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WiFi Mouse
App NameWiFi Mouse Pro
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UpdateSeptember 22, 2022 (8 months ago)

WiFi Mouse:- For Users, certainly having a device that facilitates their activities is very beneficial. For example, one of the activities is the presentation of lecture material which of course requires several tools to facilitate. The solution is to Download WiFi Mouse Pro Apk.WiFi Mouse Pro Apk is one solution that can facilitate to everyone, where users simply connect this application to the device that will be used for presentations.

WiFi Mouse Pro apk

The WiFi Mouse Pro application is an appropriate application because it can replace the function of several devices, for example, a Bluetooth pointer for users who will present and become a wireless mouse, keyboard, and trackpad on a laptop. This application can also replace the function of the remote tv in each user’s home, you know.

This application can also control controlling on a variety of devices including Desktop PCs, Laptops, and Mac. Users can also control multiple platforms at once, such as Netflix, YouTube, and so on, which are directly connected to the television at home using a local network connection.

Download WiFi Mouse Pro apk

After knowing the basic information about this application, users can listen to further information about various features of the WiFi Mouse Pro App. Below are some of the features of this application, among others: One of the functions of the WiFi Mouse Pro App Mod is as a wireless mouse for laptops or desktop PCs.

How to use it is quite easy, just by connecting a local connection between an Android phone and a laptop or PC. Various inputs are quite easy to understand by users. Simply by sliding the screen on the cellphone will also shift the cursor arag on the PC and MAC, you know. Click on the Android device screen to do a left click, and double click on the screen to switch on the right click.

WiFi Mouse

Key Features

  • Keyboard: Aside from being a mouse The latest WiFi Mouse Pro application can also be used as a keyboard that is directly connected to the laptop. The trick is as easy as using the mouse above.
  • Shortcut Key: This button applies only to the keyboard function, you know. The trick is to press two buttons simultaneously at one time, for example pressing the ALT + F4 or CTRL + ALT + DEL keys that have the same function as a normal keyboard.
  • Input Speeches Into Text: This is one of the features found on each keyboard on every Android device. Users only need to click on the microphone button on the keyboard, then the user can bring the Android device closer to their mouth so that it sounds clear and recorded in this application.
  • Media player: Users can also manage activities when playing media. For example, currently using Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Spotify, and other users can pause, stop full, proceed to the next content, or return to the previous content.
  • Remote Control: If the user has a television that can be connected to a WiFi network, the user can also use this application as a remote controller to move between television channels, you know.
  • Presentation Application Controller: Well, according to what has been explained above that the user can control the presentation situation. The purpose is to be able to advance and return each slide to the PowerPoint condition, centering the pointer at a certain point.

Advantages of the WiFi Mouse Pro Application:

The Latest Version of WiFi Mouse Pro also has advantages, too. Basically, every application does have advantages in the eyes of its users. The advantages of this application are as follows:

  • Long-distance: All activities that can be done using this application can be done remotely, you know. But the distance allowed is only limited to the ability of the local network connection. If the local connection is only able to hold a maximum signal of one meter, then if the presence of activities exceeds that then this application cannot be used. One example is when doing presentation activities using PowerPoint software on a laptop, users can connect the connection between a laptop and an Android device. After that, the user can make presentations remotely within a maximum radius of 2 meters. Still, in doubt Download the Latest WiFi Mouse Pro Apk?
  • Compatible Various Devices: Free WiFi Mouse Pro Mod application can use on various devices, you know. For example, it can use on Android and Desktop phones. Well, the Desktop can also be used on various operating systems including Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Mac OSX / Linux though. Free WiFi Mouse Pro Mod application can be used by various devices, you know. For example, it can be used on Android and Desktop phones. Well, the Desktop can also be used on various operating systems including Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Mac OSX / Linux though.
  • Interface WiFi Mouse Pro Latest Free Apk has an interface that can be understood by users. This also accommodates some of these features so that they can be understood by users.A simple and hassle-free interface is one indicator to be a successful application. For that, developers will continue to develop this application with a simple appearance so that users remain loyal to use it.

WiFi Mouse Pro Application User Review

One user revealed that he was greatly helped by the existence of this application. The user can master the forum at the time of presentation, this is thanks to the presentation application controller feature.

Users can move a variety of slides as they wish, and users can improvise on any material presented. With this, the Free WiFi Mouse Pro application is one of the most effective applications in the world.

On the other hand, the user revealed that this application really supports it to enjoy a relaxing time. Users can sit comfortably in the living room and watch media broadcasts via television but the location of the television remote is very far away. In the end, the user uses this application as a replacement for the remote.

But for users in some cases found difficult to connect the device with the application even though it is already in a state of mutually connected to the local network. This should be the user’s attention because it interferes with the user’s comfort in using this application.

The user hopes the developer so that in future updates the developer has a solution to resolve the issue. Great expectations of users so that users add the pointer feature to draw on software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and so on.

How to Download and Install WiFi Mouse Pro

Users can use the link above to be able to download WiFi Mouse Pro Apk Free to later enter the installation process. Users must ensure stable network conditions and unknown source feature conditions that must be turned on.

After the feature is confirmed to be on, the user can go directly to the installation process by looking for the application file in the Download folder. Click the application to immediately start the installation process, then wait a few moments until this process is complete, then the user can use this application.

Now, after knowing the various positive benefits of this application, it’s time for users to Download the Latest WiFi Mouse Pro Application for Free so that various kinds of user activities can be helped because of this application. Thank you, hopefully useful.

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