in the future.

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