AndroVid Pro Apk Latest Version

AndroVid Pro Apk Latest Version
App NameAndroVid Pro
Size26.14 MB
Latest Version6.4.2
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateJanuary 1, 2024 (4 months ago)

AndroVid Pro Apk:- You may edit and improve your films on your Android device with the help of the robust and effective AndroVid Pro Video Editor software. AndroVid Pro has you covered whether you’re a casual user looking to make entertaining films or a professional looking for sophisticated editing tools. With its user-friendly interface and wide selection of editing tools, you can easily unleash your creativity and create beautiful videos.

AndroVid Pro

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Some of AndroVid Pro’s main features

Video trimming and cutting are simple, allowing you to reduce long films or delete unnecessary parts of your videos.

Video joining allows you to seamlessly combine different video segments to produce a single, continuous video.

Break apart longer videos into digestible chunks for sharing or editing.

Change the format of videos to make them compatible with a range of hardware and software.

Rotate films to correct orientation problems or to create artistic effects.

If you want slow-motion or fast-forward effects in your videos, change the pace at which they are being played back.

Create captivating reverse-playback movies for original and interesting material with “Video Reverse.”

Video extraction is the process of removing specific frames from videos in order to take still pictures or make thumbnails.

Applying a blur effect to the background of your videos will help draw attention to the main subject.

Enhance your movies by changing the audio levels, including background music, or by deleting distracting noise.

How to Set Up AndroVid Professional Video Editor

Follow these easy steps to install AndroVid Pro Video Editor on your Android device:

  • the Android device’s Google Play Store should be opened.
  • Use the search bar to look up “AndroVid Pro Video Editor”.
  •  From the search results, pick the AndroVid Pro application.
  •  Tap “Install” to begin the process. Wait for the installation to be finished
  • The AndroVid Pro Video Editor app icon can be found on your device’s home screen or app drawer after installation.

Using the User Interface to navigate

An intuitive user interface made to make video editing simple will greet you when you run AndroVid Pro Video Editor. The interface’s primary elements are listed below:

Open the video library on your smartphone and choose the videos you wish to modify.

The timeline shows the currently selected video and enables you to precisely modify it and add a variety of effects.

A variety of editing tools, such as trim, cut, combine, split, rotate, and more, are available.

Apply creative filters and effects to your videos to improve their aesthetic appeal.

Access audio editing capabilities like volume adjustments, song additions, and background noise removal.

To transmit messages or make interesting introductions, add text overlays, titles, or captions to your movies.

AndroVid Pro

Using AndroVid Pro to Edit Videos

AndroVid Pro Video Editor offers a simple editing interface. To modify your videos, take the following actions: 

On your Android device, launch AndroVid Pro Video Editor.

From the video gallery on your device, choose the video you wish to modify.  Use the editing tools to execute operations on your video, such as trimming, cutting, or combining.

Drag the timeline markers to the desired locations to make exact adjustments.

To make sure your edited video lives up to your expectations, preview it. Step 6: Download the edited video to your device or directly share it on social media.

Effects and filters can be added

To improve the aesthetic appeal of your recordings, AndroVid Pro Video Editor provides a wide range of filters and effects. The following is how to add them:

  • Open AndroVid Pro Video Editor and select the video you wish to edit.
  • Select “Effects” or “Filters” by tapping on them.
  • Select the desired impact or filter by perusing the ones that are offered.
  • Depending on the situation, change the effect’s or filter’s parameters or intensity.
  • View the video in preview to observe how the effect or filter improves the overall appearance.
  • The edited video with the added effect or filter should be saved.

Adding music and enhancing the audio

Follow these steps to improve the audio quality of your videos or to add background music:

  • Open AndroVid Pro Video Editor and select the video you wish to edit.
  • Select “Audio” by tapping it.
  • Apply audio effects, reduce background noise, or adjust the volume levels.
  • Choose the relevant audio file and click the “Add Music” option to add background music.
  • The music should be edited or timed to match your video.
  •  Check out the video with the improved audio or any additional music.
  • Save the audio- and video-edited version of the video.

Videos can be cut, split, and combined.

Trimming, dividing, and combining videos can all be done with great precision with AndroVid Pro Video Editor. How to carry out these actions is as follows:

  • Open AndroVid Pro Video Editor and select the video you wish to edit.
  • Drag the handles on the timeline to the correct spot to cut the video.
  • To delete the parts that were not selected, tap the “Trim” button.
  • Place the timeline marker where you want to split the video. To split the video into two parts, tap the “Split” button.
  • Choose the videos you wish to combine, then press “Merge” to combine them.
  • If required, change the combined videos’ order.
  • To make sure the desired segments are included, preview the altered video.
  • Save the cut, divided, or combined chunks of the modified video.

Text and title addition

Follow these instructions to add text overlays, titles, or captions to your videos:

  • Open AndroVid Pro Video Editor and select the video you wish to edit.
  • Select “Text” or “Titles” by tapping on them.
  • Fill out the given text box with the appropriate text.
  • Change the font’s style, size, colour, and placement.
  • Depending on the situation, change the text’s motion and duration.
  • See how the extra text improves the material by previewing the video. Save the altered movie with the titles or additional text.

Enhanced Editing Features and Tools

To further improve your films, AndroVid Pro Video Editor provides cutting-edge editing tools and features. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  • To generate slow-motion or time-lapse effects in your videos, change the playback speed.
  • Apply several graphic effects to your video, including pixelate, vignette, and sepia.
  • Crop your films to eliminate obtrusive parts or alter the aspect ratio.
  • Video watermarking: Brand or protect your videos by adding unique logos or watermarks.
  • Reduce the amount of your videos’ files without significantly sacrificing their quality with video compression.

Sharing and Exporting Videos

You can export and share your edited videos with others after completing them in AndroVid Pro Video Editor. Take these actions:

  • Launch AndroVid Pro Video Editor and choose the altered video.
  • Click the “Share” or “Export” button.
  • Choose the output type and resolution you want for your video.
  • To save or share the video, decide where to save it and on what platform. Step 5: Verify the sharing or exporting activity.
  • Hold off until the exporting process is finished.
  • Your video is now prepared for sharing or viewing!


You may let your video editing imagination run wild on your Android device with the help of the flexible and user-friendly AndroVid Pro Video Editor software. You may easily trim, divide, merge, add effects, improve audio, and make gorgeous films with its wide variety of features and editing tools. AndroVid Pro offers the tools you need to realise your video ambitions, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned video editor. Why then wait? Create amazing videos right away by downloading AndroVid Pro Video Editor.

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