Carrom Pool Mod APK v5.1.0 Board Game

Carrom Pool
App NameCarrom Pool : Board Game
Latest Version5.2.0
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Compatible With 4.3 and Above
UpdateJuly 15, 2023 (9 months ago)

Carrom Pool APK is an Android game that delivers a new twist on Carrom. This version of the board game, invented in India centuries ago and resembling billiards but played with disks instead of balls, allows you to play as a pool player! The goal: pocket your balls in the same order they were hit by your opponent. You can even use this app for other versions of Carrom, like classic or just plain old-fashioned Carrom, if you prefer it more traditional. There are many different ways to play, so download today.

Carrom Pool APK: Overview

Carrom Pool APK is a popular game that you can play on your Android device. The app has great visuals and many unique missions, guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours! Carrom Pool also allows up to 4 people with one device, which makes it more fun as well. It even features an unlocked version where the player starts off with unlimited money and coins, so problems are never too hard or difficult in this world of gaming! If interested in downloading the newest update, visit our website today for all information about how to get started playing right away without any hassle whatsoever.

Carrom Pool


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Features Of Carrom Pool APK

There are many great features Carrom Pool APK has to offer.

Multi-Player Game

You can play Carrom Pool with up to four other people. This is a great feature as it adds more fun and excitement to the game since you are not playing by yourself.

The unlocked version of Carrom Pool APK allows players unlimited money and coins, so they never have to worry about struggling in this app world! There is also an option where players can purchase even more coins if needed, giving them access to even better features within Carrom Pool.

Play Both Online And Offline

Carrom Pool APK is an app that you can play both offline and online. This is a great feature as Carroam Pool does not have to be played only on one device!

The game looks incredibly realistic with the pool tables, balls, cues, etc., which makes Carrom so much more fun than other games of similar genres. There are many different modes of gameplay available in Carrom Pool, including classic Carrom or just Carrom for those who enjoy its traditional style.

Two Modes: Classic And Disc Pool

Classic Carrom is a mode of Carrom where the player must pocket his or her balls in order from those hit by their opponent. Disc Pool, on the other hand, involves using disks instead of balls and only one target ball to cause all discs to be knocked into pockets.

Carrom Pool accounts for your mistakes, so you can’t just line up your shots perfectly; there are various obstacles that block some paths, which makes Carrom more challenging than most games!

Easy Controls

Carrom Pool APK has easy controls that make Carroam a breeze. All you have to do is tap on the cue and drag it across your screen, just like billiards but with disks instead of balls!

Players can choose from random shots, which helps Carrom be more challenging. Random shots are randomly generated obstacles in Carrom that block some paths leading into pockets- this makes Carrom more difficult compared to most games out there today! You never know what’s going to come up next, and for players who enjoy difficulty levels, this app is perfect for them.

Score Tracking And Leaderboards

The Carrom Pool app also has score tracking and leaderboards. This is a great feature because it allows players to compete with one another, making Carrom all the more fun!

There are many different ways you can customize Carrom- from your cue color, ball colors, background music/sounds-, so Carroam Pool APK never gets old or boring no matter how often you play, which makes this game perfect for those who enjoy variety in their games. You will always have something new to look forward to when playing Carrom Pool.

Win Free Prizes

Carrom Pool APK also allows players to win free prizes! Carrom features many ways for you to earn coins, which can be used in the Carrom game as well. You’ll have a chance of winning free tickets and other goodies.

There are so many unique features Carrom has that make it worth downloading onto your Android device- from offline play to online play, leaderboards- this app is perfect if you enjoy games with great visuals or love playing against others no matter where they live. Carrom pool offers an unlimited amount of fun when downloaded on your iPhone or Android device today.

Unlimited coins, gems and money

Carrom Pool APK has an unlocked version that allows players to collect unlimited coins and gems. Carrom also features the option where you can purchase more coins if needed, giving Carrom even better features.


It’s time for you to come and download Carroam now on your Android device before someone else does! With all of these features available in Carrom Pool, Carrom is not like any other app of its kind! Carrom Pool APK has a variety of features that set Carrom apart from others, and with the endless amount of time you can spend playing Carrom on your device, there will never be an end to all the fun.

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