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File copying was also the key issue on the machine side from the earlier days. Diskettes CDs DVDs were ways of moving early-stage media. Next came Blu-ray Flash Drives and External Hard Drives. Following that, methods for the transfer of Wireless data came to the fore. So common in the smartphone world are those wireless file transfer methods. Xender is one such example. There are so many wireless file transfer applications, but Xender is a simple and fast way to move files between 2 devices.

App NameFile Transfer 2020
Android Version4.1 and up
CategoryFile share
User Reviews4.0
Current Version2.4
Last UpdateJune 28, 2020

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Xender for pc

Xender For File Sharing

Xender is a well-developed app by the Developers and it’s so easy to use. this app can be used to share

  • Videos
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Documents

Xender in smartphones is primarily used, but this device can be used in computers and tablets. This is a perfect way to share files without using cables, and the stuff. Xender file sharing software will transfer files simultaneously between four devices. This function is very useful, because we can quickly share files with friends and family. Thus Xender is a good choice to use as wireless file sharing tool.

How This App Works

Wireless file transfer was performed by InfraRed in early days. That was a very slow and difficult way of sharing information. And Bluetooth got in the forefront. Bluetooth had been pretty good and popular among the people. It was better than infrarot, and quick. Yet then came Bluetooth WiFi. WiFi is an extremely quick way to share files between devices. It is nowadays the most common platform for file sharing. Thus the Xender uses this WiFi medium to transfer files more easily between devices.

One of this file-sharing app’s positive features is that you can exchange files in any format and size. Most applications for file sharing have a size limit when transferring files but this software has no size limit like that. It is one more positive feature of this App

Platforms That Works On

File storage software Xender works for any network. Android and iOS are the main platforms this software runs on. But this app does have a PC version and you can even share files between computers. With this app, file sharing can be done by Smartphone to mobile, Mobile to Desktop, Desktop to Device. And there are many ways you can use this feature.

Download Xender

Lastly, if you read this article carefully, we can conclude that this app is an ideal way to move files between devices. Then you just need to download Xender

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