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Cooking Fever
App NameCooking Fever: Restaurant Game
Latest Version15.1.0
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Compatible WithAndroid 5.0+
UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

Cooking Fever Mod APK:-Nowadays cooking is not a difficult practice. Most of the people are practicing different recipes at their homes easily. Cooking Fever Mod APK is used for this purpose, but this is paid for in some things. It is the mod version of the official app which has unlimited gems and coins and all are completely free.

Cooking Fever is the most appealing cooking mobile game in which the users enhance their cooking skills. This game is developed by Nordcurrent, which is a publishing company. In this game, various players are looking to manage their restaurants by making the food and other things.

Cooking Fever Mod APK

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The Definition Of Cooking Fever Mod APK

This mobile game was released in 2014. It has been one of the most downloaded games of 2017. Players manage their restaurants by serving delicious food, and drinks, and earning money. Users must be good at this game to get the higher levels in this game.

Cooking has not been a difficult task nowadays for users. Most of the applications provided the users with lot of skills and management also. These apps find the users with ultimate skills and management. These apps make the users a professional chefs.

Cooking Fever is the app which gives users the opportunity to plan their own restaurant at any place of the world. Users try to manage their own restaurant by this beautiful and interesting apk. The majority of the users satisfied their customers with the help of this apk. But this apk has major drawback which is app purchase.

This apk is an app purchase in some things which are quite unbearable for the users. They want that apk which is fully free for them and understand their problems and solve them. The official apk is not completely free for the users while the mod apk is completely free and has unlimited resources like gems, coins etc.

Find out about all of the common and helpful ingredients.


Cooking Fever has currently the three different modes to play. City is the first mode in which the users have to establish eleven restaurants. Second mode in which there is nine restaurants and ten restaurants in the third mode.  Each restaurant has maximum 40 levels and each player need the minimum score to enter into the next level.

The Real Chef

This apk let the users allows to make their own restaurant at any place of the world. It allows users to furnish their management skills and cooking skills by this apk. Users can manage their own restaurant by the help of this apk. Cooking fever take the ultimate test of the cooking skills of their users.

Most of the users had dreams of establish of their own restaurant at their favourite place. So this apk let the users to accomplish their dreams. This apk let the users allow to choose their restaurant’s location and find its best. Users can   surprise their customers with extraordinary dishes.

This apk challenges the users to cook some different dishes for their customers. This apk need the patience of their users also. Users must need to know their cooking tools well like Coffee Makers, Popcorn machines, Toasters etc. There are different levels in this game which flourish the skills of users very well.


Manage Own Place

This game mastered the cooking skills of the users but also make them good management person as well. It is easy to cook something but it is difficult to run the own restaurant. Users must think and work about the store, decorations, furniture etc. These are the compulsory things which are needed to learn. Users must think about them and must learn about them.

These small things and your cooking skills make the world tell that your food is good and delicious. Like in real restaurants, when peak rush hour time will come, management will do mistakes also. Orders must complete within the time and reception should be at its peak.  These are the different things which make differences.

Challenges for the Cook

There will be some challenges for the users to tackle in time and patience. Think that there is the photo album of some best foods and it spread into pieces around you. A rumor spread that some restaurants hide their pieces in kitchens so that the users have to find the pieces. Users have to accept this challenge and must find them.

There is only way to find the pieces is that cook the foods in that specific restaurants. Users have to cook everything in their kitchens and find themselves in epic situations. Users must add the right and good ingredients in the food and make the delicious food for the customers.

This apk is an ideal game for all the users to enjoy the skills of cooking.  Users try their level best in different kitchens to inspire the customers as well as to find the album pieces.

The organization is the Key

This is the main fact that the organization is the key of restaurants. But they are just organizers, they do not know so much about the cooking. The professional chef must organize their kitchens, clean and safe the kitchen. The most important part of the job of chefs are to organize the kitchen. They must clean the surface and tidy. Make sure that everything will be put back in their right places.

Food must be cooked great and in good condition. Chef has to keep one thing in mind that avoids burning in the kitchen. Keep the surfaces clean and safe. These are the most important things which really have to keep in mind.

Paradise island restaurants

Remain Calm

Users have to stay clam in every situation. In the kitchen, users must cook great food and be patience every time. Users must wait for the food to be ready in time and give the essential accessories on the food. This will really give the food a better and prominent look. Customers then attract the food and give them good remarks about food and presentation.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk gives the extra gems, coins, places to establish the restaurant to the users. This will help the users to join the delicious food club and cook the great food for the customers with all essentials. The main features of Cooking Fever Mod APK are as follows which are quite interesting:

Variety of Food

Users must own their restaurant in their favourite places. They cook the variety of delicious food for their customers. In Cooking Fever Mod Apk users can access the more than 1300 dishes with the 350 ingredients. Users can cook the delicious food for their users to enhance their cooking skills. The presentation is the most important part of the cooking.

Users have the various varieties of food delicacies in this mod apk and they have every essential recipe to cook the delicious food for their customers.  This mod apk gives the users a better chance to make their food delicious for the customers. This will help the users in many ways.

Unlimited Rewards

Users can get the unlimited rewards from this mod apk version. In the official game, there were very little rewards for the users and users have to purchase the most things. But in the Cooking Fever mod Apk, users get the unlimited reward from everything. Users can collect different rewards, resources like gems, coins etc.

When the users served the great meal to the customers, they will get the rewards. There are many difficult levels in this game which are quite interesting for the users. Users can complete their missions of cook food and earn the rewards also. They can boost their level up by making the delicious food for the users.

If the user will work efficient, it will get more rewards. Users can get the unlimited rewards of level upgrading. Each level upgrade will bring the user closer to its end line.

Decorate your cooking area

Various Levels

This mod apk has various levels which are waiting for the users to achieve. There are various levels in the mod apk of this game. Users can boost their levels up by the unlimited coins and gems. In the official game, users have to purchase the gems and coins to boost their level up. But in the mod apk version of this game, users have the extra unlimited coins to boost their level up.

These levels make the users so efficient that they can boost their cooking skills better and fast. Various levels can boost the confidence of participants and they get the courage to be become better player.

Decorate Your Restaurants

Users have to decorate their restaurants to attract the clients. Make sure that you should make your own dishes, recipes etc. Users have to upgrade their kitchen as well. These things make their restaurants more beautiful and more attractive. Users should try all cooking appliances, all cooking utensils; make coffees, pizzas etc. for their customers.

Users have to try all tasty foods, all pizzas, deserts etc. This game allowed users to customize their delicious dishes, recipes, and to serve in front of the customers.  Users should use the different ingredients to give different taste to their dishes.

Free To Play

For all android users, this mod version is completely free. This mod version has all the great qualities and offers the users to make new friends and chat with them.

Completely Free

Cooking Free Mod Apk is complete free mod version. Although it has many premium features to offer and it’s a quite heavy game, but it is still free for the users. Users can play this mod version totally free and can have the free access to unlimited coins, gems etc.

User Interface

This mod version has user-friendly interface which is quite understandable for the users. Interface of this mod version is very suitable for the users and its highly accessible for all users to understand.

Safe and Secure

 Cooking fever Mod Apk is completely free and safe to use and play. Users can easily download this mod version without any tension. This mod version is completely safe and secure and it is free from all the viruses etc.

Unique Locations

Users can have the different unique locations for their restaurants and can make different item include Fast food, Bakery items, Chinese food, Continental food, Asian food, Sports Bar, sunset Waffles, Italian Buffet, Salad’s Bar etc.

People can establish their restaurants in the game and in different unique locations and can make their food more delicious by adding some extra pudding, salad etc for better presentation.

Find useful Ingredients

Get yourself familiar with more than 250 ingredients and over 500 different dishes. The Cooking Fever Mod Apk has the various ingredients and dishes that enhance the cooking skills of the users.  Users get the chance to spread the skills and dishes in the different parts of the world.  Users make their first appearance great with the help of these ingredients.

Ads Free

This mod apk version of the game is totally ads free and secure. Cooking Fever Mod Apk version is completely ads free and completely free to play. Users can play the game with unlimited coins, gold, money and many more. This is the most important feature of the game because ads can annoy the users very much during the cooking game.

New Recipes

Users get the chance to introduce with the more than 500 recipes and dishes in the Cooking Fever Mod Apk. This mod apk version gives chance to the users to make their skills more upheld. This mod apk version enhances the cooking skills of the users in different modes.

Unlimited Gems

Users get the unlimited gems and coins in this mod apk version. Cooking Fever Mod Apk has the unlimited gems and coins. In the official game, users have to purchase the coins and gems with real money. But in the mod apk, users have the unlimited gems and coins to unlock anything.

Users have to upgrade their restaurants to get the 3 star ranks. Users must remember to open the game daily and they will the reward after the ten days almost.

Unlimited Coins

Cooking Fever Mod Apk has also the unlimited number of coins. This feature will let the users to get anything in this mod game. In the official game, users have to purchase the coins with the real money. But in the Cooking Fever Mod Apk, users have the unlimited coins in their pocket. Coins are more important than the gems.

Extraordinary Graphics

The detailed 2D graphics and high quality real effects make this game more beautiful and more attractive for the users. Cooking Fever Mod Apk provides its users with more attaining powerful graphics with the great visual effects. These types of graphics and standards set the new racing standards for all the mobile cooking games.

Each dishes and ingredients presented in such a masterpiece art that it attracts the users very much.


There is no any issue regarding the ban problem for the devices. Users can easily secure their game by download and installing the mod apk version of the game. Users have no any worry about the ban of the game.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Download and Installation on Android Devices

In order to download and install the mod version in your devices, firstly install the official game of Cooking Fever in your device.

The Cooking Fever official game can easily be downloaded from Google play store for the users.  Users can be easily downloaded this game via this server:

First of all, users have to download this game on their device via this link and then download the mod version of this game.

Graphics and musics

Cooking Fever Mod APK Version Download and Install on Android Devices

  • This apk can be downloaded through this link:
  • First of all the users have to give permission to all unknown sources by going to settings and to look for security on the device. This feature will help the users to download Cooking Fever Mod Apk from any other different source other than the Google play store.
  • After downloading, the Apk file is downloaded in the user’s android device.
  • Now search the file and double tap on it.
  • New Tab will be open. You have to give permission the apk for install and then click on install button.
  • After the installation, Open the apk file and enjoy the Cooking Fever Mod Apk on android devices.

This mod version is mainly introduced for android users, but it can be downloaded and installed on PC.  Users have to install android emulator in the PC first and then download the Cooking Fever Mod Apk on the PC.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is not introduced for the PC users, but it can be installed via Emulator. Users firstly downloaded the Android Emulator first and then install mod version. The total procedure is given as follows:

  • First of all, download the Android Emulator in PC via this link:
  • Bluestacks Emulator has been very popular and most trusted emulator in the market for several years. It allows the Apk to download and install on PC through it.
  • After the download and installation of Bluestacks Emulator,
  • The Bluestacks Emulator will protect your PC and user’s PC will work like android device.
  • After downloading the Mod Apk file, go to the respective downloaded folder on PC/Laptop.
  • Do right-click with mouse and open this mod file through Bluestacks emulator.
  • Then click on install button.
  • After the installation process, click on the mod apk file and launch it.
  • Now, users enjoy the Cooking Fever Mod Apk on their PC and get the unlimited coins, gems etc. for free.

There is another way of downloading Cooking Fever Mod APK on user’s PC which is going to be share:

Users can also download Cooking Fever Mod APK in their PC by using Nox Player which is another Android Emulator. This will help the users how to install any android game in PC.

  • Download first Android Emulator on your PC via link:
  • After downloaded, go to the file manager and find the download folder.
  • Now Search the respective mod apk file.
  • Do right click with the mouse and open with the Nox Player.
  • Then click on install button.
  • Installed the Cooking Fever Mod Apk on users PC and enjoy the android game on PC.
  • These are the ways through which users can enjoy Cooking Fever Mod Apk on their Android devices and PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use Cooking Fever Mod Apk for PC?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use the mod version of Cooking Fever Mod Apk on PC. Users are free to download and play the Cooking Fever Mod Apk for PC.

Do the users need to pay any amount for mod apk?

No, the users do not need to pay any charges, amount for downloading and installation of Cooking Fever Mod Apk. This is all in one free version of Cooking Fever Mod Apk.

Is the Cooking Fever Mod APK safe and secure?

Yes, the Cooking Fever Mod Apk is completely safe and secure. It is safe from the viruses and easy to use.

Can the users download the Mod apk on iOS devices?

No, this mod apk file is introduced only for android devices and not for iOS devices. Only the android users can take the benefit of Mod apk.

Is this mod version download on PC?

Yes, this mod version can be downloaded and installed on PC by the android emulator on PC. Users have to firstly install emulator first and then Cooking Fever Mod Apk game.


Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a very attractive cooking mobile game for the users. It is very enjoyable game for all people of all age and addictive also. It has the very great techniques and impressive gameplay. Users can make beautiful dishes with the help of cooking utensils and appliances.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk has the unlimited free gems, coins from which users have the opportunity to get all in app purchases for completely free.

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