Family Island MOD APK Download Latest Version

Family Island MOD APK
App Name Family Island
Publisher Melsoft Games
Size 103M
Latest Version 202010.2.8876
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Compatible With6.0 and up
UpdateSeptember 22, 2022 (2 years ago)

Family Island MOD APK:- Today, we are living in our wonderful homes, using mobile phones and laptops, TV and refrigerators, cars and many more gadgets and devices. Technology has established its place in almost every segment and sector of our lives.

Family Island Mod APK is a special game that takes us away from the hassle of the modern world to the time of stone age, where a family of 4 is trapped on an island with no technology or gadgets. The aim is to survive.

The latest Mod of this game allows enjoying the premium features of catching the animals, raising them for meat and eggs, cultivating land and the crops, and moving towards the steady development of the island for making it a better place to live.

Family Island MOD APK

Latest Family Island Mod APK

The family island Apk is a wonder modification file that provides a wonderful opportunity for all the gamers to enjoy a game that will take them away from all the tensions and hassles of life.

The game is set on an island that is beautiful and covered with the ocean all around. Without the intervention of technology, the players are to ensure the survival of the family and at the same time move towards advancement and development.

The latest mod file of the game unlocks many premium features which we will be discussing later in the article.

Features of Family Island Mod

The latest Mod of Family Island App provides the gamers wonderful and premium features that are absent from the normal version of the app. These features are given below:

  1. Contribute to the development of the family and life on the island.
  2. Raise high breeds of animals which give more amount of meat and essential items.
  3. Get premium seeds which result in more quantity of crops.
  4. Unlock high-level equipment which helps in the construction of small buildings.
  5. Develop the overall aesthetics of the island for making it a wonderful place to live in harmony with nature and animals.

Graphics of Family Island APK

The Family Island Mod APK is set in a 2D graphics layout. The colorful themes and characters of the games provide a wholesome and joyful experience to the players which provides the best experience.


  • Rudy the magician needs your help! Hurry – Emerald Island will only be accessible for 10 days!
  • Go to Treasure Island, collect all the Time Spheres and charge the Time Fountain. Island available for players level 8+
  • And also, a new level 43 and a journey to Invention Island!

App Review

The family island mod Apk is a wonderful game set in the stone age era where the players are to survive a family of 4 by helping them grow the food and raise the animals for meat and as pets.

The premium features offered by the Apk file unlocks all the material of construction, provides a large breed of animals, multiple crop fields, pure water for consumption, fruits, logs of wood, and many more things which are absent in the normal version of the application.

All this comes by paying absolutely nothing, that is, for free.


It constantly tells me that there is some error and it automatically restarts?

Please try to download the latest update, With latest version has been fixed the issue. Just open the Google Play, find the page of our game, and press the «Update» button. If the issue remains, please try to tap the «Accept» button in the error window several times.

How to get more energy?

we’d recommend you doing the following: Settings – Confidentiality – Advertising – Reset advertising ID. You also can try to use VPN while playing ads, it may help to watch videos correctly. As for energy, we’d like to recommend accumulating it.

Feedback by users

  • Sami Rae:I would like to recommend you accumulating your energy. You can get extra energy from food, when you complete orders from merchant and shaman, from chests and rare items, from shower and toilet, and even from some unique event decorations. Keep exploring the islands, and you’ll find more ways to collect the energy!With every new app version, we are introducing new features and improving existing ones. We are sure that your feedback will only help us improve further
  • Melsoft Games: note that not all starfish contain salt. You can get salt in one of these ways: Complete orders for the shaman. There may be some salt in the gifts that you can get for completing a chain of orders. You have a certain chance to get salt from chests and starfish. Good luck with the game!

Final Verdict

Family Island Mod APK game is set in the pre-modern area, somewhere around the stone age. By playing such a game, traditional and out of the box thinking develops in the minds of the gamers.

Happy Surviving

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