Xender App For iOS

During the days of using Bluetooth as the main wireless file transferring methods, Apple devices couldn’t share files with any other Android or other devices. Bluetooth on ios devices only worked with iOS devices only.

But after the WiFi file transferring methods introduced to the smartphone world, that problem was solved. One of the best WiFi file transferring methods is Xender App iOS. So using xender app iOS, you can share files between iOS devices as well as Android devices. So Xender for iOS is very famous among the iOS users.

App NameXender App For iOS
Android Version4.1 and up
CategoryFile share
User Reviews4.0
Current Version2.4
Last UpdateJune 28, 2020

Xender App For iOS

The Bluetooth file transferring method cannot share larger files. But xender app iOS can share files without any file size limitation. File sharing on the iOS devices were somewhat difficult at that time. But when using the xender you can share files without any difficulty. Xender app iOS is faster when compared to the other file sharing apps. And this Xender is faster 100 times more than the Bluetooth. You can share Videos, Audios, Pictures and Other files easily with other devices. It allows any type of file format. So you can share files with no limitations.

Features Of Xender

  • Allows you to share large size files via the xender app iOS.
  • Has a speed of 25Mbps. So it is very fast than Bluetooth.
  • You can share files like Videos, Pictures, Music, Documents. And there is an important feature that you can share zip and RAR files. Some file-sharing apps don’t allow those types of Zip and RAR files to share. But Xender App iOS allows you to send files like that.
  • Ability to share files between iOS devices as well as Android devices and PCs. Xender connects all the devices. So Xender makes it easy to share files among all the people.
  • The capability of sharing files to 4 devices at once. Therefore no need of wasting time.
  • Allow you to manage your received files using the file manager on the xender app iOS. So no need of using default file manager on the ios device.
  • No need for of any kind of cables or wires when connecting to the PC.  Because Xender app for iOS uses the WiFi to connect to the PC.

How to Download

You can download Xender app ios for your ios device easily. There is no jailbreak required to download and install the app. We have the direct download link and 100% working Xender app for you.

How To Connect To an Android Device and a PC
  • Open the Xender for iOS and click the send button.
  • Then you will be given 2 choices as  “Connect to Android” and “Connect to PC”.
  • So you can choose whatever you want and without any complications, you can connect to Android devices and PCs.
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