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Anichin Apk
App NameAnichin
Latest Versionv1.0
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateSeptember 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

Anichin Apk:- This article will discuss one of the unique websites that have become very popularized among users worldwide. And every coming day, many users are joining it.

The website allows you to watch free animated movies or series without cost. The users do not need to purchase any Netflix premium to watch animated films.

The website has all the fantastic features. Download Anichin Apk provide all the best opportunities to the users to just freely install the website and enjoy unlimited movies and series.

The most popular animated movies industry is regarded as Japanese animated movies, so this website also allows its users to watch them freely on their website.

Anichin Apk
Anichin Apk

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Overview of Download Anichin Apk

It is an entertainment app presented by Donghua having a version V1.0 which was recently updated on 23 March 2022.

Download Anichin Apk is the first Indonesian site where users can watch unlimited animated movies and series. The website allows users to gaze at their favorite series freely.

The users will enjoy all the fantastic features, including accessibility to media. The users can easily download the videos, and they will be easily saved in your gallery. Most of the users are freely watching their favorite series.

This game has an average rating globally as out of 5, having 3+ ratings, and many other users are enrolling on this website due to the fantastic qualities and availability free of cost.

The Key Features of Download Anichin Apk

  • 1000+ Animated Movies
  • Multiple Server
  • Notifications Updating
  • Zero Money
  • Easily Saved in Gallery

The Ultimate Features of Download Anichin Apk

Accessibility to Media

As most entertainment website does not allow access to media like Netflix and many more, Download Anichin Apk has this fantastic features that users can easily save their video files in their gallery.

The users can also watch these videos when they are offline. No need for time restrictions. You just have to download it at once and watch it till you want.

Animated Movies

The users have an excellent chance to watch animated movies. This website is specially designed for animated films and series users. All the popular animated series can be readily available on it.

Multiple Server

Many of the users across the world are using Download Anichin Apk if the users are facing any problems in watching animated movies on one server.

So the users can switch it to another server as it has multiple server abilities, due to which the users can use it to another one if the first server is not working correctly.

Custom Video Players

The best feature of the Download Anichin Apk is that it gives you a chance for the users to customize their video players. You can easily make it according to your demand.

The users can also add the recent playlist, or it would allow hiding the search history. The users can use many other options to make the website according to their needs.

Push Notifications

Another helpful feature allows the users for new updates or recent videos in the app. This feature is to notify their users of new updates related to any change in the website or about new videos.

Average Rating

As in total 5, it has a 3 to 4.3 rating, and this shows much faster the users are joining this website due to Downloading Anichin Apk’s unique features.

The developer is introducing new changes to the game and bringing changes to make it favorable for the users. It will quickly grab the attention of the users.

Free of Cost

The first website provides you with all the valuable videos free of cost. As many other websites offer, you to purchase the premium for their package.

Download Anichin Apk is free of cost to the users should watch all the animated videos without any purchasing package.

How to Use Download Anichin Apk?

Download Anichin Apk is only available at the official site. If the users want to download this website, they should visit the official site and download the apk file on their phone.

And simply allow the third-party permission and enter your website. The users can download it at once, save it on their USB, and then use it. Later on, they can install it on their device.

The users do not need to pay anything, but they can simply use it because it has very easy to use.

Tips to Download Anichin Apk

  • First, Download Anichin Apk on your phone.
  • Open the website by allowing all the permissions.
  • Thirdly, Click the menu bar where you can tap on the setting.
  • And easily enable and make changes according to your needs.
  • And Enjoy your game.


Download Anichin Apk is one of the best-animated videos player websites that allows the users to download the website from the official website.

The users can watch the video free of cost anytime, and even the website has more than 1000 videos collection. All your favorite videos are available there.

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