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Clash of Lights Apk
App NameClash of Clans Lights
PublisherTrue App Makers
Latest Version13.0.87
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateSeptember 26, 2022 (6 months ago)

Okay, don’t we all play games? However, the games have now transformed from video game consoles to the handy devices that include smartphones and tablets as well. After the massive growth of technology, there has been a great improvement in the levels of games and their degrees for sure. You might have surely played a lot of games which includes many of them even the ones that have been released recently and have become pretty famous in the last couple of years.

However, one such game that we will be talking about now would be none other than Clash of Lights. Yes, clash of lights is one such app or the game that is downloaded by many of them around the globe.

As we might have know that clash of clans is one of the most popular games and people are going crazy over it. Even I am crazy for the COC game. Clash of Light is another best modified version of COC.

Clash of Lights Apk

What is Clash Of Light APK?

Clash of Light Apk is the modified version of Clash of clans which helps user get unlimited resources without any limit and that too free. Using this resources you can build massive amount of army hassle free. Some of the resources include; gems, coins, elixir, etc.

Benefits of Playing With Clash of Lights Servers

However, you might already be looking at something, like the Clash of the Titans or the Clash of Clans which is pretty much similar to the Clash of Lights for sure. However, it is just a game that serves the best to its players. As I mentioned earlier, the game is served under the strategic category and the player has to play using his or her brains to the core.

There are various such servers that are available, particularly for the clash of lights game only. Well, let me tell you- every site that we use will be having a specific server dedicated to it, and yes, you need to work upon it! Also, these clash of lights server does thoroughly work upon several such tasks and of course, works upon with loads of features as well. Here we have listed out a few features of this particular game server.

  • Yes, each and every server has its own feature that solely gets dedicated to the game known as the clash of lights.
  • This server does cover the entire bugs and lags if the game has any of them.
  • The game also enhances the gameplay pretty simply. However, these private servers such as server 1, server 2, server 3 and server 4 are merely hosted on the highly valued and primarily paced servers.
  • It does ensure that you don’t find out any such bugs while enjoying the game. Clash of Lights works all fine in a smartphone or any other similar gadget, as it spells out the same experience of the gameplay.
  • It produces a limitless elixir in the clash of lights game that you can use to build up the barracks, army camps and a lot more.
  • Dark Elixir is another such feature that is you can get unlimited gems and gold too in the game with the help of these precious servers.

Well, let us understand what role do these private servers play in the game of clash of lights apk?

Clash of Lights Server 1

Well, here comes the first and the foremost server that is used in the clash of lights game. However, these servers are the most popular ones and can be used by anyone who is playing the game. These private servers are the complete part of the clash of lights game or the apk. Well, yeah this server is the first server in the clash of lights game and it will serve you with combat strategy energy that will totally let and allow you to build precious town and villages quite immediately and of course in a very short period though.

When you are able to build loads of towns and villages in your game, you gain a lot of resources as well, that will be pretty useful for you. These resources will provide you with the best and the friendly town and the ambiance for sure that will surround you on the whole. Also, these resources will serve peaceful villages and beautiful places for all the villagers and the town people to live pretty peacefully. However, you need to know that this particular server is the first one and it is particularly called the FHX server. Yes, FHX servers are quite very popular for providing with the high-quality server connections along with utmost perfection.

  • Limitless usage of Server 1.
  • You can unlock the dragon tower, barbarian tower and the arch tower for sure.
  • Generate loads of gold, gems, and elixir.
  • 600 slots of the army can be created.
  • Know the enemy traps and the decorations.

Clash of Lights Server 2

Popularly known as the clash of lights S2 that offers you with loads of features and benefits just like the previous one for sure. Of course, you have built up all your castles and the villages all around the town or the city. But how about when someone is trying to attack you? Let me tell you- the clash of lights server battles loads of enemies’ altogether. This will also provide you with a lot of battle conditions and the techniques that you can use it for your battles and the wars.

This will also ensure that you are settling down with better and high-quality living conditions in the village. However, it is also known as the clash of lights- popularly known as the magic server that provides with the unique server and which is of course pretty good as compared to other servers such as server 1. This server is pretty cool and it indeed provides you with the best fighting edges when you seamlessly get caught or stuck in the circle of your enemies. Clash of Light Hack aka clash of clans hack server works the best in the smartphone and android phones though. Features are:

  • Gets clear and perfect on your android device.
  • Make and create well-versed and unique uniforms.
  • You can also create various builds and towns with unlimited resources.
  • This particular server is pretty fast and efficient too.
  • Various power and strengths can be obtained with the help of this particular server.

Now you might be probably aware of all the servers of the clash of lights that are available in the market. Hence, you can simply opt for them and get the best and the highly valued game altogether.

Clash of Lights Server 3

Well, this particular server is also popularly known as the clash of souls as it serves as the perfect kick starter when you are stuck in the pool of your enemies.

This server plays a great role when you get stuck in a battle or a war, or you probably get stuck then at that time this particular server will act as your savior by catering you with the head start that will help you to come across all these problems and these enemies. You must also know a few features of this particular server-

Well, check out its exciting features and characteristics that give a pretty soul to the game.

  • You merely don’t have to root your smartphone or the android device, as it acts as the best server just like the other ones.
  • You can simply create and design your own roles and characters within the game.
  • Well, another attractive feature of this particular server is, it works well and quite awesome that causes no glitch or bugs throughout the gameplay.
  • If checked, the game server- you will find that this particular game server has got 24/7 uptime with 99%, and it’s quite honestly the best part of this server.
  • You can also unlock the other features and the amenities in the game such as the beast tower, island and the legendary tower pretty easily.
  • It runs smoothly on any of the devices including your smartphones and other similar gadgets.
  • It serves pretty well and also prepares the armed forces and the base camps to be strong and perfectly ready for a war.

Clash of Lights Server 4

Well, you might have heard about other similar games known as Clash of clans, wherein it has plenty of rules, regulations and loads of restrictions as well. Hence, you will have to play pretty carefully when playing clash of clans, but it’s not the scenario with the clash of lights. Yes, these servers of this particular game clash of lights mod apk describe and provides the best part of the game to the users. With the help of the server 4 of clash of lights apk, you can simply choose to get and avail the optimum features from the game. Yes, keen to check out clash of lights apk server 4 features? Don’t worry- here we have got it for you- check this out-

  • Well, to be honest, it just works like other servers that are mentioned above, and yes it provides loads of features and benefits within your game.
  • You can also create an unlimited number of gems, elixir, and gold that you can use it to upgrade your levels by building up the barracks, towns and many others.
  • You can also look and search for your new alliances and of course, you can build them too.
  • With the help of this server 4, you are also eligible to avail the facility to build up your own town and the village for sure.
  • It also helps you to prepare and train the army that you have got, and make them ready and be prepared for the war.

How to Download and Install the Clash of Lights Apk?

You can get the download links from any of the websites that are listed over the internet. Yes, but when you are downloading the game using these links, be sure that the link is genuine and legit, and they are not scammers or providing malware to your device. However, we have listed a few steps to get the game on your device- check it out.

  • You have to look for these apk files or the links from the above. Look for the free space on your device, or else make space to get the game.
  • Now, it’s time to download the servers known as S1, S2, and S3, S4 apk within your smartphone or some similar device.
  • Just click and view the server, choose your preferred server on your device.
  • Later, just click over the link and download the apk file on your smartphone.
  • Once done, look for options in your phone settings inside security settings saying to enable the installation from unkown sources.
  • Now, just tap on the downloaded game from the inside your phone, and Install it to get started with the game, allow the  the permission and enjoy the game.
  • The process is simple and easy!


As you know there are many such servers that are simply in the market. You just have to look for these servers and get it done. However, there are plenty more servers for this particular game over the internet. It is just all of them has various features and characteristics to help with. It is very much important to do so while playing a game or a strategic game like the Clash of Lights. You just have to be clear and on point when you are playing such a strategic game in your mobile or within your desktop.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

So many of the people ask me versious question for the clash of light game. I will not be able to answer all the question but yes will cover questions which asked by the most.

Does I can play clash of light on iOS?

No, as of now the clash of light for iOS version is still in beta and will going to be out soon.

Does it contain virus?

No, every mod which we share are 100% malware free and tested.

Can I play Clash of Light on PC?

Yes, using bluetsack emultor or any android emulator you can install Clash of Light in your PC.

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