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File sharing is so easy these days. You just have to download a file sharing app for the smartphone and you can share files between other devices easily. But in the past, MMS Bluetooth Infrared was the main wireless file transferring method.

But now MMS is completely dead, Infrared is discontinued and Bluetooth is using for some little purposes. WiFi is the main file transferring method for wireless file transferring and Xender apk is a WiFi file sharing app for Android.

Xender APK

Therefore this app is used on the Android to transfer files. Xender Apk is a famous app and people use this app for a long time.

Features Of Xender APK

  • Xender apk doesn’t need mobile data to share files. Therefore there is no wastage of mobile data on your smartphone.
  • You Can Share files whenever you want and you can send any type of a file.
  • It is Faster than Bluetooth. It’s like 100 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Uses WiFi to transfer files.
  • The capability of playing all formats of Music and Videos.

Latest Version Of Xender APK

The latest version of the xender apk is the version 3.9.1101 version.  Developers has added an account login for the safety of your files. So you can have privacy. There is a transfer chart that comes in the latest version and there is an optimized user interface. Therefore it is easy to use the app. The bugs of previous versions have been fixed in the latest version.

Reasons For The Popularity

  • Transferring speed of a file is 10Mbps.
  • You can transfer any type of a Video, Picture, Audio, Document hence there are no limitations in the app.
  • Don’t need any kind of a wire or a cable to share files. It’s all done by the WiFi.
  • There is no file size limit when sending files. So you can send files with any size.
  • Xender apk can send files to app for iOS and for PC.
  • File manager of the xender apk allows you to View, Delete, Move files that you have received. So you don’t need to use the file manager on the phone while you using this file transferer.
  • You can send files for over 4 devices at the same time.

Other Details About Xender APK

  • The Xender apk requires Android 4.0 or higher version to run.
  • The file size of the apk is 5.62 MB. So there is no need of much space to run the app.
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