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Hill Climb Racing
App NameHill Climb Racing
Latest Version1.50.0
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateSeptember 24, 2022 (2 years ago)

Do you love to drive a car? Do you long for going the world over by your vehicle? Do you even love the Racing Car Games? Then this game is the best one for You. I believe it’s very like the unending running game like Subway Surfer or Flappy Bird as a result of the basic ongoing interplay and controls (with only one finger), the main perfection is in this game, its major subject is a feeble landscape vehicles vehicle with A good Interface But some limitations of Gems and Money with unwanted Ads may Ruin the Pleasure of Game. So this is why we are here with Unlocked Version 1 and 2 of this game.

The game was released by Fingersoft – a Finnish organization, free for both Android and iOS in 2012. In the primary year of release, the game rapidly worked in excess of 100 million downloads. In April 2018, the second piece of the game achieved one billion downloads. What a noteworthy number!

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

This game is a famous game now a day. We can make suggestions to Asphalt 8, Asphalt Nitro, Street Racing 3D or Crazy for Speed 2 lovers to try this Exotic Game once. There are many other racing games that is famous but this one is the most popular and Trending game among people. Just like the other Car Games, this Games Requires Sound intentions to Play. So Play Hill Climb and show your driving skills. If you are looking for some exciting challenging game then you are in the right place. But why we Are Here?

This game Contains So many Ads and Limitations of Money and Gems, We Are Here to Provide the Latest Version of this Game which bypasses All the Limitations and Annoying Ads. Yes, I just Added the Download link and Guide to download this Game. Just Follow the Instructions and Enjoy! Enjoy Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Money, and Unlimited Fuel while playing and making a record with these latest Versions.


Starting this game you will take on the role person named Newton Bill – a skilled youthful driver with goal-oriented. With the ultimate Jeep accessible, you’ll drive it through the tough ground like downhill, Uphill, crossing bridges, rough cleft, and various different conditions to have a Grip on your Vehicle.

The vehicle control system is exceptionally basic, you simply need to utilize 2 increasing speeds and brake catches sensibly to adjust the vehicle Simply. It sounds simple, however, you will feel that your vehicle resembles a ball jumping on the ground and that is thrilling and Exciting. Since this is a territory driving game so the paths are not level, only a little mix-up in the driving procedure is sufficient to make the vehicle upset and you have to control it otherwise it means you lose.

The above Scenarios Become More Exciting when You have Excess of Everything like Fuel and Gems with no Annoying Ads so that’s why we come up with an ads-free version.

Latest Features

  • A lot of Racing cars with extraordinary qualities
  • Giving 30+ Racing cars and levels/arrange.
  • Tuneable parts including motor, suspension, tires, and 4WD
  • Smooth physics simulation and Cool graphics
  • Carport to structure your racing vehicles in your own way
  • Unlimited coins, gems, money, and fuel.
  • You can open all {Vehicles or Stage} by getting unlimited money
  • Effectively move up to all with boundless coins and diamonds
  • Minimum Android Version Required Android 4.2
  • Version 1.42.4
  • Rating Value 4.3
  • Rating Count 23981

These above-mentioned features you will get in the latest Versions So get the file from here. Here we give a Direct download link through which you can get the direct link in only a single tick. We are constantly here to support you, For any kind of issue please get in touch with us, we will support you. Remain with us and Enjoy most of our most recent updates. keep visiting our Website to get immediate notification of the most recent posts from this webpage legitimately to your inbox.

How to Install 

Here we are going to share the method that how downloading and installing this game on your android devices.

  • First of all, download the given link that is mentioned on this page.
  • Go to setting, and check the security option
  • Accept the unknown resources
  • Now go to your File Manager and check in the internal storage
  • You’ll find an apk file here, click on it.
  • And wait till the installation process completes.

Unlimited Money

As displayed, Unlimited Money Provides unlimited Money like 999999999999 Etc. as it is a territory Car Racing game where you become a Newton Bill character and perform missions, driving through the hills, and moving areas to collect gold coins. Most importantly, to start your race, you need to decide for yourself a racing car that cars are available in the game garage, with a collection of different racing cars, for example, crew cars, jeeps, Racing cars, tanks, huge trucks, and buses.

Each vehicle has various controls, requiring you to adjust rapidly to have the option to overcome the rough hills behind. In each level of this game, you need to cross the terrain, with decided ways to compete and win. These Vehicles are locked and You have to spend money to unlock them. This Version will give you the opportunity to buy unlimited Cars with no Limits.

your vehicle may be given a gas tank, and they will decrease as you move. Along these lines, you need to adjust the car, yet in addition be savvy to drive the vehicle moving quickly, including gas tanks along the way. It is just like the Real ride where you have to keep an eye open on the Gas Gauge. Each time you win, you will get extra rewards from the system like money or coins. You can utilize this cash to open new racing cars, or even purchase redesigns for your present racing car or Fuel but if you Have this File then you don’t have to look for the money you have Before up-gradation of Cars or Fuel.

This amazing game gives you plenty of features which are hard to find in free but this game provides everything you want to get while playing this game. Here we have listed down the complete list of pros and cons but wait a minute!!!!


  • Lots of challenging tracks
  • Realistic game physics
  • Difficult but fair gameplay
  • Excellent variety of vehicles which are upgradeable
  • Numbers of achievements to unlock
  • Silly-looking physics are entertaining to see in action


  • Not much vehicles option at the start
  • Repetitive and Annoying soundtrack
  • Ludicrously costly upgrades

By using this version, you will never face the mentioned up cons. You will see a lot of vehicles option to choose from even at the start of the game and also will not face the Repetitive and Annoying soundtrack.

Hill Climb Racing Apk Unlimited Fuel

Now Unlimited Fuel Version is available in mobiles and for pc too. It is additionally accessible for ios, Windows, and Windows 8/Window 10. It is a game utilized for racing abilities. So here we will provide the same with a mega version. Get a free link and Follow the Instructions for downloading.

The primary object of the game is to gather more to more coins and diamonds however much as could be expected. Coins are utilized for opening new advanced devices, Other racing cars, and carport parts. Driving purchaser gas or battery for electric fueled vehicles, which players can recharge by getting gas boxes or batteries on the way. The player can destroy or die in different ways, for example, on the off chance that they come up short on gas or hit the driver’s head on the ground or cover like in caverns. Coins are earned by traps like dangerous moves noticeable all around or by achieving a lot of separations during each given stage.

Download For PC

The game fully works with every one of the races of the experience and energy and because of its perfection, the developers have chosen to provide the Apk file to Download For Pc. In all the 14 energizing stages of the car racing game, the player needs to control the vehicle with brakes. While driving along with the unusual grounds, he needs to update these Cars to enhance his performance and win the game.

The player likewise ensures that the driver stays safe till the finish of the game for the most extreme scores. Making high scores as long as you drive is the final goal of this game. But guys like me love to Play on PC so we have also a solution to this. We have Shared here the Complete Method so That you can enjoy the Game on PC, Windows and Other Devices. Become the best racer in Hill Climb, and reveal all your driving abilities to other members and your buddies. Organize tournaments and have the beautiful purgatives of car traffic and stunning locations. You can also Set Goals with your Friends that can Make this Game more Exciting.

How to Install file For Pc

As we already shared the method that how to install this game on Android, Now we are going to share it for pc. It is not As Such Difficult you just have to follow the Rules. I have written a complete Guide just given on the Link Below Get to know how to install the game on a PC.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Get the latest version, unlimited coins, gems, and fuel. Free download for mobile and PC. Unlocked vehicle, stage, and garage. Earned coins, unlimited money, and gens are spent on updates or to open new stages and vehicles. Various states have various features, for example, extraordinary pressure, footing, territory, rise or obstacles that will pacify the player.

This game is allowed to play, application purchases are additionally convenient to get more money and gems, fuel or many other options. We are constantly here to help, Providing Unlimited Money and Gems with infinite everything like Unlimited coins and fuel. You don’t require to buy any of the items given in the game. In this game, you will get unlimited money, gems, precious stones, and a lot more features.

Download Apk file for IOS

A chase was never so impressive like that until you download the Ios version. Just a chase between the uphill, downhill way and the driver, the Newton Bill is enough for this game to bring us a great game. I unwanted to say much about this game. This one can be rated as one of the best “endless racing games” in mobile racing game history. An easy way to talk about this game is when it has a gameplay style similar to other car racing games but impressive graphics, up-down hills make driving difficult and a host of special features make your adventure more pleasant in a variety of ways. But what if You can’t Play this Game on iPhone/ Ipad/ioS? You may check the complete details on the below link.


Our Unlocked Version of this game is mostly played now a day due to its ad-free version. It looks irritable to see ads during the gameplay. most of the time we got angry due to ads because we are at a very turning point in the game but sudden ads appear. So, For the racing car players, the developer improves their work and launched the Ad-Free version.

Ads are a good way of Generating income for the Game Developers but it actually sucks. Because of the huge quantity, these Advertisement Banners keep us Annoyed and leave us in a position to throw our mobile phone or Quit the game. So A Ad-free Version is best to play these types of games where ads are bypassed and enjoyment of gameplay becomes double. Now you may be interested in this ads-free version so simply install the unlocked version. it is totally free and easy to install.


Can I Play apk on Android Device?

Sure, You can play the latest version of this game. All you need to do is just download it from our server and install it by following the guidelines.

Can I get Unlimited Money and gems in This version?

Yes, you can get unlimited Money and gems with this latest version and get a high score.

Is there any danger of Getting Banned While playing it on Android?

Our provided file is 99.99% free and tested so feel easy to play this game and have a good experience.

Can you play this racing game without the app? If so, how?

No, All you need is this application. Possibly you can play it on Pc with an Emulator.

What are the benefits of playing Racing games on the brain?

It’s just an awesome game, good for time pass and you can improve your driving skill by balancing the car n uphill, and downhill. Moreover, You don’t have to focus on it like many other Racing games. So it’s good to play.

Final Thoughts

This Racing game is a fun racing game for Android and ioS devices. The user can enjoy it in a Phone and tablet/iPad, or Pc (with Emulator). This Fun racing Game has no unsuitable content but yes it doesn’t have lots of ads. Which will appear on the bottom of the screen just like most of the other free games apps? There are some ads which you have to watch forcibly which will arrive when you completed a level. You have to watch them keep playing.

Although it’s an awesome Car racing game and becoming famous day by day it is threatened by too many ads. So we are here with Hill Climb.

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